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Not a creature was stirring…

… they were too busy doing something else. Here’s a list of all the Christmas themed porn we could dig up doing a minimal search… We’d have included Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, but they don’t seem to appear in any titles… So here we go:

So, have a safe and happy holiday season everyone…

And Dallas Makes Three..

SugarDVD announced it is adding Dallas as a domestic distribution center, making it the third domestic distro for the rental house alongside New York and Chatsworth. The closer the distribution center, the faster your movies get back and forth. (SugarDVD also has a European distribution center in Amsterdam.)

Christmas Coupons from Adult CD Movies

Adult CD Movies has just revamped their store making for a speedier shopping experience. You can now zip thru their 45,000 titles more efficiently than ever! Adult CD Movies has recently come on board as a banner sponsor, and you may have seen their Christmas themed banners as you click around the site. (Gotta love porno Christmas titles — I Saw Mommy Eating Santa Claus, Miracles on 69th Street, Tits That Saved XXX-Mas, Merry Fucking Christmas, Very Very Bad Santa … classics.) Adult CD Movies has also made some coupon offers available exclusively to IAFD visitors (up to $100 off) which you can check out in the price search, or by clicking here.