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Thanks A Million

We had our first 1 million hit day yesterday. The new server is performing admirably under the stress which is great news, since the site is running much faster and it gives us some leeway to add some new features… Thanks!

We’re growing…

Our server family as grown! Tonight, we added a “new” Dell 1850 webserver to the rack, which allows us to divorce the SQL Server from the web server — allowing each machine to focus on what it does best. Our monitoring provider tells me that between noon and 7:00 tonight, before we installed the new server, it was taking between 10-15 seconds to load the homepage 100%. (The delay was often caused by the banner ad.. info came up quicker.) Post-install, the homepage has been loading 100% in an average of 0.8 seconds…

Please let us know if your experience is different.

Sign o’ the Times

Due to some requests from our astrologically inclined fans, we’ve now added astrological signs for the stars on their bio pages. We’ve also collected this info on their own pages as well. On a related note, we’ve added links back to the birthday calendar for those stars who have a birthday listed, so you can see who shares their birthday.

No Day like Today (redux)…

Adult DVD Today has made some generous coupon offers available exclusively to IAFD visitors, offering between 11.5 and 13.5% off all titles, based on volume. (Your best deal is the $27 off $200 coupon). Adult DVD Today is based in Hawaii, time differences can work to your advantages — it’s “today” there longer — folks on the east coast can order at like 9:00 at night, and still be considered “today” for shipping purposes. Reports have shipping via priority mail taking around 3 days. Aloha!