Our First Million

Wow! This month is the first month we’ve cracked 1,000,000 unique visitors. That’s almost double where we were at this time last year (547,000 unique visitors). Thanks to everyone for their support and word of mouth and linking and all that. We have some more search options in the pipeline and there’s an update ready […]


We’re told some users are being prompted for a username and password. Just hit cancel and the site will operate normally. Apparently our lecchblocker is serving up 401 errors instead of 404s and some browsers are interpreting that as a need to pop up an authentication dialog. We do not require a username and password. […]

Sucks to be US

Happy Flag Day. Seems the US Dept of Justice is looking to end pornography on the internet not through obscenity prosecutions, but by forcing the 2257 record keeping requirements on not just the producer of the image/movie but anyone who displays (or causes to display) a web image of same. So, the only dicey stuff […]