Sucks to be US

Happy Flag Day. Seems the US Dept of Justice is looking to end pornography on the internet not through obscenity prosecutions, but by forcing the 2257 record keeping requirements on not just the producer of the image/movie but anyone who displays (or causes to display) a web image of same. So, the only dicey stuff we got here are the boxcovers; and since we don’t have 2257 documentation, we can spend three years in jail for the privilege of showing it off. So, guess what. We’re not showing boxcovers anymore. At least not until the rules are overturned. (Join the fight!)

This course of action pains us greatly, but we don’t have the resources to maintain as extensive a collection of records as we’d have to to stay out of jail (not to mention the other nonsense that would be required of us), so we’re cutting bait and taking them down. They’ve been the only not-safe-for-work part of the site, and so we go back to being the cleanest porn site around. We thank you for your understanding and support. Boxcovers can still be viewed via the vendor links, and we hope you will still take advantage of that. Any comments or questions, we’d love to hear ’em.

For more information on your tax dollars at work, I point you to this thread over at Adult DVD Talk, where there’s been a good deal of discussion on the subject.