Wither boxcovers?

The more things change, they more they stay the same. We’ve once again been forced to remove the boxcovers from our site since we’re unable to verify that every boxcover we display is free from material that would violate the 2257 statutes that Bush signed into law on Thursday. (What do abducted kids have to […]

We got our XML fixed!

We were noticing some flakiness in our RSS feeds for the top perfs and titles — like sometimes the actors would list actresses, or you’d get the same Top 10 list every hour in your aggregrator. No longer. :-) We checked and tweaked the feeds a few different times and now they all validate without […]

Blessed are we… Swamped are we…

About 3 months ago, we rolled out this awesome new corrections feature which helped you, our loyal visitors, send us corrections. No longer did things fill up my mailbox, but instead they went into a queue where a bunch of my fellow editors could implement and comment on them. And the world was good… But […]

Money For Nothing…

…and chicks for $10 less than the schmoe down the street. (For the first month, anyway…) The fellas over at WantedList have come up with a special promo just for you — our loyal visitor. A simple coupon is all that stands between you and $10 off your first month’s rate … Pop over to […]