Wither boxcovers?

The more things change, they more they stay the same. We’ve once again been forced to remove the boxcovers from our site since we’re unable to verify that every boxcover we display is free from material that would violate the 2257 statutes that Bush signed into law on Thursday. (What do abducted kids have to do with porno?) I’m not happy with this course of action, but until the new law gets injuncted (is that a word?) click thru to the vendor sites for the boxcovers. Sorry for the inconvenience. Get out and vote in November. Be the change you want to see.

We got our XML fixed!

We were noticing some flakiness in our RSS feeds for the top perfs and titles — like sometimes the actors would list actresses, or you’d get the same Top 10 list every hour in your aggregrator. No longer. :-) We checked and tweaked the feeds a few different times and now they all validate without warnings (Birthdays, News) so they should be a little less taxing on your reader. Also, did you know you can embed the XML right in your site? If you wanted to use our birthday list on your site, with virtually no code, you can. And it’s simple. Contact Us for details.

Blessed are we… Swamped are we…

About 3 months ago, we rolled out this awesome new corrections feature which helped you, our loyal visitors, send us corrections.

No longer did things fill up my mailbox, but instead they went into a queue where a bunch of my fellow editors could implement and comment on them. And the world was good…

But as more people started using the tool, the more we got swamped and it piled on until last week, when it took all of us a lot of time to work thru the backlog and get it down to something manageable. Now, we are very excited that all of you out there on the internets care enough about us to send us corrections. However, lest we find ourselves months behind with no hopes of ever catching up, we needed to establish some limits.

So, we’ve implemented a small cap — you can only submit 15 corrections per day. We think that’s a good number — not so high for the casual corrector, not so low for the hardcore collectors/correctors among you — and it still leaves us room to do other things on the site while we’re still able to keep up with the corrections.

Thank you for all your support and assistance. We’re pretty exicted about the direction the site is headed and some things we have in the pipeline, so stick around and stay in touch.

Money For Nothing…

…and chicks for $10 less than the schmoe down the street. (For the first month, anyway…) The fellas over at WantedList have come up with a special promo just for you — our loyal visitor. A simple coupon is all that stands between you and $10 off your first month’s rate … Pop over to WantedList and enter the code INVITE_IAFD to start saving and renting and … well, you fill in the rest.

One Movie, Many Formats

We got this note “I was just wondering, what do you all think about adding a column for”rentals”? … So often, I will look for rentals of a particular star and click on every title that has an “X” in the “buy” column and have to scroll down to see if it is for rent. If there was a separate column for rentals, I wouldn’t have to waste all that time…”

So, we went one better, and we changed the column structure. We now track 4 things:

V – VHS for Sale
D – DVD for Sale
R – DVD Rental
O – Video on Demand

From the performer’s filmography, you can now look at the buy column and tell at-a-glance which formats your title is available.

You can see it in action by visiting a performer page, like, say, Jenna Jameson’s.