One More Step…

We added one more step to suggesting a URL to the site. Unfortunately, like most sites, we’re the victim of quite a bit of “comment” spam. (We don’t have comments, but we have form fields that take URLs and that’s close enough.) Since poor Luke has been drowning in poker sites and other non-porn related submissions, we’ve added a two layer defense. First off, we have a list of keywords we’re checking URLs against. If your URL mentions POKER, for instance, Luke will never see it, and it’ll never get posted. Second, you have to type 4 numbers into a box to get the submission into the queue. So, we apologize for the 4 numbers, but look at it his way… It coulda been 8. :-)

In The Rhythm

July was our biggest month of adding new titles in a long time. We added 516 titles in July, an improvement over our 316 titles in June. For this, we have to thank our data entry specialist, Don Mantle, who has been tirelessly going through current and past reviews, adding the titles that we’ve been missing. This brings our total count to 54,829 titles, 38,238 performers and links to over 55,600 reviews. (55,622 to be exact.) Thanks to all for your support, your copius assistance in making the site better and well wishes. Also a big round of thanks to our editors — Bigbobxxx, bontix, Don, Jamie, Luke, Morbidthoughts and Walter — who have joined the team and help keep the site running. We couldn’t do it without any of you.

Sort, sort, sort

I’ll tell ya, things get more and more exciting around here. Yesterday, we fixed it so that when you sort a filmography of a person who both performs and directs, now the directing list will also sort. I don’t quite remember why it was designed like this from the beginning (the comments in the code were of no help), but its that way now, so let us all rejoice. Huzzah! Thanks to the Mayor for bringing this to our attention.