I guess I have to think of it as Thursday…

… because I’d hate to think I spend a few minutes on Thanksgiving sorting out the difference between PEE and GOLDEN SHOWER on our advanced search page. (When you searched on “Golden Showers” you actually got peeing scenes. Now you have your choice.) So, once again, Happy Thanksgiving (or Thursday) everyone… and treat your turkey better than Jerry Butler treated his in “>Raw Talent ;-)

Correction to the Corrections

We had a little admin-induced database glitch earlier which resulted in us losing 18 corrections. If you sent in a correction between 2 AM and 6 PM Eastern and you haven’t gotten a “it’s done” email (assuming you asked for one), you’re probably one of the 18. Our apologies… And happy Thanksgiving Eve to our American buddies… to the rest of you; happy Wednesday. :-)

Names With Faces, Part Two

Got an email recently: “I’m trying to identify women in old videos I’m planning to stream to my Xbox 360 and if I could look at all the available pictures of women who worked with guys I can name the process might go better. Reading the page generated by “Check scene parings” only goes so well with names but no faces.

Excellent point… so we’ve changed the page and added headshots to the scene pairings… and since non-resizable pop-ups are so 2001, the listing now opens in its own window.

Search the Ink

We’ve been asked for a way to search for tattoo info, and we’re happy to say we’ve added a new feature to our Advanced Search page — Tattoo Search. Type in a short bit about the tattoo (“clover”) or the location (“foot”) and you’ll get a list of performers who fit the bill. It’s simple and not that smart in terms of searching (don’t go using any of those fancy boolean operators) but it should get the job done. Enjoy.