Gay Only Search

Got an email yesterday — oddly, the first one of its kind. It said (in part):

“I don’t understand why your advanced search doesnt have the capacity to search only gay male porn stars? why don’t you have a search option for gay/bi men film stars?? I don’t want to see women when searching!! no men come up?? … This database sucks!”

Surprisingly, this kind of he-man-woman-haters-club request never game up (and please know that I use the Little Rascals term with endearment, not derision) so we never developed the functionality. But it turns out it wasn’t that hard to do, so it’s done.

I don’t think this is something that belongs only on the “Advanced Search” page, so in the dropdown at the top of the page, there’s now an option for “Title/Person/Review (Gay Only)” which will limit your search results to titles in the DB which are tagged as being all-male.

The only thing we couldn’t do (at this time, anyway) was include all of the bi titles or performers in those search results as we don’t tag them as being “Gay” titles, since they go both ways, as it were. Ditto TS stars are not tagged as being “Gay” — it’s just a remnant of how the database is structured and how we added the gay titles back in the day…