Good night, Blues Man…

News came that industry veteran, John Leslie, passed away on Sunday (5 Dec 2010) of apparently a massive heart attack at his home in California. He was 65.

I only met him once — if you can count shaking his hand and mumbling something along the lines of “big fan” — but he was a guy I looked forward to; either as a performer finding his stuff as a kid or later on, coming to appreciate him as a director.

Sexually, John’s greatest talent was his ability to orgasm unencumbered. He’d pull out, and as if by magic, he’d cum. No hands, no frantic jerking – just a pop that made you feel he wanted to be there, wanted to be doing what he was doing.

The movies he directed — especially his earlier ones — showed a great deal of style. Often relying on original soundtracks laid down by his blues band, they seemed to strive for a bit more than most of the titles put out at the time.

Jamie, my fellow editor, pointed me to these videos of an interview John did as part of the movieDesperately Seeking Seka. They really seem to capture what I’d pictured John as — a little aloof, thoughtful, ready with a smile, bemused.

We extend our sympathies to his family and friends in their time of grief. We mourn alongside them.

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