Tonight on Playboy Radio: Little Oral Annie

Little Oral Annie has crept into the last two segments, so we’re going to spotlight her in an effort to get past her so we can talk about other things. :-)

She first came onto my radar in I Like To Watch, which was one of the first pornos I ever saw.  From there, I would go to the local Ramada Inn and they had a vending machine which sold Cheri magazines (among others) so I’d sneak in, buy the mag, and go home and, er, read it.  In it was a monthly column written (?) by Annie giving advice on how to give good head and what her secrets were — she claimed she could unhinge her jaw like a snake which allowed her to swallow the likes of John Holmes; she suggested having your cocksucker wrap her lips around her teeth to avoid painful biting or scraping…

Notable appearances (in no particular order):

We spoke a little bit about Blake “The Wedge” Palmer, whose cock is shaped like a triangle… which — according to Debi who knows first hand —  is good since when you’re taking him up the ass, after half his cock is in, it looks like you’ve got a telephone pole up there when you’re only dealing with the skinny part of the triangle. :-)

As always, we ran out of time — something I have to work on, I suppose — so we didn’t segue what we’re going to talk about next time; but I think it’ll probably be about high school…

As always, your comments or ideas for future segments is appreciated and encouraged!