Tonight on Playboy Radio: The Year In Data

Tonight, on Playboy Radio, we discussed our Year in Data, highlighting some of the data we’ve compiled about 2011 releases… but since that data was already published, I thought I’d make some charts and graphs of some of our other stats.

In 2011, we entered data on 9,394 titles, of which 4,366 of them were made in 2011.  That breaks down to:

So, after seeing how many we added in 2011, I thought it might be interesting to see how this year’s data entry stacked up to prior years… We didn’t track the dates we added something to the db before 2003; so pre-2003 there were over 53,000 titles already in the database.  In 2007, we added gay titles to the database, so our output basically doubled… FUN FACT: The editorial team for gay titles is made up of two people, and neither of them are gay.

We get a lot of corrections, and I was happy to see that we clear most of them up; the blue bars represent corrections we accepted; the red bars corrections we rejected and the green bars are ones we either haven’t gotten to or are under consideration.

Height is something we’re often asked about, so here’s the expected bell curve of women’s heights (in centimeters)…

Have any data you’re interested in seeing plotted? Let us know in the comments and we’ll revisit this topic going forward…