Tonight on Playboy Radio: Deep Inside Vanessa Del Rio (1986)

Tonight around 7:45 pm Eastern Time (4:45 pm Pacific) on Playboy Radio’s Night Calls with Debi Diamond and Nicki Hunter (Nicki was out), we talked some more about The Dark Brothers and Greg‘s 1986 movie, Deep Inside Vanessa Del Rio.

We started off talking about awards season and how we’ve been entering a bunch of awards data behind the scenes and we’re getting ready to unleash the data onto the world.  It’ll happen sometime in February, I reckon… but that data is what currently feeds the awards blog postings, so you’re getting the fruits of our labors a little bit anyway.

Then we spoke about the movie.  The movie is a pretty funny send-up of biography documentaries, and the invented backstory of Vanessa’s life is pretty funny courtesy of a script by Antonio Passolini (writing as Johnny Jump-Up).  In a nutshell, Vanessa was born to a black mother (in case you were worried about Dark’s racial sensitivity, she’s played by a man in blackface) in communist Russia.  She escaped by fucking Marc Wallice and Lois Ayres and ended up in Paris, where she learned the ways of the crotch from Erica Boyer (who let her watch her get double teamed by Tom Byron and Marc Wallice — great scene; Erica ends up slick with sweat at the end of it).  From there, Vanessa becomes a door-to-door dildo saleswoman, and she plies her wares to housewife Liz Randall, and they have a pretty great toy-laden lezfest.  (It doesn’t hurt that Liz looks like a cute-as-a-button mid-80s Jenna Fischer.)  Vanessa’s journey takes her to Paraguay, where she starts to work her way into adult films, having sex with underrated scrumpet Krista Lane and Francois Papillion, eventually culminating in a gangbang with Marc WallicePeter NorthSteve PowersTom Byron and Troy Tannier.

The whole movie is infused with a goofy, bad taste take on things; so if that sounds like it’s for you — you should check this out as its available from all of the leading VOD retailers, as well as on DVD.

But perhaps the  greatest thing about the movie is its theme song (also by Johnny Jump-Up).  There’s a crummy dub of it over on YouTube, but it’s the best we got right now. . .

(Can we start a letter writing campaign to VCA — or whomever owns VCA now — to release the theme songs to the mid-80s Dark Brothers movies on iTunes?)

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New Feature: Retirement

We got a tweet last night that asked:

@BlackSexxxology@iafdcom Can you let me know who retired or was no longer active in 2011? Thanks!

The retirement wait is over!To paraphrase critic Bill Caits, “the only porn stars who officially have retired are dead.

That said, we can look at the last year of someone’s “years active” field and make a semi-educated guess as to who is no longer active, but it is an inexact science since the years active field is not always a reliable indicator.

(Currently, we track the year that a movie is released, not the year it is produced.  There may be a large gap between the two.  Some studios (cough, Vivid, cough) will sit on titles for a year or more in order to keep new product in the pipeline long after a popular performer has left the set, as it were.)

The problem with @BlackSexxxology‘s request is the info is too soon… 2011 was two weeks ago.  We have no idea who decided to quit porn and move home on New Year’s Eve… the only thing we can ask the database is  “who didn’t release any movies after 2011?” and we don’t know that yet.  Won’t know it for 6 months or so.  The answers it will spit back are far too numerous to draw any conclusions from.

But, we do know it (or can guesstimate it) for years prior to 2011, so we added a new section to our advanced search page  which will allow you to look up the performers who have stopped releasing movies in any given year.

IAFD’s Performer Retirement Page

 Photo by Monceau via Flickr

XBiz Awards 2012 : The Winners

Celebrating a decade of decadence, the XBiz Awards were given out last night.  Congrats to all the winners!

The complete list of winners can be found here:

Acting Performance of the Year: Female

Acting Performance of the Year: Male

All-Black Release of the Year

All-Girl Release of the Year

All-Sex Release of the Year

Amateur Release of the Year

Asian-Themed Release of the Year

Couples-Themed Release of the Year

Crossover Star of the Year

Director of the Year: Body of Work

Director of the Year: Individual Project

European Feature Release of the Year

European Non-Feature Release of the Year

Feature Movie of the Year

Female Performer of the Year

Fetish Release of the Year

Foreign Female Performer of the Year

Foreign Male Performer of the Year

Gay Director of the Year

Gay Movie of the Year

Gay Performer of the Year

Gonzo Release of the Year

Interracial Release of the Year

Latin-Themed Release of the Year

Male Performer of the Year

MILF Performer of the Year

Non-Sex Acting Performance of the Year

Parody Release of the Year: Comedy

Parody Release of the Year: Drama

Performer Comeback of the Year

Specialty Release of the Year

Supporting Acting Performance of the Year: Female

Supporting Acting Performance of the Year: Male

Transsexual Director of the Year

Transsexual Performer of the Year

Transsexual Release of the Year

Vignette Release of the Year

Some fun numbers…

With so much data to choose from, my editors asked for some breakdowns, and I thought they might be interesting to share… All data as of 5 Jan 2012:

Number of Titles: 119,453

Performers: 111,498

Reviews: 102,966 of which 91,980 are linked to movies (the others cover toys, compilations, movies we haven’t gotten to, web scenes, et al.)

Headshots: 35,240

Scene Breakdowns: 56,369 movies have breakdowns out of 119,453

Cast Lists: 113,366 movies have cast lists out of 119,453

Items in Price Search: 1,548,147

Tonight on Playboy Radio: The Year In Data

Tonight, on Playboy Radio, we discussed our Year in Data, highlighting some of the data we’ve compiled about 2011 releases… but since that data was already published, I thought I’d make some charts and graphs of some of our other stats.

In 2011, we entered data on 9,394 titles, of which 4,366 of them were made in 2011.  That breaks down to:

So, after seeing how many we added in 2011, I thought it might be interesting to see how this year’s data entry stacked up to prior years… We didn’t track the dates we added something to the db before 2003; so pre-2003 there were over 53,000 titles already in the database.  In 2007, we added gay titles to the database, so our output basically doubled… FUN FACT: The editorial team for gay titles is made up of two people, and neither of them are gay.

We get a lot of corrections, and I was happy to see that we clear most of them up; the blue bars represent corrections we accepted; the red bars corrections we rejected and the green bars are ones we either haven’t gotten to or are under consideration.

Height is something we’re often asked about, so here’s the expected bell curve of women’s heights (in centimeters)…

Have any data you’re interested in seeing plotted? Let us know in the comments and we’ll revisit this topic going forward…