Tonight on Playboy Radio: Desires Within Young Girls (1977)

Tonight on Playboy Radio (4:40 Pacific / 7:40 Eastern) I’ll be talking with Debi Diamond and Nicki Hunter about Ramsey Karson’s 1977 classic, Desires Within Young Girls.  (This is another casualty of 70s morals not syncing up with the morals of the early 21st century, as the film has been cut from it’s original running time of 103 minutes to 87 minutes due to some implications of how young the titular “young girls” really are. . . by way of example, you’ll note most series from the early 2000s all suddenly were branded as “College Girls. . . ” instead of just “Girls. . .”)

The movie starts right off with a blowjob backlight by a fireplace as Madeline Stone (Georgina Spelvin) and her husband Charlie (a disguised-to-be-older John Leslie) are going at it.  She narrates her sex in a rapid fire beat chick cadence yelling “Ride me!  Ride me!”, and John over-exaggerates his southern accent.  They got at it, and John starts wheezing, and he jokes that he’s getting old.  She says that he’s not old judging by the evidence that she’s riding, and then shortly after he falls out of her, prompting the admonition: “Ah, look what you done.  You broke the stride.  Put my evidence back where it was. . .” as she remounts him. . . when she finally cums, she leaps off and jerks him off, and we see cum flying in silhouette behind the fireplace. . . and then he dies, leaving Maddie to ponder her fate with a succinct “Oh, shit.”  Smash cut to the credits.

The credits are rolled over a static shot of a limosuine, after which we get the first cut of the DVD.

There’s a dialogue scene between Maddie and Marty, the Chauffeur (John Seeman) that isn’t in the DVD (the first line is left in):

MADDIE: And Marty, and don’t forget, it’s “Mrs. Stone” when we get there, all right?”

MARTY: I’m not going to forget, Maddie. I couldn’t if I tried; you only told me that six times since we left town 20 minutes ago.

MADDIE: Well, I’m sorry.  (tries to light cigarette) Martin, please light me a cigarette, I guess I’m just a little nervous.

MARTY: That’s no guess, Maddie.  You’re a lot more than a little nervous

MADDIE: Well, how the hell would you feel, going to pick up your own two daughters whom you hardly seen in years and now they’re coming to live with me.

MARTY: Well, it’s got to be a lot better than that prison you sent them to.

MADDIE: Ballantines may be a very strict school, but it happens to be the best girls boarding school in this country

MARTY: Aw, c’mon Maddie, they’ll love you!

MADDIE: When you get on the other side of the big 4-0 you find people start loving you a little less —

MARTY: Jesus Christ, Maddie!  You’re not exactly ready to be put out to pasture —

MADDIE: Oh, I don’t kid myself, Marty.  Sure, I had it once, but — hell, I’m out of practice; Charles has spoiled me

MARTY: Well, as far as I’m concerned you still got it.

MADDIE: You’re sweet.  But you know, fond memories don’t pay the liquor bill or YOUR salary for that matter.  That’s the thing about life, it keeps happening. . . the first of every goddamned month. . .

At which point, the car pulls into the boarding school, which is where the DVD picks up.

(I can’t tell what is offensive in that scene that you’d want it cut out of the movie. . . that it establishes the girls as her daughters and not her step-daughters?)

Cecelia (Annette Haven) and Penelope (Clair Dia) exit the school with Maddie and head towards the car.  We get a shot of Cissy coquettishly smiling at Marty.

Then there’s another dialogue scene in the car that’s been cut from the DVD.  The girls and Maddie are in the back seat, driving back home:

MADDIE: (awkwardly clears throat) I think there’s one thing we ought to get straight, right off the bat, girls.  My name is Maddie, to everyone it’s Maddie — people I like, people I don’t like, people I love and to loathe; everyone calls me Maddie.  It’s short for Madeline, not for Mother. So please, call me Maddie, never Mother.  Don’t misunderstand me — it’s not that I don’t love the idea of being a mother, I love being a mother, it’s just the name I can’t live with.  So Maddie it is, alright girls?

PENELOPE: Maddie is fine with us.

CECILIA: Jinx! You owe me a Coke.

MADDIE: What did you say?  Is that some sort of pig latin or something?

CECILIA: “Jinx, you owe me Coke?” It’s a game you play when you start to say something at the same time as someone else.

MADDIE: Do you have any idea what she’s talking about?

PENELOPE: She’s just a little nervous; we both are.

MADDIE: Oh. Well, then I think it’ll be a good idea if, uh, when you get nervous, both of you endeavor to keep your mouths tightly  shut.  You see, there’s nothing more annoying than a chattering woman.

Again, it’s not clear why this scene was cut; perhaps because it makes them seem younger than 18, playing a childish game like “Jinx” ?

In the DVD as well as the movie, we then cut to the girls in their rooms — Annette is looking at Playgirl, Clair is writing in her journal and talking on the phone, then Annette is trying on a variety of outfits; watching her not fit into a jumpsuit is one of life’s small pleasures.  Then the girls apply their makeup with the score bouncing back and forth between two themes, one for each girl.

And another scene that’s not on the DVD between the two girls, sitting on their beds, reading dirty magazines.

PENNY: This is absolutely impossible.  Nobody.. NO-body can do this in a car like that.  (She shows Cissy the magazine)

CISSY: I bet Marty can. . . (she looks thru her magazine) Huh.  You think that’s impossible?  Take a look at this!

We see a close up of the article — black and white photos  of people fucking in odd poses under the headline “COITAL POSITIONS:  The Erotic Acrobatics”

We get dreamy harps, and the scene dissolves to a field and Cissy is running out of the back of the limo, clad only in a Fredericks of Hollywood cupless underwire bra and panties and stockings as Marty chases her.  We quickly dissolve back to the bedroom and then back to the car where Marty is spread eagle in the open hood as Cissy is blowing him. . . then they’re on the roof of the car fucking. . . cut to the room and more black and white photos of fellatio, and back to the field where Cissy is blowing Marty some more, and then they’re back on the roof of the car fucking in missionary.  Cut to the magazine then back to Marty who is eating Cissy out as she’s holding herself in the driver’s side door.  More magazine and they’re fucking doggie style in the back seat.  End of scene, no pop shot.

We cut to Maddie who is on the phone, only the last part of her line is on the DVD before it cuts to a scene that’s not in the original cut (but more on that in a second)

MADDIE: That’s right, tomorrow.  And Friday, Penny.  Oh, and Mark — kind of watch it with Cissy, she’s a bit prone towards puppy love . . . that wasn’t funny, Mark.  You can leave your sense of humor home, with your cocker spaniel.

Next we have a scene in the kitchen with the girls and Maddie, which seems to be missing a bit on my tape as well, as the context of Penny’s line at the beginning doesn’t make much sense. . .

PENNY: Even my newspapers. . .

CISSY: Even my birth control pills!

MADDIE: Oh God! You didn’t take one, did you?

CISSY: (weakly) I think so. . .

MADDIE: Will you two, please remember to forget to take your pills, from here on in?  Penny, will you run and see if Martin has the car ready?

CISSY: I will!

Cissy runs out on the errand.

MADDIE: Oh, God — I’m afraid I’ve made my own little Frankenstein’s Monster.  You know, Penny, you’re going to have to help me keep an eye on Cissy.  From what Mark says, she’s as horny as she is scattered.

PENNY: That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?

MADDIE: Now,we are NOT going to get into that again.  I spent three years putting this little expedition together, and I am in no mood for last minute aggravations.

PENNY: Perish the thought, if there’s anything I would not want to be it’s a “last minute aggravation.” (spitefully) Besides, we’re only here for you to use us, like you do everyone else. . .

MADDIE: Three years, the last of my bank account and all of my energy have been used up, getting you two little ingrates prepared to find suitable husbands; and that’s not “using you,” it’s called “collecting interest on old investments.”  Three months it’s taken me to get these invitations together; now if you were just half as smart as your mouth, young lady, you’d realize that you can’t make someone sexy, it’s just the way Cissy is.

PENNY: Lucky her. . .

Cut to the exterior of the house, and Penny calls over to Mark, who is dribbling a basketball.

PENNY: Mark!  Come here!

MARK: You decided to check up on me huh?  (He takes a mouthful of water from a nearby water fountain and then spits it out)  Play some basketball?

Cut to them sitting in a grassy area, Mark seems a little dejected; he doesn’t want to say goodbye.

PENNY: So, we’re going to this guy’s big mountain ranch in, uh, I don’t know, Big Sur, or something like that. . .

MARK: All right, look.  You’ll probably meet a nice man, you’ll have plenty of money, and houses and boats and cars — he’ll buy you everything you need want, and you’ll probably live happily ever after.

PENNY: That’s the way it’s supposed to be, isn’t it?

MARK: Yeah (sigh) That’s the way it’s supposed to be. . .

Cut to the girls and Maddie in the back of the car again driving to see the Blanchards.

Now, in place of the above scenes on the DVD, they’re replaced by a scene between Penny and Mark, and his attempt to teach her how to seduce a man, since she’ll need those skills for husband-hunting.  They’re in her bedroom; she’s half-naked under the covers, he sits on the side of the bed.  Nothing is rushed.

PENNY: Well, how would you feel?  Maddie has kept us as far removed from men as possible. And suddenly. . .

MARK: All of a sudden: me.

PENNY: I hadn’t meant that personally.

MARK: Maybe we’re going about this all wrong.  If you think this is a first for you. . . I mean. . . before you can make love to someone, you need to seduce them. And, um, you don’t know the first thing about seducing somebody.

PENNY: Oh! Seduction is very big around here.  It’s just one man after another.

MARK: Let’s make it a game.

PENNY: What do I win?  How about a vacuum cleaner?  Or a cruise to Tijuana?

MARK: Look, first of all, let’s figure that we’re really at a party, and, uh, you picked me up downstairs.  (She giggles) And you got me to meet you up here.

PENNY: Were you easy?  (Giggles)

MARK: I’m not supposed to be; but for you. . . I was a push over.  One smile. . .

PENNY: OK. . .

MARK: (indicating her being more undressed than he is)  You seem to have a head start. Why don’t you help me catch up.  You can’t seduce me Penny unless you get to me.

PENNY: Am I doing it right?

MARK: It might be a little more fun if you’ve investigated. . .

At which point he has Clair undress him, making sure to have her spend time playing with his chest hair and his nipples.  He returns the favor, spending quite some time on her breasts before having her remove his pants.  This is a pretty languid scene with lots of kissing.  He works his way down her body, spending more time on her nipples (like little erasers they are!) and spends some time orally pleasing her.  (It should be noted the print this transfer came from is pretty badly damaged with surface noise, but it does not affect the hotness of the scene.)

Finally they get down to the fucking, and he mounts her in missionary, and there’s still a lot of kissing going on, and then he ever so easily sits her up and do a little sitting cowgirl before he lies down for the full ride-on.  He flips her back around onto her side and he goes at it side-saddle for a few strokes before finishing with the doggie.  The sex cuts around at this point, some cocksucking, some fucking, she’s on top, he’s on top and it finally ends with the patented John Leslie “pull out with the no-hands cumshot” even tho Penny lends a helping hand a little which he then guides her hand, to finish her lesson.

Now, we’re back to the scene where the girls and Maddie are heading to see the Blanchards.  The goal is to try to seduce his son (Jason Blanchard, but he prefers Jace)  in the hopes of landing him and ensuring their continued financial stability.  Annette is dressed like a farmer’s daughter in a gingham top that can barely contain her breasts (lots of underboob!) and cut-offs.

The rancher (Ralph Jenkins) is admonishing his son (Ray Wells) to treat the girls right lest he be sent off to agricultural college in the city.  When Annette steps out of the car, there are harps and rainbows surround the boy.  No sooner do they walk around back that they’re tearing at each other, and they end up in the stables.  He flatters her figure, saying “You’re build like a heifer in heat!” which makes her giggle.  He struggles to get her top off, and as soon as he does, he’s all over her tits.  She has an equally hard time trying to get his cock out of his pants, but finally works the button fly free so she can start sucking, while there’s fiddle and banjo playing on the soundtrack, and horses look on curiously.  Doesn’t take long for Jace to mount her doggie style (horsey style?) forcing her into the hay which causes her hay fever to flare up and she starts sneezing after while which must get him going because he starts getting ready to cum and saying things like “I’m going to put my number on you!” and then finally exclaiming “This is it! The big round-up!  Yippee!”

This is a pretty funny scene.  Not a lot going on sexually (brief cocksucking, one position) but what is there is spirited, and we get to spend most of our time looking at Annette’s fine fine ass.  (Tho, all I could think about was how much that hay probably poked at her belly.)

As they cuddle post-coitus, he lays out their great life. . . her getting up at 5 to milk the cows, having a bunch of kids, every Sunday having the whole family over for fried chicken that they’ll cook themselves. . . “we’ll slaughter them ourselves! It’s easy! I’ll teach ya!  You just grab em by the neck. . .”” and Annette screams and runs away, thus ending their hopes with the cattlemen.

Next up, they attend a high-class party — on the steps Georgina lays it out “Girls, don’t forget.  We’re here to get a proposal or pregnant or ELSE.”

As they approach, our eyepatch clad host, Harrison (Frank Hollowell), is told:

“Harrison, it looks like your final guests are coming. . .”

“Baroness, before the night is over, ALL my guests will be cumming.”

The Baroness (Joan Devlon) and Maddie have their claws out upon introductions:

Harrison: Maddie used to be quite a game player —

Baroness: Before my time, I’m sure.

Maddie: Oh Baroness, I’m sure nothing was before your time. . .


Maddie introduces the girls to Charles Dancer the Third (Turk Lyon), and they blush and run off to the powder room.  Maddie explains that there are some games to be played, and they should just follow the instructions on the cards they’ll be given.

“Darling, there’s no more sincere compliment in the world than a hard-on . . .  I know he’s insufferable, but he’s rich Rich RICH! The rich only get richer, and its the obligation of the poor to do something about it!  You have no idea about poverty. Poor people have a very unattractive odor and bad teeth. ”

There’s a little scene between Marty and Cissy, where they smoke a little pot, but nothing comes of it beyond Annette looking divine.

There’s some small talk around the dinner table which culminates in discussion of The Game, and its goal: “Knowing and showing that he or she is the most versatile sexual athlete in this gathering of renowned superstars. . .”  There are two games, and you have to win both. . . Maddie bets Harrison she can predict the winner, if so, he’ll pay her $5,000, if not, she has to have a candlelight dinner with an old friend. . .

The first card we see reads: “You are a ravishing lesbian.  Ravish and enjoy.

So the Barroness and the Fashion Model (Bonnie Holiday) go at it.  (“I’ve never made it with royalty before!” / “I’ve never been with a fashion model before!”) and we cut back to Harrison and Maddie watching the action on a closed-circuit TV.

The scene cuts back and forth from the room to the TV and back.  Bonnie eats out Joan, as Joan grips the headboard in delight.  It’s a pretty short scene, only about two minutes.  The model hands another card to the Baroness who reads it: “Your next encounter awaits behind the door.  YOUR turn to be ravished!”  Enter the black butler who pulls out his flaccid cock and as she sees it, she yells “Oh god, no way!  Dammit, Harrison!  You motherfucker!”

Cut to Maddie watching the Baroness on TV, saying to  Harrison “All class, that one.”

“You know Maddie, if I hadn’t rigged this game, I would have thought you had. . .” and he presses another button on the cable box (standing in for a remote) and we see another card:

“You have strong sadistic tendencies.  Within this room, someone will provide you pleasure in this area.”

We enter the room and see Cissy chained naked but for a garter belt against a stone wall in a room feeling queasy after the dinner.  (Goddamn does she look great.) The General (Chesley Noone) is desperate to use some clamps on her, but she just wants Alka-Seltzer.  She cockblocks the General at every turn, she’s not having any of it; she just gives him mouth, and he almost breaks down and cries. . .. so she just masturbates and has the quickest orgasm on record. . . knocking The General out of the game.  An entertaining scene, if only for Annette’s insolence and disinterest.

Next room has Jon Martin as a shy fella who walks in on Abigail Clayton and Stacy Evans dressed in old-timey undergarments, and Abby is pushing a cloth up inside herself and has him pull it out with his mouth as Stacy undresses him and he moves on to full blown cunnilingus and then Stacy moves on to fellatio.  Stacy throws him onto the bed, wriggles out of her panties and climbs next to him as Abby pulls her stockings off and gets in bed with them.  She starts kissing down his legs and sucking on his toes as Stacy pays attention to his nipples and then they meet at his soft cock, which has the cloth wrapped around it.  They suck him off to get him hard, then Abby climbs on as he eats out Stacy.  He flips Abby over and starts fucking her as Stacy licks her tits.  Finally he takes Stacy doggie style as she sucks on her thumb and briefly thereafter launches a slo-mo Peter North-esque blast across her back.

Then Dominique (Sabrina) comes in and puts her high heel right into Jon’s cock, and he wants to go home, so he loses the game. . .

Next, Harrison hits a button and we see Charles and Penelope on a water bed, and after some horrible pillow talk, and as he starts sucking her tit, she asks him to “be careful of the lump. . . even tho I’m sure its not cancerous” which isn’t as much of as turn off as you might thin; but she continues to make up ailments until he finally stops.  (“It’s down!  It hasn’t been down since I was eight!“) Enter Cissy and she gets him hard again (“My God!  It came back to life!“) and we cut immediately to her sucking him off and him covering her in kisses ended up with him eating her out.  She rides him reverse cowgirl and on the last stroke lifts herself off him and jerks him off onto her belly.  It’s an amazingly hot end to a short-ish scene.  “I may have blown the game with your sister, but at least this was really hot!. . . wasn’t it?”  Cissy says it wasn’t and she runs out.

Maddie tells Harrison she’s expecting payment when Harrison says he has one more trick up his sleeve, and he sends Dominique to “cut [Cissy] down to size”   “Oh, fuck this!” says Cissy as she runs out.  Maddie is all pleased with herself for winning the game and Harrison hands over a check.

Maddie and Cissy are in the car and Marty tells them that Penny left some time ago in a taxi.  She goes to meet Mark at the waterfront and tells him that she’s not like Cissy and can’t be what Maddie wants her to be.  She feels Mark is the only person she can talk to, and they kiss and pledge their love for each other.  It’s a nice scene, well played between the two. . . and it foil’s Maddie’s plan, to boot.

So Maddie bring Cissy to a Yacht Party in a further attempt to land a rich suitor.  As they approach the boat, Cissy catches a glimpse of the host’s son, Clark Dayton, Jr. (Paul Thomas) and she hears the harps and sees the rainbows and promptly falls into the bay.  Clark, Jr. jumps in after her and he brings inside to wash off and dry clothes. As these things often do, they end up fucking in the shower, in an awesome scene that’s also all slow and soapy; and then, as she’s grabbing for his cock while his fingers are exploring her nether region. . . he hears the harps and sees the rainbows and they know they’re made for each other.  However, there’s an AWESOME shot taken from the ceiling looking down on them entwined in the tub, with them each on their backs, and her straddling his cock. . . then as he’s eating her out, she starts asking him a bunch of questions about their future, and she’s forcing his head around, nodding or shaking depending on the question. . .

Maddie gets introduced to Clark, Sr. (Carl Irwin) and whole plying her charms, she finds out that Junior has been disinherited years ago because he’s a drunk with no ambition. . . so she’s left high and dry again. . . but maybe Clark Sr. is showing some interest in her?

So ends a delightful movie.  It’s a take on “How To Marry a Millionaire” and the movies like it where marrying a rich guy is all a girl could want.  The sex scenes support the story, not the other way around as it usually is.

This is one of those movies everyone should see, to see how movies were made back then, how hot they can be even in modern times, and how porn has yet to see a beauty as natural as Annette Haven.