IAFD Interview 22: Selena Rose

Morbid Thoughts took a trip out to LA and all we got were three interviews and a bunch of hot pictures. No T-Shirt, though…

The first interview from the trip was with the Cuban/Latino DP contract girl, Selena Rose (formerly Sasha Bleu).

As Morbid writes:

Selena Rose is a beautiful Cuban American from Miami. She’s done multiple features for DP so she’s used to the long hours. She’s quite flirty in person and normally I would be skeptical in dismissing it as something she puts on for the press. However, I’ve met her in the past in more casual situations when she didn’t know who I was to conclude the flirtiness is just part of her normal personality. Sex always seems to be on the mind with her and I was flattered by the attention she showered until Manuel Ferrara showed up. Heh.

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