Rebecca Bardoux: Think Before Porning

Recently over at,  Rebecca Bardoux posted a column that sums up a lot of what we’ve known about getting into porn, and I’d like to quote a little bit of it — the part that means the most to us, as we think it bears repeating over and over and over — since we tend to be a part of the internet that doesn’t forget. . .

. . . you can’t even get a civilian job if the person interviewing you saw your double anal scene on the internet and does not want a porn star working for their company. If you are lucky enough to get a job, most people you work with will remember you from that double anal and not want to be associated with you. So, you may end up eating your lunch alone.

That double anal scene will never go away. Your grandchildren will be watching it on the internet one day. It’s sort of like getting a tattoo on a drunken night. It will not go away, and everyone will be able to identify you with it. So, think long and hard about it, because how you feel about things at age 20 is not the way you will feel about them when you’re 40. That is a fact!

And when you’re 40, you’ll probably be sending us email asking us to remove your history, and since our goal is to preserve that very same history, we’re going to have a conflict of opinion… We share Rebecca’s opinion — think long and hard before committing carnal (or even non-carnal) acts to video that will someday be posted on the web.  The internet, like porn, is forever. #dontdopornwithoutthinkingitthru