Sandy kills at least 33 people and Gamelink is having a sale!

Not many people know this but IAFD is based in the region that’s been severely impacted by Tropical Storm/Cyclone Sandy. I am not in the area but worry about my chief colleague and his family in the aftermath since I have had my share of experiences with hurricanes. As far as I know, the storm has killed over 33 people but the people over at Gamelink can make some of that pain go away!

Let me quote excerpts of the press release I received today from their publicist:

(San Francisco, CA) October 30, 2012 — GameLink, the leading e-commerce and adult VOD superstore, looks to offer relief to the millions stranded at home as Hurricane Sandy descends forcefully upon the East Coast.

As nervous citizens who waited out the storm in hopes of relief as Sandy pushed north and continues down its path, GameLink wants to make the delay, and the days, less stressful, immediately discounting 25% off all orders with coupon code *redacted*. The immediate sale gives customers over 100,000 products to choose from and the entire catalogue of movies available at

[NOTE: “redacted” means we’re not promoting their code.  You’ll have to find it elsewhere. – JV]

There is no note of donation of the proceeds. Gamelink’s just having a straight up sale for people that are so distressed about the situation that they need to jerk off. In case these people don’t have electricity, don’t fear:

Most importantly, the sale will cover all of the VoD movies that are available instantly, which are also available to watch on all mobile devices. Even if power stays out, customers can still access mobile movies.

How considerate… This sale is not limited to the people affected by the storm. Friends and family can fap to their heart’s content  as they worry about their loved ones too! Even the people who don’t give a shit can partake in this sale as long as they have this code.

Every time the bar is lowered in porn, there are always people that still manage to limbo under it. The opinions I expressed in this blog should not be considered endorsed by my colleagues.

Edited 30 minutes afterward: After reviewing articles posted on AVN and XBIZ/XFANZ, gamelink is donating the sales proceeds to the Red Cross. Seems like they’re not terrible people;  just a bonehead press release snafu that forgot to mention this.

Another Look at the Misty Beethoven Restoration

Kudos to Distribpix for really making the effort on their restoration of Henry Paris aka Radley Metzger‘s’ The Opening of Misty Beethoven.  They were thrown off Kickstarter and raised their own backing thru presales and promotions, and they’ve been teasing their efforts on their blog.  (Useless disclosure: we contributed.)

They posted a YouTube clip recently showing the extensive work they did, and I just wanted to share it.

Today on Spice Radio: I Got Torn A New One

I had talked about Deep Inside Vanessa del Riot in January on Night Calls, but since Vanessa del Rio was going to be on the show, I thought I’d talk about it again.

I rehashed the movie, giving props to VDRs final gangbang, and I was pressed to give the movie a rating, so I went with “8 or 9 dicks” (Ginger loves her ratings; I hate giving them — you should be able to tell from the review how I feel)

It went well until the end when I put my foot in my mouth by using the word “old.”

A little while later, they called me back on the air to have Vanessa read me the riot act (all in good fun!) (I hope!) for not giving the movie a 10 out of 10.  Upon a second listen, I think she was talking about her final gangbang scene as getting the 8/10 score which wasn’t the case, since that scene was 10/10 worthy; but there were other scenes in the movie (VDR and Francois; Kari Foxx and Troy Tannier) that lowered the movie’s overall average.

Vanessa said she worked with Erica who was playing a Russian, but it was Lois Ayres (and Marc Wallice – who was also in the Erica Boyer scene) played the Russian guards. So there was some confusion there.  Erica played a whore (with a southern drawl) who took on two Frenchmen (Marc Wallice and Tom Byron).

I was feeling cornered and  came out as a member of Team Christy (my review of Orfice Party notwithstanding) when it was noted I have as yet failed to give Ginger a bad review.  (I tried to explain that I try to review movies that I like, so they’re all in the 7-10 range; I try to stay away from the stinkers.)

It all went downhill from there, with promises to beat me up (tho really, beaten up by Ginger and VDR can’t be all bad after the initial shock wears off, right?) and other disparaging remarks.

All  I can say in my defense is the scene breakdown of the movie has been on the site since Peter was alive, so I am confident there is no missing footage in the DVD version…

Good times.

And to think that in honor of the show, I uploaded a better version of the Deep Inside Vanessa del Rio theme:

Voracious and horny

I wanted to temporarily come out of reviewing retirement to comment on John Stagliano‘s take on the vampire movie, Voracious.  Given that the scenes are labeled as “episode”s, perhaps I should say that the boxed set of dvds is his take on the vampire television show like True Blood and Vampire Diaries. These episodes were originally released on the Evil Angel website. I had read in a press release that Stagliano liked working with vampire lore because he could make up some of the rules about what vampires can and can not do. Overall, the storyline works, but you can sort of spot him mixing and matching themes from different movies and shows.  I’m not going to give too many spoilers but if all you want is just a scene by scene breakdown of the movie, fu_q at ADT did a great job of  it.

Brooklyn Lee plays a vampire who struggles to retain her humanity. She’s dead and not loving it so much. More like Angel than Blade.  However, the food is just too tempting especially when it is in the form of the male lead, Manuel Ferrara, who is introduced to us similar to the way Jonathan Harker was introduced to us. You poor poor sap. The vampires have strict rules about what they can do with/to humans like in True Blood, even if they really wanted or deserve it.  One of the common vampire themes that Stagliano explains is how exactly vampires glamour their victims. The victims either envisions the vampire’s desire to have sex  or they see what’s going to happen anyway in a porno.

The sex is hard and intense throughout, and it’s no surprise given several of the selected actors. I had never watched a Brooklyn Lee scene before but she is energetic and convincingly plays a sexual vampire who make her victims constantly yearn for her.  The other vampires seem to agree. Lea Lexis plays her buddy vampire who is more in line with the rules of her vampire clan (think the initial Selena from Underworld) yet is still sensitive to the struggles of her friend.  Omar Galanti who could easily pass for Nosferatu, Sandra Romain, and Rocco play  clan elders while Steve Holmes plays a priest like Caleb from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Brooklyn Lee and Lea Lexis

The movie is visually stunning but not as colourful as Fashionistas  given the Gothic theme.  The scene lighting is mostly set dark with lots of shadows, somewhat washed out colours to emphasise the undead, and intentionally grainy video to give it a film feel. The music score fits to the mood and does not detract from the sex. There are the common vampire special effects involved but do not expect too much out of a porn budget.

BDSM is a dominant theme if you’re eager for all of that freaky shit. It’s dominant but not to the point where it detracts from the scene due to the intensity of the performers. As for the actual acting, Brooklyn plays her role well as the conflicted vampire and Lexis’s Romanian accent works.  As for the non-essential female performers, it’s clear that the ability to read lines was not a priority for the roles of dead street hookers.  With the guys,  there’s always unintentional comedy when I watch  Rocco, Steve, and Manu take on serious roles. It’s a combination of their accents and the fact that they are/seem such likable guys. It’s like watching a vampire Mentos commercial or a Right Said Fred video.