Hey, America! Get Out and Vote!

Today’s a pretty big day for us Yanks, we go and stand in line for a little while and try to change the course of history.  Whether we are successful is mostly out of our hands, but the victory is in our ability to do something about it.  (Or that we have the illusion of being able to do something about it, if you’re really cynical about it . . .)

So, regardless of who you support in this election, it’s most important that you let your voice be heard and counted.

If you’re in LA County and a member of the adult film industry and like small government, you probably want to VOTE NO ON MEASURE B, just like the LA Times, LA Daily News and bunches of others.  But you may prefer to vote YES ON MEASURE B like the Los Angeles County Medical Association and some others (tho implying that supporting condoms in adult films is equivalent to supporting Measure B is a logical fallacy. You can dislike Measure B but still like condoms in your movies.)

Either way, make your choice, stand up and get counted – that’s the important part. . . otherwise you lose your right to bitch about it. . .

After Jenna Jameson endorsed Mitt RomneyThe Daily Beast wasn’t able to find (perhaps they didn’t try very hard) to find anyone else to do the same.

If you’re in NYC, you might want to spend tonight with Lisa Ann as Sarah Palin.

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