All Hail The Prop Master!

Say what you will about Brazzers, but the attention to detail on the part of their prop guy in their recent release, They Always Come Back, hasn’t gone unnoticed. Bravo, sir!

Last Will and Testament of Tom Bailey

However, for shame, video titles guy – KERN, BABY, KERN! – the O-N and I-N-U-E-D of “Continued” should all run into each other — no gaps! (The perils of using a script typeface!)



All that said, it’s it’s worth checking out the scene, despite some horrible focus issues right at the popshot.  Dani’s sporting a pretty full bush, and there’s some nice set up to the story of her mourning her dead husband and then banging his lookalike brother (Bill Bailey).

My favorite beat in the set up is when she’s in the kitchen, naked of course, trying to get a mug down from a high shelf in a cabinet, but she can’t reach, so her husband comes in and fetches it for her, and she blows him in thanks.  Considering he’s the only one who could have put it on that top shelf to begin with, I think that’s a helluva bit of long range planning, sir!