Today on Radio Sex: Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (1981)

Deep Inside Annie SprinkleToday around 2:40pm Eastern on Radio Sex (SiriusXM 103) You Porn, I’ll be talking with Ginger and Christy about Joe Sarno’s 1981 classic, Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle, in honor of their guest, Annie Sprinkle.

DIAS is the fourth movie in Evart’s star based series, coming after Jennifer Welles, Gloria Leonard and Seka but predating Little Oral Annie and Angel Cash’s entries in the series.

The movie opens up with Annie, braless, looking gorgeous in a low cut outfit sitting in front of a piano where she shares with us some family photos and gives us a little bit of her history.  She confesses she lost her virginity somewhere between 16 and 17 and that her family knows what she does for a living in the sex trade and they try to be understanding.  However, all talk and no play makes us all a bit restless, so Annie introduces us to David Messa (as Bobby Soccie) and Frank Vickers (as Roger Ram) as a couple of hunks she wants to play with.

She shows off some very impressive deep throating skills, taking her partners balls deep down her throat before jerking them off to completion.

Next up, she’s standing in lingerie with the cups of the bra cut out, so her pendulous breasts are on display, and she asks the silly question “Do you like big tits?”  (If we didn’t, we’d be watching one of the Itty Bitty Titty movies…) Sassy is the lucky gal who gets to make love to those breasts, and she spends a good deal of time worshiping them until Annie returns the favor.  There’s lot of nipple-on-nipple action, lovingly captured.

Eventually, Annie does make her way downtown, eating Sassy out to orgasm and then a little nipple-on-pussy action as well.  We’re really highlighting her breasts in this sequence.  Annie looks back at the camera and mentions that she’s like to have a nice hard prick to fuck her between her tits, and VOILA!  there’s Ron Jeremy!  (This is 1981 Ron, so he’s still hairy, but very much in shape and without the trademark afro.)

So, while Ron titfucks Annie, Sassy looks on, massaging her own mammaries until Ron straddles Annie’s tits and then Sassy goes in and eats her out and Ron cums on Annie’s face.

Next, Annie is in a leather get-up with her boobs swing free as she plays pool.   This next segment is about ass-play, and in case you wondered why Annie keeps her middle fingernail cut short, this is where you find out. Marc Valentine is ass up on a bed, and Annie climbs up on top and slobbers over his butt a bit before sliding her finger up his bum.  She mentions that her ass is sensitive too, so Marc works his ring finger up there, eventually working his middle finger in her quim.  This doesn’t last very long before a long, thin buttplug comes out and he works the plug up her butt.  Her hips buck and fight until he slides his cock up there.  It’s not very long before he pulls out and cums on her ass.

Next up, Annie is in a yellow bustier with her breasts unable to be constrained so her nipples are sticking out, and she explains that sometimes her pussy, when it is very aroused, likes to squirt hot liquid out.  Mal O’Ree has been eating her out for an hour or so, she claims, and her pussy is VERY aroused. She squirts on him, but then it turns to pee and she pees on him.  She puts her hand down to catch some and lets the residue drip into her mouth.  They move into 69 with her on top and he works a finger in her ass and her pussy as she swallows him down to the root.  She pees some more into his mouth.  (This footage is all available on the 2010 DVD re-release; NOT on the   initial DVD release.)  She climbs off him, they make out a bit, and she straddles his cock, peeing more as he tries to slide inside her.  He’s pretty soft at this point, so it takes some effort getting him up in her business.   Finally, he jerks himself off as she pees on him a little more.

Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle Daisy ChainNext up is the centerpiece of the movie, a 7 girl orgy.  Heather YoungBarbara MillerJudy BilodeauDiana May (as Lee Starr)Lisa B. (as Lisa Be) and Sheisha Jones.  The girls are all over each other, laying across one another, kissing, suckling, eating.  It culminates in a big daisy chain. The girls looks all scream SEVENTIES (even tho it was 1981, we’re still in the late 70s, lookwise).  Sarno does an excellent job of capturing a wide variety of actions.

Next up, Annie masturbates for us, in an effort for us to get closer to her.  She talks dirty throughout. She pulls out a precursor to the magic wand and just gives herself over to the pleasure.

The OrleansCut to NYC – the Orleans Off-Broadway Theatre on 47th Street, west of Broadway, across from the Hotel Edison where it’s showing a festival of Annie’s movies.  She tells us that sometimes she likes to go into a theatre that’s showing her movies and fuck anything that moves.  She sidles up to porn’s grandpa Jack Teague and blows him to completion while Mike Feline eats her out from behind.  Then she blows Mike and he cums on her.  She also fucks Michael Gaunt for good measure.

She’s in a photo studio next, with hot spandex pants and a Partner t-shirt (Partner was a magazine of the time) and we meet Buddy Hatton who is watching his lady friend Bunny Hatton pose on a seamless for Annie’s camera.  Bunny has a Sarah Shevon / Sovereign Syre vibe.  Annie needs to get some split beaver shots, but Bunny’s labia aren’t behaving, so she dives in to help open her up, and eventually moves to some beads while Buddy decides to get in on the action, and puts his dick in the general direction of Bunny’s mouth.  Annie strips down  and gets fucked, then she and Bunny go into a 69 and Bunny gets fucked doggie style while Annie tries to keep her nose out of harm’s way, pulling Buddy’s cock out for some sucking every so often.  Buddy finally pulls himself out of Bunny and cums on Annie’s face.  Annie deep throats him a little for good measure.

Finally, we see Annie on a rooftop overlooking Manhattan and she confesses sometimes she just needs to get fucked by a guy she likes.  So, she goes home, plays the piano a little, and tells us about how she likes to make “old fashioned love” and her meeting Ron Hudd inspired these feelings.

He eats her out, she sucks him off with a lot of spit and he bones her.  They kiss some throughout, but she does slip a finger up in her pussy as he’s fucking her  (how old fashioned!) and it ends with him pulling out and jerking himself off onto her garter belt.

We see Annie walking along The River and she tells us she hopes she made us feel special and good.  She blows us a kiss and walks away.


Annie has become so much of a feminist icon in her later life and career that it’s easy to forget how fucking hot she was in the prime of her career.  This movie just oozes sex and is, IMHO,  required viewing.  The costumes and hairstyles aren’t completely distracting.  Annie looks great naked.  Her tits are really perfect and they’re not ignored in the slightest.

The performers are all shown off very well.  Sarno knew what he was doing.

Over at, DirtyMovieDevotee really sums it up perfectly: “Truth be told, there are no dull moments here and this has as much to do with Annie’s powerful and ingratiating personality as with the intimate imagination on display. Her legion of fans will want to own their very own copy. If you’re not among them, you may actually find yourself walking away as one. In that case, poetic justice has been served.”

Indeed.  On the Imperial Scale, this is a 3.95 out of 4.  (The urinating may not be every one’s cup of tea, and a few of the dicks could have been harder…)