Today on Radio Sex: Sex Across America 2: New Orleans (2000)

Today, two of my longest-known industry friends, Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk visit with Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn on Radio Sex’ YouPorn on SiriusXM 103; I’ll be on around 2:40 Eastern to talk about Sex Across America 2. Disclaimer: I’ve known Luc and Alex since I started going to the East Coast Video Show in ’97 or so.  They were friends with N. […]

Night Dreams (1981) Trailer

This trailer for F.X. Pope‘s 1981 classic Nightdreams was posted by over on Facebook (thanks, Steven!) and felt I had to share it… it’s SFW but the soundtrack might have your co-workers ready to kill you. The movie stars Dorothy Lemay and features a killer supporting cast of performers – Jacqueline Lorians, Loni Sanders and Danielle. From CD Man’s review: NIGHTDREAMS is the […]

Today on Radio Sex: Let’s Get Physical (1983)

Today on Radio Sex XM103 at 2:40 PM Eastern-ish, we’ll be talking about Bob Chinn‘s 1983 feature, Let’s Get Physical, written by and starring one of today’s guests, Hyapatia Lee. The movie is simple – Hyapatia Lee and Paul Thomas are married.  PT is a renowned ballet dancer, and Hyapatia is a jazz/rock dancer. The movie opens with PT leaving the […]