IAFD Interview 24: Alexis Monroe

alexismonroe_brazzers_0022Back in 2012, Morbid Thoughts visited the set of Digital Playground’s then untitled feature, Hit The Road, and he interviewed stars Selena Rose, Alexis Monroe and Tristan Kennedy.  Somehow, I lost the files of Alexis’ and Tristan’s interviews… but then I found them, almost a year later.  So what we get with Alexis’ interview is the portrait of an artist as a porn neophyte, having been in the industry less than a month when the interview took place.

We’re also rolling out a new feature on the interviews here – transcriptions!  We’re posting transcriptions of the interviews we’re doing, and we’re backfilling the rest.  We have a very attractive Hungarian girl holed up in an apartment somewhere in New Jersey, typing away, working on getting all the old interviews converted… but in the meantime…

Here’s Alexis’ on the Web:



JEFF FROM IAFD: ¡Hola Amigos! This is Jeff from IAFD coming back at you. I’ve got some weird slapback in the headphones so forgive me if I stammer a bit. Back in April 2012 we sent Morbid Thoughts out to the set of Digital Playground’s “Hit The Road” and he spoke with Selena Rose and you can hear her interview elsewhere on the website, but this one is Alexis Monroe, and that’s Alexis with an “a” not with an “e”, so it’s not “Elexis” it’s “Alexis”. Anyway, so they sat down and they chatted and they talked about how she entered the industry, her hometown back in Michigan, her hobbies, social networking and how she spends down time on the set — the usual jazz. She can be found on Twitter @alexismonroexxx and you can find her on Facebook as well. So without further ado — Morbid Thoughts and Alexis Monroe.
Morbid Thoughts: Hi, this is Morbid Thoughts, I’m her on the set of a Rob D. movie by, of course, Digital Playground. I’m here with a really really new starlet that just told me that she was just starting in the industry about a week ago. What’s your name?
Alexis Monroe: Hi, I’m Alexis Monroe.
Morbid Thoughts: Hi Alexis, so since this has only been a week you might remember, what made you get into the industry?
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) Well, I have a really good personality. I like to meet new people and that kind of thing and I figured I needed a fun hobby and I really enjoy traveling and meeting new people, so I thought this would be fun. I like to fuck, of course, so I just decided to try it out and here I am! And it’s been a wonderful experience ever since I started!
Morbid Thoughts: Are you from the L.A. area or did you have to travel?
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) I had to travel here, I’m originally from Michigan, so I enjoy both because in Michigan it’s the four seasons, you have snow right now. Coming to L.A. was nice because it’s warm and there’s sun even though now it’s raining so (laughs)…
Morbid Thoughts: What part of Michigan are you from?
Alexis Monroe: I’m from Muskegon.
Morbid Thoughts: I have no idea what it is, is that on the tip or is it on the main peninsula?
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) No, it’s not on the tip. It’s like, it’s kinda on the outer edge of the state, I guess, like if your holding up your hand it’s like right there (laughs), but we live by the lake so pretty close to the edge.
Morbid Thoughts: What’s the community like there?
Alexis Monroe: It’s completely different from here actually it’s like a small town, like everyone knows everybody; nothing stays quiet at all (laughs). Like, we have our big towns but I’m not in one of those so it’s mostly, like, families and people who go to school and that kind of thing in my neighborhood anyways. There aren’t really a lot of young couples or people.
Morbid Thoughts: Do you think people already know about your jump into the industry?
Alexis Monroe: Yeah, well I wasn’t exactly very secretive about it either. It wasn’t like one of those things where I just denied it, I just kinda told this is what I wanted to do and I just kinda hoped that if they were meant to be with me then they would stay and the ones who mattered did and the ones who didn’t are gone. (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: So, in your brief week of (laughs) the porn career, how many scenes have you done?
Alexis Monroe: This is my third boy-girl scene. I did a group girl scene and a solo, so…like five (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Five, and I think this will be your first feature right?
Alexis Monroe: Yes, this is my first feature (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Tell me about, you know, your experiences between the differences in a feature set compared to a gonzo set.
Alexis Monroe: Oh my god, 110% different! Completely different! I like feature sets a lot. There’s a lot more that goes into it than I am realizing but it’s cool cause I am excited to see it when it actually comes out cause gonzo sets are very amateur, very you know, you don’t really care about anything and there aren’t scripts and that kind of thing but I like the feature sets a lot so I’m really excited.
Morbid Thoughts: I don’t know how large your part is in this movie, but have you had to memorize a lot of lines?
Alexis Monroe: No, not really, not yet. I think I have, like two separate dialogue scenes and then the sex scene, so it should be pretty fun but my lines are pretty….pretty decent, I mean. I did an intro scene with Selena at the beginning and I’ll do one at the end as well.
Morbid Thoughts: She’s talking about contract star Selena Rose. Can you tell me a little about the character you’re playing?
Alexis Monroe: Sure, I am playing a bitchy douche girlfriend named Kelly (laughs), so basically in this movie she comes in and pretty much intrudes on my boyfriend and I get mad and pissy and I yell at my boyfriend about it and I leave for work and when I come back I like, apologize and we have our sex scene and then I find out that he had sex with her while I was gone.
Morbid Thoughts: Of course, that’s how it always happens!
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) Yeah, so I get all pissed off and then I storm out of the house in a rampage and then that’s it! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: And your boyfriend is played by?
Alexis Monroe: That is Erik Everhard, he’s a sweetheart!
Morbid Thoughts: (speaks to someone in background) We got interrupted due to some technical difficulties downstairs in the movie. This is your first time working with Erik?
Alexis Monroe: This is my first time. He is a sweetheart though. I like him a lot.
Morbid Thoughts: Don’t you find his Canadian accent kinda funny?
Alexis Monroe: (Laughs) Um, a little bit yeah! I’m kinda from up north too so it’s not as terrible if you were to compare it to someone from L.A. or Miami.
Morbid Thoughts: Really? I never notice an accent in California people but I think it’s probably because you always hear it on tv.
Alexis Monroe: Yes, that’s correct! Everyone says that I have a funny accent too so maybe I don’t get it cause he sounds normal to me (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Okay, It’s kinda weird, Erik’s been in the industry for about twelve years now and I swear every time I see him on set he’s got the personality of “oh boy! oh boy!” (laughs) you know?
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) Yeah he’s always really excited!! The bug eyes going on!
Morbid Thoughts: And I think when he saw you today he was really, really excited!
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) Yeah, he apparently has a thing for blondes, so it should be fun, a fun time!
Morbid Thoughts: So, apparently he doesn’t think you are a douche bag girlfriend!
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) No, he’ll put up with my crap, he likes it! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: So, I’ve noticed on these sets, there’s a lot of waiting around, what are you going to do to fill in the time?
Alexis Monroe: Yeah, there’s a lot of waiting. I’ve been looking over my lines, I’m trying to get comfortable because this is my first feature — it’s kinda nerve racking and I’m not used to having twelve different people staring at me while I’m trying to remember lines and act natural. So I am just trying to get to know people so I feel more comfortable which I think is a really big thing because, for me, I have a bubbly personality and I am giggles and all that so to be in a big place where I don’t know anyone is kinda, uh scary! (laughs) So I’m trying just to be comfortable I guess, cause other than that I am pretty good at everything else.
Morbid Thoughts: I mean, What kind of scene is it going to be today, I mean I don’t know anything about your limits, I don’t know what you do, I don’t know what you’re comfortable with. I’m pretty sure Erik doesn’t really know either!
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) Today is a boy-girl scene so it will just be normal fucking I would imagine, like, blow jobs, kissing, fucking, that kind of thing. Because I’m new I still have some limitations but not a lot so…
Morbid Thoughts: Have you ever seen Erik work before?
Alexis Monroe: I have not actually!
Morbid Thoughts: He has a nickname!
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) I guess in my free time I’ll be looking it up!
Morbid Thoughts: Well, actually he has two nicknames depending on the role he plays.
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) What are they?
Morbid Thoughts: Well, one is called the “Hate Plow” because, I mean, he really gets into the scene, you can see it in {his} expression and if you’re not ready for it you know, you might be transfixed by it.
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) Okay, what’s the other?
Morbid Thoughts: The other is he is just known as “The Everhard Bunny” as you know like the Energizer {Bunny}…
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) So he just keeps going and going and going?
Morbid Thoughts: yeah, he just keeps going and going and going!
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) Well, good I’m excited! I guess I’ll find out which one I like the best! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Just because a director calls cut, he might not stop!
Alexis Monroe: (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: The scenes where I have seen that happen, the girl is more than happy to go along!
Alexis Monroe: Yeah, I am sure I will be fine! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Have you, I guess, created social networking — Like you know Twitters and Facebooks in preparation for your career?
Alexis Monroe: Yes, actually I did. I have both. I have a Twitter it’s @_sexy_thing under Alexis Monroe and I have a Facebook. I have an actual Facebook and I have a Fan Page both. One of my friends created my fan page (laughs).
Morbid Thoughts: Okay, your friends created your fan page — guy friend or girl friend?
Alexis Monroe: Girl friend actually!
Morbid Thoughts: Okay, that sounds a little more normal!
Alexis Monroe: Yeah! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: And were these things you thought of before you jumped into the industry or was it things that you realized “oh shit! I got to do that!”
Alexis Monroe: Well, I had a Twitter but I never really used it until I came out here, like I think I had it for like a week or two before I came out here and then I came out here and everyone was like “Oh, do you have Twitter? Do you have Twitter?” and apparently Twitter is like porn star central because everyone is on Twitter! (laughs) But Facebook I’ve had forever, but I didn’t actually make my Facebook until yesterday maybe the day before, so still fairly new.
Morbid Thoughts: So, for your career, I know you’re traveling from Michigan, do you plan to keep doing this — commuting back and forth or do you plan to just move to L.A.?
Alexis Monroe: For awhile I think I’ll still commute just because I think it’s really important to make sure that you have your roots of where your comfortable with and you know, that you stay you, cause I feel that you can get really caught up out here and you could get into the rush of everything and I wanna make sure that I have that space in between work and normalcy. I like to relax and I love the lake and I hate saltwater so (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Oh, okay I didn’t know there was a difference but I guess when you jump in and you have a cut somewhere then sure there is a difference!
Alexis Monroe: Yeah it doesn’t burn your eyes and it doesn’t make my hair freak out and you don’t walk out looking like you got covered in like dried cum (laugh) cause you’re all white from the salt.
Morbid Thoughts: Yeah, see I don’t know what that feeling is like (laughs)
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) No, I can imagine that.
Morbid Thoughts: So, I never notice those things.
Alexis Monroe: No, I guess the one thing that I hate most about salt water is that it burns your eyes cause I went jet skiing in the ocean once and it is not a good experience. They didn’t tell me to wear goggles, my eyes burned for like days.
Morbid Thoughts: So, you know, tell me a little about your hobbies besides the jet skiing and what you like to watch on tv, what you like to read that kind of stuff.
Alexis Monroe: Sure, well, at home I like to do a lot of things outside so anything at the beach; jet skiing, going boating, I like to ride my bike but in Michigan the weather is kinda hit or miss so when I can I do but we work out a lot when I have free time with my friends and that kind of thing. I like watching movies a lot. So any types of movies, right now I am going through a scary move binge where all I want to do is watch old scary movies and my best friend back home we just sit in her bed and play with her baby rabbits.
Morbid Thoughts: Oh, I love rabbits! How old are they?
Alexis Monroe: She has one that was just born a couple of weeks ago cause her momma rabbit had a baby and then she has another one, I am not sure how old it is but it’s really big and fat and her feet are huge! But we just sit and cuddle with them and they sleep on our chests.
Morbid Thoughts: The big one, is it kinda brown?
Alexis Monroe: Mm hmm, yup!
Morbid Thoughts: I think it’s a Flemish Giant.
Alexis Monroe: Yeah! That’s what it is and her new baby one is just tiny it’s this big, it fits in the palm of your hand,
Morbid Thoughts: Are the ears still short?
Alexis Monroe: Mm hmm, yeah. It looks kinda funny (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: You might be able tell I used to have rabbits as a kid.
Alexis Monroe: Yeah, yeah, no for sure! We love them. We sit and cuddle and watch movies all day!
Morbid Thoughts: They got the personality of cats so it’s kinda fun.
Alexis Monroe: They do! And they’re feet are giant and they’re so cute!
Morbid Thoughts: Have you ever made them dump yet?
Alexis Monroe: Um, no, not yet, I got peed on once, but she might have but I didn’t! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: So you were mentioning scary movies, what’s your favorite then?
Alexis Monroe: Um, I don’t know like, I just watched all the Freddy vs. Jason movies like Freddy Krueger movies and stuff. I really liked “Jeepers Creepers” (laughs) I watched “Dive” the other day. It was a horrible movie, It was horrible. Don’t ever watch it!
Morbid Thoughts: I’ve never heard of it so…
Alexis Monroe: It was like a backwards “Saw” kind of movie and it was just no good.
Morbid Thoughts: have you ever seen the show “Supernatural”?
Alexis Monroe: Yes! I love it! I watch that and “Charmed” all the time!
Morbid Thoughts: Don’t you think most of these new horror movies that are coming out are starring either Jensen Ackles or the other guy, and I keep going, no one’s going to kill them!
Alexis Monroe: Yes! Exactly! No, yes, for sure! (laughs) No, but I do like that show a lot! It’s fun! It’s kinda suspenseful!
Morbid Thoughts: Well, is there anything you would like to say to your fans, like I have no idea when this interview will be released cause I don’t control the release of it, so by the time it comes out you might already be a superstar!
Alexis Monroe: Well, I would like to tell all my fans thank you for all of your support because you guys are the ones that put me here and of course follow me on Twitter or Facebook to see any updates that I might have, any new features I might get, but mostly I’m just here to have fun and I wanna remind everyone to do that too cause it’s important!
Morbid Thoughts: Okay, Thanks Alexis!
Alexis Monroe: Thank you!
JEFF FROM IAFD: This has been an IAFD.com production.