Today on Radio Sex: Sex Secrets of a Mistress (1996)

48119Due to popular demand on Twitter, I’m going to be talking to Christy and Ginger on Radio Sex’ YouPorn show (XM 103, at 2:40ish eastern) about Christy’s 1996 movie, Sex Secrets of a Mistress, which features a scorching scene between her and Mark Davis.

The plot is simple enough, Mark is married to Jill Kelly who has been giving him the cold shoulder.

At work, he meets up with perfume salesperson Christy, and there’s an attraction there; one he might act upon.  They agree to have lunch the next week.

Mark goes to meet Christy for lunch, and at the next table, Channone and Vince Vouyer are drinking their water… but Mark’s mind wanders, and suddenly they’re fucking on the table.  The scene begins with some overbearing music, then it ends so we just get natural sound, and then it ends with music again, but not as overbearing.    It’s a pretty low-key scene until Vince shoves himself up her bum and cums on her ass.

Christy shows up for lunch, and Mark tells us that they continued their discussion in his office, but the pictures show her going down on him in an elevator.  He drags Christy by the arm thru his outer office (past startled secretary, Lana Sands) and Christy is back on her knees with his manhood in her mouth. He grabs her ears quite a bit (dude, she knows what to do!) and finally jerks off onto her tits.

Jill drops by Mark’s office, hoping to grab lunch, but a well timed phone call from Christy sends Jill away — but only to listen from outside Mark’s door.  Jill asks Lana if Mark is having an affair, and Lana does her best to keep his secret; but her best is not very good.

Christy gives Mark some phone sex, where she describes what she would do to Mark’s wife… and we dissolve to see what she’s describing!

It’s a pretty straight ahead rooftop g/g scene with a clear pink double dong dildo that they spend a lot of time fellating until Jill starts using it on Christy, who rides the thing like a prize bronco.  They intertwine a bit more and the scene concludes.

Mark comes out of his office looking for Jill (who is long gone) and he goes home to dinner, but the atmosphere is chilly, and he’s not sure if Jill bought the “I have a meeting” story, and didn’t interpret it as “I have to slam my mistress.”

Thus starts a landmark Christy scene.  There’s a ton of kissing and Mark spends a lot of time giving her oral pleasure which brings her to climax.  There’s a great position after Christy has blown Mark where he holds her up, his face in her crotch and her feet are on her shoulders.  I can’t imagine it was a super comfortable position with all the cantilevering, but it looked super hot.

There’s some great overhead shots where he’s fucking Christy (with a condom) and she’s lying back on the bed and it really shows off her tanned, toned physique and her most famous attributes (her boobs, for those not following along…).  Finally, Mark pulls out and cums on her tits, but Christy does something uncharacteristic – she sticks her tongue out in an effort to catch his cum.  She succeeds in catching a drop or two and then licks some more off her tits.  Mark then dives in and kisses the cum off her, so YMMV if that’s a turn on or a turn off.

This is quite a long way from The Night of Loving Dangerously where Jamie Gillis managed to turn her off facials for most of her career.

The only complaint about this scene is that it was cut as much as it was for the DVD (and by extension, VOD) release.  You might still be able to find the VHS version floating around some of the more grey areas of the internet…

The scene ends with Christy telling Mark that Jill is hosting a launch party at his house, like she does for all his clients.  This puts Christy, Jill and Mark in the same room, and Mark can’t handle it.  He’s got sex on the brain, so he fantasizes that his secretary, Lana Sands, gets banged (with a great facial) by Magnum D.

As Mark is talking to Christy and another guy, he sees Jill out of the corner of his eye (in a KILLER red dress) and can’t believe how hot she is, and how much he loves his wife.  They start to go at it right on the staircase.  (This, it should be noted, is also pre-surgery Jill Kelly.)  They work their way around a few positions on the stairs, with a good amount of time with her on her knees coming down their stairs, which puts her backend at such an angle that Mark can just piledrive her, and her moans get VERY gutteral during this bit.  Finally, she spins over, and Mark cums on her belly up to her tits.

Mark then tells us that after that night he never saw Christy again.  He feels he helped him save his marriage. He opines that the only thing worse than “telling someone your sex secrets, is not telling them at all.”

Someone should let me know how that works out for them…

Overall, this movie took itself too seriously in the story department, but it made up for it with some fantastic, career-defining work from Christy and Mark.

You could skip the talking parts, the Channone and the Lana Sands scenes, and still have a pretty good night…