Today on Radio Sex: Stiff Competition (1984)

Due to personal commitments this week, I haven’t been able to re-watch an old classic for review, so this week, we’ll go back into the Playboy Radio vaults, and revisit a movie we talked about a couple years ago…

My plan was to review Ginger Lynn: the Movie but Ginger isn’t on the show today, so it seems silly to discuss that title (we’ll revisit it soon), so on Xm102, Radio Sex’s YouPorn at 2:40 eastern, we’ll go with a 1984/5 classic, Stiff Competition.

“If you can’t eat me, you can’t beat me!  Please excite me, just don’t bite me!”

The movie starts in San Francisco, where Tammy (Gina Carrera) is riding along with her much older sugar daddy, played by Nick Random. He has a surprise for her, a trip to an underground blowjob competition.  (Ah, simpler times when a blowjob competition was considered an acceptable place to take a date…)

After paying the cover at knifepoint, they work their way downstairs where they see Jeff (Kevin James) a cocksucking coach working the crowd, looking for action that “The Mouth” (Susan Hart) can get off some lucky stud (Michael Christopher) in 8 minutes. She rips his cock out, and starts going to town as Jeff shouts encouragement and tips (“That a way – good technique! That’s the way to work it, Mouth!”)

You can read the rest of my review for Stiff Competition in the archive.

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