Carter Cruise: “I hate the feeling of clothes restricting me”


Every once in a while, a girl enters the adult industry and is a sure fire, bona fide superstar in the making. Sometimes they have lasting power and fulfill their potential, most of the time they don’t. Carter Cruise is one such girl, and she’s wasted no time living up to any and all expectations. She’s not a superstar in the making though. She’s already there! Quite possibly the prettiest girl in porn today, Carter backs up her stunning beauty with knockout performances one after the other. A great attitude, outstanding work ethics, unbridled enthusiasm and, as her 42K Twitter followers can attest, she’s also one of the funniest, most entertaining girls in the game. Still a ‘rookie’, Carter is a contender for awards from countless media outlets, including right here on, where she’s nominated for multiple the Spank Bank Awards, including ‘Newcummer of the Year’, ‘Prettiest Girl in Porn’, and the most coveted award in all of porndom: ‘Most Spanked To Girl of the Year’.

Gabriel Lan: You recently became a California resident. Where are you from originally? In my mind, you were already the epitome of a ‘California Girl’.

Carter Cruise: People always tell me that! I’m originally from Atlanta, but I grew up in Cary, NC, which is like, the 5th safest place in America or something crazy like that. We call it “The Bubble.” I’ve always been a Cali girl at heart though. When I was a little kid I would get so mad at my parents like, “why do we live here? It’s so BORING, I wanna live in LA!”

Gabriel Lan: Travel is typically a big part of being in the adult industry. Have you had an opportunity to fly all over yet? What’s your favorite venue so far? Job or non job related, is there anywhere specific you’re dying to visit?

Carter Cruise: I’ve been to a few places for work, but all in the US. I hope as my career progresses to travel to more places. Europe, Australia, and South America are all on the list of places I’d love to work. I’d also love to get an inside peek into the Japanese porn industry! Outside of porn, I’ve wanted to go to Egypt since I was a kid, the history and culture fascinates me.

Gabriel Lan: How often have you gotten back to the 5th safest place in America since you moved out to the west coast?

Carter Cruise: I went back to my college town for my birthday in April, but that’s about an hour away from where I grew up. My parents don’t live there anymore and most of my close friends have moved on to bigger and better things so I don’t really have much of a reason to go back!

Gabriel Lan: I’m sure you’ve been asked this question exactly this way before, but how does a girl as beautiful as you get into porn in the 1st place? Personally, I never say a girl is “too pretty for porn”, because if you’re pretty of course I want to see you naked. Duh! I never get that one lol

Carter Cruise: I always wonder at this question, because it seems to imply that a girl would only get into porn because her looks weren’t good enough for mainstream. And it’s funny to me because I never thought I was pretty enough for porn! I was so nervous when I applied to agencies that they would all turn me down. I’m happy with the way I look, but I’ve never thought of myself as a “model” or anything like that. Even now when people ask to photograph me, I’m like, “really?” I just wanted to live an adventure, and to explore sexual deviance on a first hand basis.

Gabriel Lan: You are widely regarded by both the directors you’ve shot for as well as co-stars as having a “great attitude” on set. What is your secret of keeping a positive outlook on life?

Carter Cruise: I genuinely love my job, so it’s easy to have a good attitude on set. I WANT to be there; why would I not have a good attitude? One of my good friends and one of the most positive people I’ve ever met told me once, “the only person who can take away your smile is you.” I loved that! It’s cheesy, but it’s also pretty darn spot on. Sometimes I’m like, “but I don’t wanna do reverse cowgirlllllll” but then I’m like, “wait, you have the best job in the world! Stop being a lazy butt and have some fun!” Plus, who can be in a bad mood when you’re cumming that much?


Gabriel Lan: You are nominated for several Spank Bank Awards on this very site this year, including (but not limited to) Prettiest Girl in Porn, Best Body, and Newcummer of the Year. How would you access you 1st full year in the biz? Are you satisfied with how your career has progressed so far?

Carter Cruise: Oh, wow, really? That’s so flattering, thank you! I actually accomplished all the goals I set for my first year, plus a few extra I wasn’t expecting so I’m very happy, although I’m always pushing myself to do better.

Gabriel Lan: You clearly put in a lot of work keeping that Best Body nominated physique. How often do you work out? How big of a part does it play in your day to day routine?

Carter Cruise: I’ve always been athletic (I played lacrosse into college), but when I first started in the biz I kind of lost that. I was living out of hotels and a suitcase for months on end with no car or real routine in my life and I definitely lost that edge. I’m not worried about being super skinny, but I do want to look my best, and more importantly, be healthy and have lots of energy to make good porn! It was hard getting back into the groove after 6 months of laziness, but I started at Barry’s Bootcamp which I am obsessed with! It’s seriously addicting. I try and go like 4 times a week, and then do something else active the other days, like hiking or going dancing. Obviously sometimes I’m busier and go less, and some weeks I’m really motivated and go everyday.

Gabriel Lan: How many times a day do you get hit on at the gym?

Carter Cruise: One reason I really like Barry’s is because everyone is there to get in a hell of a workout, then get the hell out and back to work. Kim Kardashian was there one day and no one even cared. So it’s nice because people are there for themselves, not to pick up girls which is great because I hate getting hit on when I’m sweaty and gross!

Gabriel Lan: What does an upcoming ‘anal day’ do to your workout? Obviously, you don’t really eat much of anything the day before.

Carter Cruise: It depends on my week – sometimes I can still get in a good workout even if I have anal, but usually I let the scene itself be my workout for the day. I don’t eat the day before so I just base it off how I’m feeling. Sometimes I still have lots of energy and hit the gym, other times I just let that day be my rest day to let my body heal.

Gabriel Lan: You started doing anal scenes right out of the gate. Is that something you had already done before porn? DP’s as well. First one ever, was it on camera or off?

Carter Cruise: I had done anal with a few people in my personal life before porn, but I wasn’t terribly experienced in it. My first anal scene actually wasn’t supposed to come out for a year, but the company got sold or something and they ended up releasing it 2 weeks later! I was mad at first because so many people told me to wait, but now looking back I’m glad it happened that way. My first DP was off camera but during another scene. We only did it for a minute or so, I just wanted to see what it felt like, and then I ended up doing it on camera like a week later.

Gabriel Lan: You seem to have become fast friends with fellow rookie Spiegler Girl Dakota Skye. When did you two 1st meet? Do y’all hang out sometimes away from work?

Carter Cruise: Dakota and I actually started porn the same weekend at Fetish Con last year in Tampa with the same agent. I met her briefly and we would see each other occasionally but I was only shooting on the weekends due to class so we didn’t become friends until later. We really bonded over becoming Spiegler Girls. She had already been talking to him and we were on set together when a director texted me and told me I should call him too. We went back to her apartment and we’re like, “do we call now? should we wait 5 minutes? what do we say? what if he only takes one of us?” There’s a lot of competition in porn, like any entertainment industry, so it’s great that we can cheer each other on. Sometimes I’ll tease her like, “Ugh, Dakota, you got box cover over me again!” but she’s just so cute, I’d put her on the box cover too!

Gabriel Lan: How much “fun” was that process anyway? At the DMV for hours on end. Ugh. How long did it take? What, in your opinion, is the worst part about the DMV?

Carter Cruise: 4 hours total! Which is my own fault for putting it off for so long that I couldn’t get an appointment. I just hate wasting time so standing in line is the worst!

Gabriel Lan: I don’t know why anyone would be complaining about this, but did you ever get your curtains hung so the neighbors wouldn’t have to see you naked?

Carter Cruise: Not yet! But I do have blinds I just think they’re ugly haha.

Gabriel Lan: Do you walk around the house naked a lot? Do you spend more time naked than clothed? Away from work, that is lol.

Carter Cruise: I sleep naked, I hate the feeling of clothes restricting me, but other than that I don’t spend a ton of time around the house, I’m usually gone! Right now I’m wearing underwear and a tank top right now because it’s beautiful outside and my windows are open.


Gabriel Lan: I understand you were a sorority girl. Did you graduate from college? What was your major?

Carter Cruise: It’s funny because when I pledged I was the biggest square ever. I was a psychology/pre-law major and I didn’t do anything except study and workout. My freshman superlative was “most likely to cure cancer.”

Gabriel Lan: It’s pretty obvious that you also like girls as well as guys. Had you done anything more than just “drunken sorority girl” making out with other girls before porn? Had you ever taken it to the next level with a girl before porn?

Carter Cruise: No, I had always wondered if I liked girls, because I did like girl/girl porn, but where I’m from that’s not something people really talk about. I had a good friend in high school whose mom was lesbian but that was pretty much the only exposure I got to that lifestyle. I’ve always been very sexual, but also pretty shy about my own sexuality, so I never felt comfortable bringing it up with anyone. The first time I kissed a girl was a few months before porn, but we didn’t really do much of anything. Neither of us had ever been with a girl so we didn’t really know what to do.

Gabriel Lan: Well, since you hadn’t really done anything sexual with girls before porn, what is your assessment of sex with girls? Just how much DO you love it??? LoL I think you kinda like it ;-)

Carter Cruise: Sex with women is so much different. Of course the end goal of getting off is the same, but women are so much more complex, both emotionally and physically, than a man. If a guy’s dick is hard, he’s turned on, if he cums, it’s obvious you got him off. Girls can fake, though, and the vagina is so complex that even if you know exactly how to please one girl, you may know nothing about another girl. Also, if a girl isn’t mentally turned on, it really doesn’t matter what you do to her physically. So the first step to pleasing a woman is to get in her head and turn her on that way. It’s harder, but also more interesting to get a girl off, and I enjoy that challenge of learning.

Gabriel Lan: With the invention of the internet, people no longer have to be bored, scared, or ignorant. Why do you suppose so many people still are?

Carter Cruise: Hmm, I wouldn’t say people are still necessarily “ignorant”. First off, a lot of people don’t have access to the internet. Not everyone can afford a smart phone or a laptop. Also, even if you have internet access, so what? There’s tons and tons of information on the internet. If anything, the internet can breed ignorance. I see memes and articles with thousands of shares that put out information that is blatantly wrong. That also breeds fear because people sensationalize the news over social media. The internet is a wonderful tool, but only if you know how to use it.

Gabriel Lan: More annoying: Rude people on social media, or rude people in real life situations? Is there really any excuse for being rude without provocation?

Carter Cruise: Definitely rude people in real life because at least I can block/delete/mute/etc… rude people on social media, although there are many more rude people on social media due to the anonymity. And no, of course not. It is counter-productive and negative.

Gabriel Lan: Would you say you’ve had mostly a positive experience interacting with fans via social media? You are very entertaining on Twitter, imho 

Carter Cruise: Yes! Some of my fans are really funny too which is a major plus. And yay, I’m glad!

Gabriel Lan: Are you being recognized more and more often in ‘real life’ nowadays? How do you deal with that added attention?

Carter Cruise: People are really sketchy about recognizing porn stars. So sometimes someone will be like, “what do you do?” with this weird squinty-eyed look where they are trying to look innocent. I hate that, because it makes me feel uncomfortable – why would I want to announce that I do porn when you can’t even admit you watch it? I like when people are straight up. I was out in Hollywood one night and a guy came up to me and said, “Keep doing what you’re doing, I’m a fan.” I thought that was great.

Gabriel Lan: If ‘massage’ is supposedly the #1 searched for term in porn, what the hell is in the rest of the top 5??? Seriously???

Carter Cruise: I know anal was on there, and maybe like MILF or teen or something. Pretty basic porno stuff!

Gabriel Lan: I’m usually a lot more specific in my searches…. Like ‘Carter Cruise anal’ or ‘Carter Cruise butthole’, for example. Do you ever watch porn, and if so what do you like to watch? Do you ever watch yourself and masturbate?

Carter Cruise: Good choices ;) I’m not a big porn watcher honestly. I love the idea of it, but I’m so picky! The most important part for me is the girl enjoying herself and the chemistry between the performers. So much porn out there is fake and silly and the girls’ orgasms are disappointing. My imagination is much better, although occasionally I come across a really good scene. I kind of like the Japanese hentai porn too – they come up with the most fucked up story lines! There’s something that’s just so hot about a pretty girl getting fucked by a monster who she’s disgusted by, but the dick is so good she can’t stop cumming. It’s the same concept as the taboo genre where the sex is so wrong, but it’s so good you can’t stop yourself. I think people like that stuff because almost all of our first sexual experiences, either alone or with a partner, were “wrong” based on societies standards. That carries over into adulthood and we’re turned on by that taboo element of sex.

Gabriel Lan: You mentioned on Twitter that (paraphrasing here) some girls in porn are getting faker and faker, so you’re going to be natural. Does that mean you have no intention of ever “enhancing” your beautiful, perfect, sculpted by Michelangelo himself, natural breasts? …. Maybe I laid that on a little thick….can you tell I think you’re perfection personified? ;-)

Carter Cruise: Bahaha! Thank you :) I can’t say for sure how I’ll feel 5 years from now, or even one year from now about plastic surgery, but I don’t see myself ever being one to go that route. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, but like I said, it isn’t the image or values I want to promote. We create these women with surgery and makeup, and then present them to girls (and boys!) as a standard, which can never be upheld because so few people are actually born with those genes. I think some girls feel like the only way they will be able to succeed is to change themselves, in appearance, and eventually in who they are as a person.


Gabriel Lan: Just out of curiosity, how often do you get ‘dick pics’ in your inbox, DMs, etc…? Not that I’m planning on sending you one right now or anything…… :P For that matter, do you ever get “boob shots”? Wouldn’t that be more appealing? Lol boobs are way more aesthetically pleasing, don’t you think?

Carter Cruise: I block anyone who sends me dick pictures and I make it clear to my fans that it’s not something I want to see so I get less now than I did in the beginning of my career. I get more boob pictures though, but I like them! I like that girls feel comfortable sharing that with me. Guys send dick pics because they want me to stroke their ego, but girls are more likely sending me nudes because they want to share their sexuality with someone who won’t judge them, OR treat them like a piece of meat because of it. I know before porn I had seen very few boobs of normal girls. I felt insecure about my body because the only thing I had to compare mine to was porn stars with fake tits plastering the internet, and I think a lot of girls feel the same way. Now, I’ve seen so many boobs, so when a girl sends me a nude I can always find something beautiful or sexy about her, and I can share that with her, which I hope gives her confidence about her body.

Gabriel Lan: Why is “restaurant” so fucking hard to spell??? It shouldn’t be that much of a struggle!!! I’m so glad somebody else has this issue too lol. Another one that gets me constantly is “itinerary”…. And I hate using ‘spell check’ because I’m a grammar snob/Nazi lol.

Carter Cruise: I don’t know! I think it’s because it’s not a word you actually write down a whole lot. It’s a common word, so we think we should remember the odd spelling, but it’s not actually that common to see or write down because usually we’ll refer to the actual name of the restaurant… wait, is that right?

Gabriel Lan: What is the definition of “not giving a fuck”?

Carter Cruise: I think people confuse “not giving a fuck” with “apathy.” Apathy is laziness. It is the absence of passion. I loathe apathy. “Not giving a fuck” (to me at least) means accepting things as they are and letting go of any negativity surrounding them. You can still be a passionate person and “not give a fuck.”

Gabriel Lan: As an avid admirer, I can tell you that the female booty always makes me feel all warm and tingly. Do buttholes actually make everything better?

Carter Cruise: I stuck my whole fist inside a butthole for the first time and I can genuinely say, YES! I’m more fascinated by them than turned on but that’s why I get to play with them for your viewing pleasure.

Gabriel Lan: What do you think your superlative would say now? LoL ‘Most Likely To Alleviate An Erection’?

Carter Cruise: Probably, but just like before, I intend to challenge that. At one time, people only saw me as a nerd; now many people only see me as a porn star. The truth is, I, just like anyone else, am far more than a label or superlative, and I plan on using my life and career to demonstrate that.

Gabriel Lan: If you were NOT involved in the adult industry right now, what do you think you’d be doing? Besides not being nearly as happy about your job, that is….lol

Carter Cruise: I honesty can’t answer that because I feel like this is what I am supposed to be doing and it was inevitable. If I hadn’t ended up in porn it would have been because I was too scared or insecure, and allowing negativity to control your life never ends well.

Gabriel Lan: What sort of goals do you have set for yourself for the coming year(s)? What’s next for Carter Cruise? What’s something you haven’t done yet on camera that you want to experience?

Carter Cruise: I can’t give away all my secrets! But as far as porn goes I want to travel and shoot in other countries, and I want to write and direct. I want to create social change and initiate sexual education reform, and challenge the stigma and stereotypes of sex workers. I’d love to see sex worker reform as well. Awards are great, but I hope to do more with my career than just that. Outside of porn, I’ve been learning to DJ and produce music. Music is something that brings people together, and I’d love to be a part of that. I also like to write and writing a book has been one of my biggest goals since I was a kid. I want to experience as much of the world as possible, and share those experiences with others. I think that’s the most important tool to opening minds and bringing people together, because it creates greater understanding and compassion.

Gabriel Lan: If your pussy is worth more than someone’s soul, what is a soul worth? Just how much is your delectable, pretty little pussy worth?

Carter Cruise: Haha, well, technically a soul has no monetary value since it’s not a real, tangible thing, which is kind of what I meant when I said that, but mostly I just like to say off the wall things to see people’s reactions. As for how much my pussy is worth, I won’t be able to answer that until she’s made her last dollar!

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