‘Words With (Slutty) Friends’ featuring Penny Pax

WWSF Penny Pax

The use of Word Association in therapy came into prominence in the early to mid 1900s as a means of creating a psychiatric evaluation of a patient. Early on, many doctors using this method found that some part of the patients’ subconscious mind was controlling their conscious behavior and personality. Many experts in the field of psychology still believe that these responses can reveal things about the subconscious mind to this very day.

Participants are instructed to just respond to a given word spontaneously with the first word, thing, or phrase that comes to mind. So, what is in the subconscious mind of a dirty little slut? Who really knows? But we here at IAFD.com do like finding out what dirty little sluts are thinking about, and we’re certain all you other perverts out there do, too.  So, we just came right out and asked them for you. In this installment, we feature a winner of multiple Spank Bank Awards three year in a row, including a former ‘Most Spanked To Girl of the Year’ and one the dirtiest little sluts I know, my good friend Penny Pax.

Here are the results:

Gabriel Lan: Ecstacy
Penny Pax: Cumming

Gabriel Lan: Carrot
Penny Pax: Yum

Gabriel Lan: Dog
Penny Pax: Happy

Gabriel Lan: Flirt
Penny Pax: Naughty


Gabriel Lan: Salami
Penny Pax: EWW

Gabriel Lan: Gushing
Penny Pax: Blood

Gabriel Lan: Analyzed
Penny Pax: Impossible

Gabriel Lan: Willing
Penny Pax: Taking

Gabriel Lan: Dork
Penny Pax: Nerd

Gabriel Lan: Neighbor
Penny Pax: Nosy

Gabriel Lan: Restraint
Penny Pax: YOLO

Gabriel Lan: Humorous
Penny Pax: Elbow


Gabriel Lan: Gape
Penny Pax: Butthole

Gabriel Lan: Adorable
Penny Pax: ME!

Gabriel Lan: Oxygen
Penny Pax: Overrated

Gabriel Lan: Booty
Penny Pax: Butt

Gabriel Lan: Fitness
Penny Pax: Allday Everyday

Gabriel Lan: Impaled
Penny Pax: Ouch

Gabriel Lan: Pervert
Penny Pax: ME!


Gabriel Lan: Taco
Penny Pax: Yum

Gabriel Lan: Yell
Penny Pax: Don’t

Gabriel Lan: Jugs
Penny Pax: Boobs!

Gabriel Lan: Reverse
Penny Pax: Cowgirl

Gabriel Lan: Beaver
Penny Pax: Dam

Gabriel Lan: Peach
Penny Pax: Yum!

Gabriel Lan: Head
Penny Pax: Brain


Gabriel Lan: Musical
Penny Pax: MY FAVE!!!

Gabriel Lan: Bone
Penny Pax: Thugs

Gabriel Lan: Load
Penny Pax: Cum

Gabriel Lan: Starfish
Penny Pax: Beautiful

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