Samantha Bentley: “… my ass to mouth tastes all coconutty.”


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Samantha Bentley is one of the coolest women on the planet. If you don’t believe me, just listen to her podcast one time and you’ll be sold. Hilariously funny and highly intellectual on top of being stunningly beautiful and sexy as hell. And then there’s that accent. That ‘drive you up the fucking wall’ English accent that causes every word that comes out of her mouth to make you insane with lust. And she uses the word “fuck” a lot. A lot! She swears like a sailor, and no matter what inflection or tone she puts on it, she still sounds like a Shakespearean nymphomaniac from some of the bard’s previously undiscovered, unpublished raunchy work brought to life, thus turning on all of humanity. To be honest, I knew a little about Samantha before conducting this interview, but after getting to know her a lot better and learning more about her during the process, I became a huge fan.  She is truly a badass, and I mean that in the sincerest ‘good’ way! She speaks her mind, is open and honest, and has the ability to carry on any conversation about any subject with her quick wit and her savvy thinking. Samantha is a strong woman that other girls in the industry should look up to, in my opinion. At the same time, she is very humble and grateful for all the accolades she’s piled up in the last few years.  A native of London, England, Samantha Bentley is easily in the upper echelon when it comes to foreign performers, and in my mind, when it comes to performers in the adult industry period.

Gabriel Lan: Is there any truth to the speculation that you and Misha Cross were separated at birth? Are you clones of each other? Deviant sex androids sent back in time to take over the world one cumshot at a time?

Samantha Bentley: There is much truth in that! From the day we met we were like “what the fuck, we are the same person” lol. Same brain, same dress sense, same music taste, same way of performing. We often wear the same outfit entirely by accident….

Samantha Bentley in Jules Jordan's "Manuel's Fucking POV 2: Paris Edition"
Samantha Bentley in Jules Jordan’s “Manuel’s Fucking POV 2: Paris Edition”

Gabriel Lan: I have listened to several episodes of your podcast now. It has my favorite title of any one out there: ‘Shut Up, Bentley!’ LoL Tell me a little more about it. Where do you come up with your topics?

Samantha Bentley: I usually sit down with Dick Avery (the founder/owner of Juliland) before we record and we brainstorm 10 topics for the season and then think of appropriate guests for each one. Or we just find the guests and then think of the topics!

Gabriel Lan: Your co-host on the show for the last several episodes has been Alektra Blue. You two seem to have a lot in common. How is she to work with? Who had the idea to bring her on as a co-host and not just a guest?

Samantha Bentley: It was Dick’s idea, and one of the best he’s ever had! It was my first time meeting Alektra and we hit it off instantly. I completely love her!

Gabriel Lan: Who’s been your favorite guest so far?

Samantha Bentley: That’s not really fair to say, but Alektra or Ash Hollywood are my girls. Love them!

Gabriel Lan: What is the biggest difference between shooting porn in the US as opposed to shooting porn in Europe?

Samantha in Brazzers' appropriately titled "British Pornstar Loves Big Dick Anal"
Samantha in Brazzers’ appropriately titled “British Pornstar Loves Big Dick Anal”

Samantha Bentley: Probably budget. A lot of euro porn is very conveyor belt. How quickly can we shoot 10 scenes on one location on a small budget. There’s not much thought or love or anything, and for a performer like me, I want to do something that’s going to win awards or make me proud. I want a good scene and an amazing location and hair make up and outfits with attention to detail. It’s important. I do porn for the art not the money. If I wanted money I’d be a hooker.

Gabriel Lan: Peoples’ views on sex, and expressing sexuality in general, is far more liberal in Europe as opposed to the US. How are pornstars themselves viewed differently in Europe as opposed to the way they are treated and viewed here in America?

Samantha Bentley: In America, pornstars are recognized as what they are… ‘Stars’. The ones that really make it, you know? The ones that have won a bunch of awards and worked for the big companies and had numerous covers. Here, it’s more back alley. Pornstars are still not really seen as a celebrity in their own right. I think it will take a bit longer for that acceptance.

badb23 brit school brats 2
Samantha in Filly Films’ “Brit School Brats 2: Rule Brit Tanya”

Gabriel Lan: What makes a girl a porn “star”? Do you think that term is thrown around too loosely or without being ‘earned’?

Samantha Bentley: Yes. I see girls do one webcam show and suddenly they are a fucking pornstar. I definitely think it’s thrown around loosely. I would say star status comes with quality and quantity of your work. You need a solid stack of films, some awards or at least nominations, recognition within the industry. The same as in movies or music, if you’ve been on one shit film you’re not a movie star… You’re an actor… If you’ve written a few songs you’re not a rockstar, you’re a musician. Angelina Jolie is a movie star. Mick Jagger is a rockstar. Belladonna is a pornstar.

Gabriel Lan: You won a slew of awards this year, among them an AVN and 3 Spank Bank Awards for Imported Whore of the Year, The Porn Stars’ Favorite Pussy Eater, and the Princess of Profanity all on this very site. Is winning awards something you strive to achieve? Do you find it flattering?

Samantha Bentley: Yes, of course! Anyone that says otherwise is lying! It’s always flattering to be viewed as good at something you do, by the top of the industry… I have a nice little collection of trophies. I hope to keep growing my crop :-)

Gabriel Lan: How do you plan to defend these prestigious honors? Do you hope to try and top best your performance from last year?

Samantha Bentley: I would absolutely love XBIZ or AVN Best Foreign Female. I’ve been nominated at both for the last two years. It would mean so much to win one. I have three UK Performer of the Year awards. I just want one from America, just one, I’m not greedy. Maybe two lol.

With Manuel Ferrara in Jules Jordan's "Manuel's Fucking POV 2: Paris Edition"
With Manuel Ferrara in Jules Jordan’s “Manuel’s Fucking POV 2: Paris Edition”

Gabriel Lan: Have you ever considered going behind the camera and directing?

Samantha Bentley: It’s in the cards for sure. I’m sick of euro porn with no vision. It’s so depressing.

Gabriel Lan: If it takes a guy an hour to get his dick hard on set, what ‘should’ he be doing instead of porn?

Samantha Bentley: Literally anything else. Fucking cunt.

Gabriel Lan: Do you use the same preparation method for home anal as you do for porn anal? What is your personal method? What kind of lube, etc?

Samantha Bentley: You know, before porn I never prepped for anal. I always just yolo’d it. But to be honest, since I started doing porn, I always prepare now. No more spontanal (spontaneous anal) for me!!

Samantha Bentley: I use coconut oil as lube. It’s natural. It doesn’t give me a bad reaction. It tastes good, and it feels good. So I can get my ass fucked and then my ass to mouth tastes all coconutty. Mmmmm.

badb28 devils film fornication
Samantha in Devil’s Film’s “Fornication 101: 3rd Semester”

Gabriel Lan: Do you have anal more on porn sets or in your personal life? Do you enjoy buttsex?

Samantha Bentley: I fucking love anal!

Gabriel Lan: Is there anything you won’t do on camera?

Samantha Bentley: Internal cumshot. No cream pie. It’s too personal. The only person I want to cum in my pussy is my boy.

Gabriel Lan: Is there anything you haven’t done yet that you’d still like to try?

Samantha Bentley: Pretty sure I’ve done everything to be honest! Oh no wait!! Double anal!

Gabriel Lan: I think it’d pretty clear that you like both, so….sucking dick or eating pussy? Which one do you prefer?

badb21 sam b is filthy
Samantha with Ava Dalush in Harmony Film’s “Samantha Bentley is Filthy”

Samantha Bentley: Oh shit that’s hard. I love both. It’s a tie! Although my boy does have the most beautiful penis I have ever seen, so I’m quite enjoying blowjobs at the moment.

Gabriel Lan: You seem to really, really enjoy being dominated in scenes. Would you say you’re submissive in general?

Samantha Bentley: I’m 100% submissive with guys, but with girls I can switch.

Gabriel Lan: Is complaining an Olympic sport in the UK?

Samantha Bentley: Yep, and I am a gold medalist ;)

Gabriel Lan: Do you have a love/hate relationship with your home country? How about with the US?

Samantha Bentley: I have a love hate relationship with both!!

Gabriel Lan: What would you say is on your top 3 “things that annoy me the most” list?

Samantha Bentley: People that eat loudly. Not being able to sleep. Being ignored.

badb19 sam b is filthy
Having a little ‘alone time’ in Harmony Film’s “Samantha Bentley is Filthy”

Gabriel Lan: What are the best things about being in porn?

Samantha Bentley: Travel and money and the glamorous side of things! The beautiful locations, the amazing photos and movies. I love an end product I can be proud of. And I love the AEE, meeting fans and dressing up for AVN. The amount I’ve learned about myself sexually. I’m definitely a stronger person through doing this job.

Gabriel Lan: What would you say are the worst things about it?

Samantha Bentley: It’s a fickle industry, a lot of backstabbing. I’ve made and lost a lot of friends in the industry. Jealousy, constantly being in competition with your friends, STDs… I’ve had more than my fair share. I’m always tired, I’m never home. It’s stressful. Etc etc etc

Gabriel Lan: What is your “go to” way of dealing with the idiots posting dick pics, rude assholes, or just complete morons in general that feel the need to show their ignorance to you on social media?

Samantha Bentley: Unfortunately, my attitude is attack mode, type now, type more, attack, attack! Then, after I am done, I realize it is better to ignore such idiocy. But I can’t help it; I am so offended by the morons that send me hate/stupid sexual suggestions that they must be attacked. Although they are probably sitting there wanking over my response.

Samantha Bentley: One thing that annoys me is when people say ‘Grow a thick skin’ I have a thick skin, but I am human, and day after day being abused by anonymous strangers that don’t know me is incredibly draining. Cyber bullying is horrible. And it’s never taken as seriously as if someone said these things in real life.

badb14 evil a wet food 5
Getting prepared for her lunch in (Evil Angel) Jonni Darkko’s “Wet Food 5”

Gabriel Lan: As you are certainly aware, a large contingent of us males find an English accent (among other foreign accents) incredibly sexy. Do you find foreign accents sexy as well?

Samantha Bentley: Nah, I have to say, the London make accent is my ultimate. It’s weird and creepy to say, but my dad has always been a charmer and I think it just made me love guys with a london accent. It’s so sexy. Oh god that all sounds wrong.

Gabriel Lan: I’d say it’s a little difficult for we Americans to pick up the different types of English accents. You mentioned the London accent. How many different ones would you say there are, and what are some of the subtle (or not so subtle) nuances to be able to tell one from the other? Is there a semi easy way for us to tell the difference….or do you just have to grow up in it to know?

Samantha Bentley: Oh god, I wouldn’t know how to describe it without doing impressions. London alone has four or five different accents. The cockney accent is the one I adore; “alright darling” and also what I would describe as ‘rude boi’ “safe blud wagwhannnn my size, can I get your number?”

Samantha Bentley: North and South have different accents, and Essex has a different accent. Then there’s accents from the Midlands, the brummy accent, the Welsh accent, the Scottish accent, there’s so many!

badb12  evil a roccos perfect slave 2
Samantha Bentley in Evil Angel’s “Rocco’s Perfect Slaves 2”

Gabriel Lan: I, personally, am a large fan of and am fluent in sarcasm. In fact, Ash Hollywood and I have an inside joke about being super heroes that fight against stupidity and crimes against grammar. (Ash is ‘Sarcasmo’, and I am her sidekick ‘SmartAss’). Would you say your sense of humor is on the sarcastic side? Would you be willing to join Ash/Sarcasmo and I in this fight?

Samantha Bentley: I think sarcasm is the humour of the intelligent and witty, which is why people like myself and you and Ash have a sarcastic humour. The problem is, most people are fucking idiots. And that infuriates me, especially when they don’t get my sarcasm.

Gabriel Lan: Would you be in favor of our theoretical “sarcasm font”? Sarcasm does not exactly translate to print, email, text, etc…..

Samantha Bentley: Fucking fuck yes!!!

badb11 young harlots forbidden fruit
Using her favorite word in Harmony Films’ “Young Harlots: Forbidden Fruit”

Gabriel Lan: For anyone who’s been living under a rock over the last 3 or 4 years, you had an appearance on HBO’s mega hit series ‘Game of Thrones’ last season. I haven’t seen any episodes this year yet (I’m one of those binge watch types) but I understand you’re in multiple episodes this year, is that right? What can you tell us about your role on the show this season?

Samantha Bentley: I’m in two episodes and three scenes, I’m a whore, much like last season :P lol. This year was a treat as I got to work with Tyrion Lannister (played by Peter Dinklage). That was my dream!

Gabriel Lan: If Davos Seaworth had gotten into the bath with you in Season 1, would he have likely gotten anal?

Samantha Bentley: You’re goddamn right he would have.

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