Sasha Heart “…. I would watch it, but I’m sick in the head.”

Sasha Heart

If you’ve been a fan of porn for at least the last decade, Sasha Heart is someone you could say you’ve seen grow up in the adult industry. From the young 18 year old girl that shot her 1st scene into the beautiful, confident, incredible young woman she is today, Sasha’s development has been from all aspects: mental, emotional, and physical. At only 27, she has a wealth of experience and advice to pass on to the upcoming talent in the industry. Known almost exclusively as a girl/girl performer for the vast majority of her career, Sasha has taken to going behind the camera to direct films over the last couple of years as well and is in a rare club of ladies in porn that have been nominated for AVN awards as both a performer and a director. So, while she has been in the adult industry for nearly a decade, I believe (in my humble opinion) the best is yet to come from Sasha Heart.

For the record, she’s one of the most fun people in the world to talk to. Energetic, excited, down to earth, and always friendly. Within minutes of meeting her, you feel like you’ve known her all your life. She’s THAT friendly and personable. When I contacted her about doing an interview for IAFD, she was absolutely thrilled.

Sasha Heart in Evil Angel's 'Belladonna's Fucking Girls 8'
Sasha Heart in Evil Angel’s ‘Belladonna’s Fucking Girls 8

Gabriel Lan: You have been in the industry for nearly a decade now, starting back in 2007. To what do you attribute your staying power?

Sasha Heart: For me, ‘staying power’ and / or just ‘staying in the lime light’ with my fans I think is a better way to put it. I believe I owe it to all of my fans for always continuing to watch and buy my work, as well as me not falling into the party scene that some girls do. I also surround myself with amazing people in the industry that help me build and keep my career going in the right direction. So it’s not just one thing or another, it’s many things that have kept me going over the years. I am so grateful to every element I have.

Gabriel Lan: How have you personally changed in that time? How would you say the industry has changed from a performer’s perspective?

Sasha Heart: Oh my, I have changed considerably since I started. If I hadn’t I would personally be scared. I started when I was 18 and just celebrated my 27th birthday. If I still were the same, yikes lol. I have matured in front of the camera mentally and physically. I’ve watched the industry go from having a few female performers in it to basically now when you turn 18 every girl wants to give it a shot at being a porn girl. I was around when 30 day testing was here. Then 14 day. I was here through some really hard times and some great times for the industry. Change is change no matter what. I’m just thankful I’m here, healthy and performing in the industry I know and love and support.

Gabriel Lan: You are now an accomplished, experienced director as well as an outstanding performer. Were you more nervous for your 1st scene in front of the camera or behind it?

Sasha Heart: I think I should have been more nervous in front, but I wasn’t. I just knew that part lol. I was nervous behind, but not for the reason you’d think though. I knew what I was doing as far as my films. I was afraid of not being taken seriously by my fellow performers. I don’t know why either. I realized I’m my own worst critic and own worst enemy. It was like I was going to bully myself before I was even on set lol. And once I got there I knew what to do. All the fear went away and I could do it. I won’t lie, I need help and that’s why I have a team. I can’t do it without my crew. They are my team. Without them my head would explode lol. Somehow I manage to book a film, write a film, direct a film, perform and not lose my mind all in the same day and love what I’m doing. I wouldn’t have it any other way honestly.

Sasha with Vanessa Veracruz in Filly Films' 'Sloppy Lesbian Kisses'
Sasha with Vanessa Veracruz in Filly Films’ ‘Sloppy Lesbian Kisses

Gabriel Lan: Most of the films you’ve directed have been for Filly Films. Are you under exclusive contract with them for directing? Is there a timetable for how many movies per year or anything like that with Filly?

Sasha Heart: Yes, that’s correct. All my films I’ve directed are for Filly Films. I am not under contract with Filly Films, I just happen to only direct for them. There is no amount of films that I shoot for them, because I am also talent and I do shoot myself for other companies and my team that helps me shoots and directs as well. It pretty much comes down to when we all have free time, I do a movie.

Gabriel Lan: Do you think being a female director brings a totally different aspect to making pornography? The comfortableness of the ladies on set, the wardrobe, just the way it’s shot in general, really the entire experience for the ladies. How much do you think also being a performer and knowing what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel sexy and sexual helps with all of that? You genuinely “care” about both what you’re making and the experience and the treatment your performers receive don’t you?

Sasha Heart: I do think me being female and directing/being a performer does bring a different aspect. It totally shows girls that porn is empowering sexy fun and to love your body. When my girls come on set, I want them comfortable and happy. I want them to have fun and enjoy themselves I’m normally working with a few of them, so I want to know them and know that they are comfortable and having a good day and a good time. No one should be unhappy when on a sexy set.

Gabriel Lan: I’m sure you’ve been on plenty of sets that weren’t that way. How, if any, has the treatment on women on porn sets changed since you entered the industry? Do you think women get more respect now?

Sasha Heart: Things have for sure changed since I started. I could spend all day talking about old, past things no one wants to hear about that. Things today are much better. Girls are treated with respect and for that I am happy I am in the industry. There will always be bad apples everywhere just like any work field. Overall, the main companies are truly amazing and respect us all. I love this industry so much! It has blessed me with all that I have.

Sasha with Allie Haze and Serena Blair in Nuru Network's 'Happy New Year'
Sasha with Allie Haze and Serena Blair in Nuru Network’s ‘Happy New Year

Gabriel Lan: Would you agree that these changes in the culture of making porn itself has led to a better product overall? If the women are comfortable with what they’re doing that day, and THEY feel sexy, shouldn’t that almost certainly lend itself to a great scene in the making?

Sasha Heart: I do agree that having female directors does lead to better scenes, in my opinion. I feel like ladies are more comfortable in front of the camera. They know we are not going to hit on them or force them to do anything they don’t want to do. We are all just girls in the room, so they can be who they are and embrace their sexuality and just be open with it.

Gabriel Lan: Who, ultimately, has final say on the cast of a film you are directing? Does that change at all if you are or are not also in the role of producer as well?

Sasha Heart: I’m the only one who has any say on who is in my films I’m directing. I can be sent girls and offered girls. Final say is always mine. I normally go at least one scene with two girls that are suggested to me. Sometimes I use more.

Gabriel Lan: Since you have final say, how much or how often do fan requests or mentions play into who you cast when you’re directing?

Sasha Heart: When it comes to casting for my movies, I always think about my fans and who they want me to work with. I get a lot of requests to see me work with different girls and sometimes companies just don’t listen to fans at all. I think they should listen more to be honest. I mean, they are the ones buying the stuff we produce after all, so I do take a lead from them and cast girls they want to see me work with. I also try to cast girls that guys or girls recommend to me as well that may be brand new to the industry or they think is cute and that I might like.

Sasha Heart in Hustler Video's 'Oil'
Sasha Heart in Hustler Video’s ‘Oil

Gabriel Lan: Who is someone that you haven’t worked with yet that you’d love to get your hands (and lips…and tongue) on?

Sasha Heart: Gabriella Paltrova! I find her stunning and I would love to work with her.

Gabriel Lan: Have you found it to be easier or more difficult when directing scenes that you are also starring in?

Sasha Heart: I don’t find it hard or easy. Once I say action, were filming lol and that’s about it. If I say cut, we cut and that’s it. Now, I do give Andre Madness the right to cut and action as well when I’m being filmed too. Sometimes he sees things I don’t when I’m performing. So, obviously having a second pair of eyes while I am, you know… ‘down in the box’… makes it easier on me. Once I am done with my scene, then I am back behind the cam.

Gabriel Lan: Tell me about your relationship with fellow director Andre Madness. You two have had a great working relationship over the years haven’t you? How many times do you think you’ve worked together?

Sasha Heart: He’s an amazing director and very good friend. More then I can count I would say.

Gabriel Lan: Which do you enjoy more these days: shoots where you are a performer only or scenes where you are just directing? Or do you get more out of those days where you’re wearing both hats?

Sasha Heart: I like both. I honestly would trade either. If I could have directing on some days and I could have performing on others that would be great. I would have the best of both worlds.

Sasha Heart from Digital Sin's 'Sisterly Love'
Sasha Heart from Digital Sin’s ‘Sisterly Love

Gabriel Lan: When did you start doing girl/girl only scenes, and what led to that decision?

Sasha Heart: I’ve really done girl/girl only most of my career. I only did boy/girl for 6 months under the first name and then 6 months under Sasha Heart. It’s been over 5 years of just girl/girl. So nothing really led to it. It’s just I tried boy/girl out realized it wasn’t for me. My pussy is really small and it’s hard for me to do boy/girl on camera and plus it makes hard to have a “normal life”. I like girl/girl. It’s what I enjoy and it’s where I feel I belong.

Gabriel Lan: Do you come up with the concepts and write the scripts for films you’re directing, too? Like with ‘Lesbian Fetish Show’, for example. Do you go to Filly and say, “I’ve got this great idea for a project” or what?

Sasha Heart: I totally come up with every idea and write every single movie myself. I just walk in with the concept, pitch the idea and hope that it is liked. I don’t normally go in with just one. I come in with a few to put on the table, and am ready to talk about all of them.

Gabriel Lan: I don’t know if a lot of fans appreciate how much work actually goes into making a movie. Most probably think you just show up, take your clothes off, have sex, then quickly get it packaged and ready for released. How long on average would you say you personally spend on shooting a movie, from pre-production all the way up to submitting the finished product?

Sasha Heart: It normally takes me 2 to 3 weeks to come up with the movie idea and write it. I then have to go in for a meeting, pitch the idea get funded, then book the location and the girls. Then the shoot begins. That’s when things get crazy! I get all the craft stuff and make sure I have all the paperwork ready and stuff needed for that day. Then the day of the shoot, making sure everything is done write. Get through the day make sure paperwork is in order. Convert all drives and make sure everything is good. Bring it to Filly and then editing begins. It’s not all this glamour and glitter stuff like most people think it is. It’s a long, involved and sometimes tedious process.

Gabriel Lan: What is your latest project? Do you have anything currently in the post-production stage? Do you have any other projects in the pre-production phase currently?

Sasha Heart: Currently I am being talent only and shooting. My crew is busy shooting for other companies. So, I am not directing at this moment while my movie ‘Sloppy Lesbian Kisses‘ is in editing. I am strictly being talent for other companies right now.

Sasha with Ela Darling and Carmen Callaway in Filly Films' 'Lesbian Fetish Show
Sasha with Ela Darling and Carmen Callaway in Filly Films’ ‘Lesbian Fetish Show

Gabriel Lan: Speaking of ‘Lesbian Fetish Show’, did it include any of your personal fetishes? Everybody has some sort of fetish, wouldn’t you say? Will there (hopefully) be more editions of this title?

Sasha Heart: I don’t know if there will be a follow up to the movie or not. I haven’t asked or thought about it really. I do have fetishes, but the company I shoot for doesn’t allow my fetishes to be shot. I like choking and things of that nature.

Gabriel Lan: You are very active on Twitter. I know what the fans get out of it; the interaction with their favorite stars, which tends to make them even bigger fans of those girls who are completely “fan friendly”, but what do you as a performer get out of it?

Sasha Heart: I like getting to know my fans. Believe it or not, they are really cool. The conversations I have with them are funny and insightful. I really enjoy talking with them. Sometimes I don’t understand girls that think they are better than other people and they won’t talk to the people who follow them. What is that about??? I mean, at the end of the day we are all just humans. I’ve found over the years that if you treat a person like a person you might be the only one who actually did that. How messed up is that? Even if it’s just someone you know from online.

Gabriel Lan: Like me, you are a huge animal lover. Have you ever thought about becoming a veterinarian?

Sasha Heart: My grandpa always wanted me to. But the schooling… ugh! lol

Sasha Heart from Hustler Video's 'This Ain't Fast And Furious XXX'
Sasha Heart from Hustler Video’s ‘This Ain’t Fast And Furious XXX

Gabriel Lan: Did you have a lot of pets growing up? I think anyone not from the South is under the assumption that everyone in Kentucky owns a horse lol….

Sasha Heart: I did have a lot of pets growing up. I do believe that is one reason why I only own one cat. I love animals dearly, but since I grew up with very much a zoo like house I choose to have only one animal for that calm living environment. I didn’t have a horse, but I did go to horse camp. Does that count? lol

Gabriel Lan: Have you ever been to the Kentucky Derby? LoL I can just picture you in a sexy off white dress and one of those big hats, drinking mint julips and rooting for every single horse in the race LoL…

Sasha Heart: I did go a few times with my grandma. I don’t recall every dressing up though lol. I think I was too young to really do that. I just wore normal kid clothes. I did enter my wiener dog in the wiener dog race but she lost. All she did was run right to the food stand.

Gabriel Lan: How disappointed will you be if there are no Ewoks in any of the next phase of Star Wars movies? Do you think your love of Ewoks stems from your love of cute, cuddly critters lol?

Sasha Heart: Oh dude, that would be so messed up! You went there. And yes, it does come from that.

Gabriel Lan: LoL what other sort of geek/nerdy things are you in to? It if it helps, I am a huge comic book nerd, so…. LoL

Sasha Heart: I have a very weird thing with watching documentaries. That’s sorta nerdy. They can be on anything really. I know boring.

sasha heart mommy and me 8 Filly Films 01
Sasha Heart in Filly Films’ ‘Mommy And Me 8

Gabriel Lan: You’re a big horror movie buff too, aren’t you? There are a few, but why aren’t there more porn parodies of horror movies? I mean, the old school horror movies already had sex in them anyway, so it seems like a seamless transition to me LoL

Sasha Heart: They need to do ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ I think. But maybe that’s just me and I’m weird. I think that’s the only porno I might actually buy and watch lol.

Gabriel Lan: Let’s say you were going to make a all girl porn parody of a horror movie. Which movie would you want to make? Would you put yourself in the role of ‘the killer’?

Sasha Heart: I would most likely recreate ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ and/or ‘The Devil’s Rejects’. I would possibly put myself in the killer’s role…. or somewhere in the mix of the killer. If I was not the killer, then someone close to it. I would have to make sure I had lots of sex and had lots of fun and had weird roles in the movie.

Gabriel Lan: What about TV shows like ‘American Horror Story’ or ‘The Strain’? I mentioned being a comic book nerd/geek…. ‘The Strain’ is one of those books, and there are scenes in the TV show that are straight out of the book, which I love! Do you watch either, and wouldn’t AHS make for some great porn parody fodder? LoL

Sasha Heart: I watch American horror stories, the Strain, Bates Motel, Rectify, The Returned…. I watch all the geek shows lol. So you want to make The Strain into a porno??? I don’t know about worms going in and out of people, dude. That just seems sorta gross. I mean, I would watch it, but I’m sick in the head. I thought the Human Centipede was a cool movie lol every person I know each time I mention it, everyone is like “Shut up Sasha! That shit is nasty!” lol

Sasha in Evil Angel's 'Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 17'
Sasha in Evil Angel’s ‘Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 17

Gabriel Lan: LoL you mentioned The Human Centipede. Did you see the sequel? LoL what did you like so much about the first one? Other than the fact that it’s fucking twisted as hell I mean hahaha. Totally not part of the question, but…. That’s what I call the 3 guys in upper management of my department at my “real” job… I refer to them as a group by calling them “The Human Centipede” LoL

Sasha Heart: I did see the first one and I loved it!!! The second one I didn’t care for. I thought it was boring and a bit stupid. The third one however, I did like. I found it very funny. Ok now “that” is funny, and just so you know, I just pictured all of my agents put together ass to mouth thanks to you hahahaha.

Gabriel Lan: Okay, I heard you on recently, and during your interview you mentioned how you have really bad manners when you get pulled over by the cops LoL. You would think that a pretty girl from Kentucky / Ohio would have better luck getting out of tickets. Just how many tickets have you gotten, woman??? LoL Just how many times HAVE you been pulled over in a 24 hour period???

Sasha Heart: I’ve had 3 in total. 2 cell phone tickets. And 1 real ticket; a California stop and roll which, by the way, is worth 600 bucks.

Sasha Heart: The cell phone tickets were in the same day. I’ve never had a speeding ticket, thank goodness. My tickets were all in 2012. So I am happy to say I learned my lesson and haven’t had one since. So LA County did make a nice pay day off me, but I did learn and I am not a repeat offender by any means.

Gabriel Lan: If singing in the car was a ticketable offense, how many violations do you think you’d have then? LoL

Sasha Heart: OMG! I would have a million and a half, and whoever made that ticket up I would say they should burn in hell cuz I jam in my car and no one is gonna stop me!!! I even video tape that stuff! lol

Sasha with Dana Dearmond in Wicked Pictures' 'Girls Night'
Sasha with Dana Dearmond in Wicked Pictures’ ‘Girls Night

Gabriel Lan: Is there a technically correct way to “scissor” and does it actually “do” anything for you ladies? I mean, obviously we men like to see you do it, but we’re perverts, so….

Sasha Heart: I can’t speak for every female out there, but for me and other females that I know of, I would say ‘No’. It’s just rubbing a body part against another body part and not really getting anywhere lol. I guess you could get off if you hadn’t done anything in forever maybe lol.

Gabriel Lan: If there was such a thing as “kitty porn”, would your cat Maddie be a bigger star than you are in the adult film world?

Sasha Heart: I truly think if there was such a thing, Maddie would have more followers and would be a bigger star and would have more money than I could ever dream of lol. And I would have to say to my cat, “I failed at life” lol

You can find the completely enchanting Sasha Heart all over social media on:

Twitter – @SashaHeart

Instagram – @sasha.heart2

Facebook – Sasha Heart

You can spoil her to your perverted heart’s desire  on Amazon: Sasha Heart

To find the filmography of Sasha Heart and any of your favorite pornstars, just go to

What The Fuck Happened Here? A Primer to Our New Layout


[UPDATE – 2015 Sept 6 : Added “how to find movies that two people worked together on” graphic.

2015 Oct 21 – Boolean filters are operational again.]

So, how’d everyone spend their Sunday?

After a couple months of tweeting out teasers, we pulled the trigger and went live with the new site design.  We stopped letting perfect be the enemy of good, and released it to the world, and if there’s stuff to fix, we’ll fix it. (Tho we think we’re in pretty good shape.)

The biggest question we’ve gotten over the past two days is WHY? FOR GOD’S SAKE WHY?

In a nutshell, it’s Google’s fault.  A couple months back, Google announced that they were going to start penalizing websites who did not offer a mobile experience.  Since  we did not offer a mobile experience, we were constantly getting emails from Google gently nudging and prodding that our site didn’t look so great on cel phones, and we should really do something about it, otherwise, they’d have to stop telling people about us.

So, three months after their deadline, we’re now mobile friendly.

(While we have a volunteer team of editors working on the data, I’m the only guy working on the back-end stuff, and this isn’t a full time thing for me, so I had to squeeze it in as best I could which is why it took so long.)

But I figured we’d give you a quick before and after tour so you know where to find things… so, let’s start at the top.


First off, we revamped our menu – we streamlined it and took a bunch of stuff out that was moldy or fallen on hard times.  RAME.NET has been dead for almost 10 years now, so it gets relegated to our RESOURCES menu.

Most of the sub-menus on the various NEW/UPDATED lists have been removed since all of the sorting and filtering has been moved to the client-side.  It used to be if you wanted to sort by movie name or the date it was entered into the database, you had to load a new page, but now you can just CLICK ON THE COLUMN HEADING!



This one has the most change in that we’ve eliminated the various specialty searches.  We already moved the Vendor Search over to the Advanced Searches page, and if there’s enough demand, we’ll bring some of the other ones back… but you can get at all the stuff from the main search box.



The search results are the same as before, just in a new layout.

Side by Side Results Page
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Where the old layout had all of the results in a single, inflexible column, the new layout has everything in a series of sortable and searchable tables.

So, if you don’t like that we return the performers sorted by the number of movies they made — we do that because they tend to be the performers who are being searched — you can click a heading and put in in an order you like.

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This search box is a feature of all our tables, so if you see something in a table, you can probably rest easy that you can sort and filter it to your liking.  (Unless your liking is to filter on only one column… then you’re kind of out of luck right now…)


Click to open fullsize
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So, we’ve laid out the performer page a bit differently and we’ve added some more info to it as well.

In the upper left is a larger headshot.  For the past year or so, we’ve been adding new headshots at a larger resolution, looking forward to the day when we could show them off; today’s the day!  Headshots that aren’t created at the bigger size are scaled up.

Under the headshot is a bunch of biographical info – the performer’s AKAs (if any), birthday, astrological sign, birthplace, years active and websites by or about them.


To the right of the headshot is the InfoBox (we don’t have a catchier name – suggestions?) which has a bunch of different tabs (circled)

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The tabs break up what used to be a loooong page and allows us to put some other info we wanted to share in the old design — like personal awards — but it just made the bio block ridiculously long, so we saved it until we could do it right.

Awards Panel Detail

With the awards, if there’s a movie they were nominated for; or other performer’s they were nominated with, those are clickable.  (Thru the JPG artifacts, you can kind of see HEROIN is clickable…)

The Galleries which used to be in the grey box under the headshot on the old site now have a tab of their own to stretch out in:

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The credited with tab is the same as it was on the old page, just in its own tab.




[UPDATED: 10-20-2015] We’re happy to report that the boolean filters are back!


So, you click off boxes and the results are cumulative.  if you click FACIAL, you get all the movies where the performer got it on the chin; if you then click ANAL – you get all movies were the performer had BOTH anal sex and got a facial, etc.

If you have some things checked off under AND and then click on NOT, you’ll see the inverse list.  OR will get you a bunch of titles with all the criteria you’re looking for.

You can see in the filter graphic above there’s two other buttons next to PERFORMER CREDITS – Check Scene Pairings and Director Credits.


The performer and director credits are in a sortable / filterable table like everywhere else on site, so you can sort the table columns and there’s a search box in the upper right corner of the table so you can further filter and limit the list.

We added a STUDIO column to the results, so you can tell it’s not just distributed by EVIL ANGEL, but LE WOOD.  Webscenes will have the parent network as the distributor ( and the site name as the studio (


Check Scene Pairings is the same page we used to show you in a pop-up window, but now it’s embedded in the page itself.   It shows you performers that the main performer has had a scene with.  So, we know that Avy and Aiden Starr got it on in Lesbian Hospital 2.


It’s in an IFRAME, so it loads up and when it’s done, it resizes the page to match itself.  I forego-ed (forewent?) a “Loading…” graphic or spinning beach ball kind of thing, so there’s a brief moment of glitchy layout as it fills itself in.  I hope you’ll muddle through it and not think less of us.  (For prolific performers this might take 15 seconds or so – Tom Byron has slept with a lot of ladies…)


So, speaking of Lesbian Hospital 2, let’s have a gander at it:


We can see down the left-hand side that there’s the bibliographic info – running time, director, distributor, studio, etc.

Then, to the right is the performer block.  Under each picture is the performer’s name and whatever sex acts (that we track) which they performed in the movie.



Scrolling down, we see the scene breakdowns, any honors and/ awards the movie had bestowed upon them and the external reviews.



Since we don’t host any reviews ourselves, we show you which site hosts the review (Adult DVD Talk, CAVR, etc.) and who wrote the review (astroknight, Den, etc.)

And finally, we have where you can buy or watch the movie. (And in doing so, you support your favorite stars, and US.)

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