Sunday Funnies

Woke up this morning to have this clip come across my feed.  Comedienne Nikki Glaser has a new Comedy Central show called “Not Safe with Nikki Glaser” – this clip is from her latest (third) episode, where she and Kyle Kinane feed lines to Jake Jace and Luna Star. A highlight: Jake: “I’m just going to […]

The 2016 Spank Bank Technical Award Winners

The 6th Annual Spank Bank awards are almost upon us. The Spank Bank Awards were founded on the ideal of giving recognition to the all our favorite performers in the adult industry who may (or may not) receive the accolades they deserve from some other awards shows. As with the other Hollywood award shows, there are too […]

Musings from AVN week

I dread doing a write-up  after every convention; sometimes procrastinating until the next year comes up and realising that I forgot to from the gaps in our archive. This was my 14th AVN and I have been to at least  30 conventions overall. Anyone who actually attends these things can vouch the amount of fatigue […]