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Today on Spice Radio: Sex Circus

Due to my travel schedule, I can’t be on Night Calls this week, so instead I’m stopping by Sex Circus with Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn (be still my heart!) on SiriusXM Spice Radio 103 at around 12:40 Pacific Time. We’ll be doing a Legends of Porn trivia game — play along!

A taste:

Which Lynn is not in the AVN Hall of Fame?”

and / or

“The Traci Lords Scandal affected a lot of movies which had to be re-edited; but at least two were actually reshot and re-released with another actress playing traci’s part.  Name the movies and the actresses who took over the role.”

AEE Seminar


Seminar on women in the adult industry, moderated by Dr. Chauntelle of Porn Valley Vantage.

A generally positive series of stories about how being a woman impacts their position in the industry. Panelists include Stormy Daniels and Joy King…

Website Review:

Roger T. Pipe sends along this review of…

(please let us know if this kind of thing is something you’d like to see more of…)

Anyone familiar with adult movies in the past two decades knows exactly what to expect from anything with the Wicked name on it. They are one of the leading producers of high end adult entertainment featuring some of the most beautiful stars and the most passionate sex scenes. delivers the same quality that fans expect from their movies. The site offers weekly updates and a huge collection of scenes as well as full movies for your viewing pleasure.

Currently housing over 3,750 scenes and 1,650 different stars, it is a massive collection of high end erotica with something for everyone. All of your favorite Wicked girls are here. From the current crop including Stormy Daniels, Kaylani Lei and jessica drake to classic Wicked contract stars like Stephanie Swift, Devinn Lane, Jenna Jameson and my personal favorite, Serenity.

In addition to the contract starlets, boasts a huge collection of scenes from other top stars past and present. You can pretty much pick a girl and find a collection of scenes. From Asa Akira, Andy San Dimas, Aurora Snow, Kristina Rose and Tori Black to Asia Carrera, Amber Lynn, Alicia Rio, Kaitlyn Ashley and Taylor St. Clair and all kinds of girls in between, this site is a fantastic collection of the hottest porn stars of the last twenty years. In addition to the star power, big budget movies and hot scenes available, also offers exclusive behind the scenes looks at their movies and the stars. Unique BTS clips and red carpet reels are part of the fun. Featuring unparalleled star power, excellent video quality and a huge collection of Wicked scenes and movies, membership to is like having your own personal Wicked Pictures library.



Navigating is fairly simple thanks to a solid design. There is a toolbar across the top of the page and a good deal of new material right on the main page at all time. Just below the toolbar is a large photo of “Girl of the Week” (Gracie Glam right now) and a list of upcoming additions to the site.

Working down the main page we get “Scenes”, “Movies” and “Girls” in sortable thumbnail format. The twelve most recent are featured, but you can also change it up to view the twelve most viewed or most popular scenes, movies or girls. They are then viewable in pages of fifteen with thumbnails, add date, title or star name, views and rating. All of these also feature direct links to the individual update pages.

The main page is easy to use, but if you prefer the toolbar, it is really well laid out.


Shown 15 per page, scenes may be viewed by most recent, most viewed or most liked order. As of today (7/27/11) there are 2,983 scenes They go back a long way and feature more porn stars than any of us would care to count. Individual scene pages feature a huge screen shots that is also one-click screaming of that entire scene. There is basic information provided including star name, add date and the title of the movie the scene was pulled from. (With an easy link to view to entire movie.) There are links to photo galleries as well and the option to download the scenes. Video streams at 240, 480 or 720p. They download at HD720, DVD or iPod quality. Photos are available in gallery or zip format.


Full movies are displayed 20 per page with a box cover shot, add date, views and rating displayed. features really new Wicked titles. As of today (7/27/11) the most recent titles are “Teacher’s Pet”, “Cougars Take it Black” and “Eternal” which are brand new titles to DVD. No real lag time here. There are currently 518 full movies available to view any time you want. Movie update pages feature a large screen shot that serves as a one-lick streaming option. Movies may be watched as a whole or split into scenes. Video streams at 240, 480 or 720p. They download at HD720, DVD or iPod quality. Photos are available in gallery or zip format.

This is pretty much the Wicked collection all at your fingertips. (Though I noticed that the movie I wrote for them, Guilty Pleasures, is not included.) All of their lines are represented here as well. There are titles from the couples-oriented Wicked Passions line. Comedies like “Boobwatch” and “Rocki Whore Picture Show” are easy to find. Their award winners like “Speed”, “3 Days in June” and “2040? are also available. If you prefer older titles, there are tons of those. The Jenna Jameson and Serenity era are well represented with some classic movies “Lost Angels”, “Conquest”, “Indigo Delta” and “Hell on Heels.” They even go back further than this with some Shyla LaVaeaux and Teri Weigel movies. If you are a fan of Wicked movies, this collection is impossible to beat.


Every girl features on has her own page. This makes it much easier to find material form the women you are looking for. Girls are shown 15 at a time with large pictures, number of scenes and ratings displayed. By default the girls are listed by most active. (jessica drake with 170 scenes) but you can also sort by most liked (also Ms. Drake with Kirsten Price in second place). Exclusive girls get their own sort and you can always sort through by first letter in an alphabetical sort. With over sixteen hundred model pages a text search would be really helpful.

Model pages feature a nice picture and many feature a text bio. Some of them are quite extensive and interesting while others are sketches. Every scene and movie featuring the actress is displayed in an easy to use system. Users can “like” a girl to improve her rating and leave comments on her board as well.

Bonus Videos

In addition to all of the hardcore action on there are loads of special video features to enjoy. BTS reels make a large portion of this material. Take a look behind the scenes at the making of some of Wicked’s biggest features. Red Carpet and Event videos are also featured. You can take a look at the Wicked Girls as they strut their stuff at movie premiers and award shows.

There are also bonus feeds here. They are lower quality video streams covering every niche you can imagine. There are almost fifty thousand scenes available. You can search around here and find plenty of good stuff. It isn’t quite Wicked quality, but it’s free and offers something different.


There are two membership options for plus a 2 Day Trial:

(If you take the trial membership, read the fine print — memberships that begin as trials renew at $39.00 per month, not the lesser monthly rate…)

OVERALL: 98 of 100.

Models: 20 of 20 (Best Girls in the Biz Present & Past)
Quality of Content : 18 of 20 (Technically solid, sexually hot)
Quantity of Content: 20 of 20 (Weekly Updates, Huge Catalog)
Ease of Use: 17 of 20 (Easy to use, Great Viewing Options)
Niche Appeal: 20 of 20 (Everything Wicked Fans Want )
BONUS: +3 Bonus Feeds

IAFD Interview 20: Zoe Voss

Zoe Voss by Morbid ThoughtsAnd we’re back!  After taking a long break, we’ve got a few more interviews in the pipeline for you, starting with our 20th (score!) our favorite model-turned-scrumpet, Zoe Voss.

Morbid Thoughts met up with Zoe in Vegas during AEE and talked to her about transitioning off of Model Mayhem and into  hardcore; her missed-it-by-this-much experience with America’s Next Top Model and her animal roommates.

Zoe Voss at the Internet Adult Film Database

[Updated: Feb 2013 – Social media links deleted – all 404’d]



JEFF FROM IAFD: ¡Hola Amigos! It’s been a long time since we rapped at ya. We’re coming to you here from the IAFD interview headquarters and the Internet Adult Film Database — Intrepid interviewer Morbid Thoughts found himself sitting at the Grand Lux café with Spiegler Girl, Zoe Voss. Fashion model turned porn star turned America’s Next Top Model tryout turned cat person who lives with dogs.
Morbid Thoughts: Okay Hi, this is Morbid Thoughts with an IAFD interview. I am here with Zoe Voss from…?
Zoe Voss: Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Morbid Thoughts: And we’re actually at the Grand Lux right now enjoying a meal with the rest of the Spiegler Girls. Say hi Zoe!
Zoe Voss: Hi! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: I don’t much about Zoe other than she’s really pretty and I think she was a mainstream model before…
Zoe Voss: Correct.
Morbid Thoughts: I actually saw her Model Mayhem before I even knew, well actually, yeah…
Zoe Voss: Oh no way!
Morbid Thoughts: …before she actually joined the porn world, I guess,
Zoe Voss: That’s cool. Yeah, I used to be on there quite frequently and now I’ve kinda just forgotten about it a little bit.
Morbid Thoughts: Yeah, except when did you join the Model Mayhem?
Zoe Voss: Oh God, probably 3 years ago, at least, 3 ½ maybe?
Morbid Thoughts: So you were…
Zoe Voss: It’s like right when it started.
Morbid Thoughts: You were under 18 at the time. Wow.
Zoe Voss: Yes.
Morbid Thoughts: Okay, I feel a little guilty now looking at pictures of under 18 year old girls!
Zoe Voss: (laughs) They were nice, like catalog Old Navy pictures, so…
Morbid Thoughts: Yeah, I just remember, and you haven’t changed that much. You know you look young, you’re beautiful. I guess the only difference is you have longer hair now.
Zoe Voss: yeah, long hair now and I have sex on camera.
Morbid Thoughts: So what made you think about making the transition to the adult industry?
Zoe Voss: Well, I always was really kinda intrigued by the whole industry and I just never knew much about it and then upon meeting Andy San Dimas, who also was living in Minnesota at the time, she kinda gave me a rundown of the industry and it really, you know, made me want to pursue it more. So that’s when I met Spiegler when I moved to California and just went from there!
Morbid Thoughts: How much time did it take you to think about this?
Zoe Voss: I thought about it for a couple of weeks. I definitely wanted to weigh the pros and cons and really make sure it’s what I really wanted to do before I did it and I did! And I am glad I made the decision! Cause it’s fun and it’s not what I expected, but in a positive way.
Morbid Thoughts: I’m assuming you have enough experience to compare, I guess the fashion industry to the adult industry. Are there differences in terms of personality and drama or is it pretty much the same thing?
Zoe Voss: You know, I’m surprised but the fashion industry tends to be a lot more catty and you know, porn world in the year that I have been around I’ve noticed is really laid back and everybody is really supportive of each other. At least from what I’ve seen and the people I’ve been around, so I mean, in that aspect the adult industry is a lot more comforting per se.
Morbid Thoughts: I read somewhere that you were on some reality show, like a couple years ago but I don’t know anything about it.
Zoe Voss: I was almost on America’s Next Top Model but Tyra, as well all know, isn’t very fond of porn stars, so that’s it, but never was on a reality tv show.
Morbid Thoughts: Oh, so you never got to be on the show?
Zoe Voss: I was on the top 40 and then I was eliminated and the next elimination round is where they actually start filming it for tv, so I just barely missed getting on tv.
Morbid Thoughts: Were you disappointed at the time?
Zoe Voss: Of Course, I was pissed (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: What do you think would have happened if you had managed to be on the show?
Zoe Voss: Well, I think it would have been one of those huge, like, dramatic episodes where they are like ‘oh my gosh! Her secret identity is revealed!” I think it would have brought a lot of attention to the show and you know, I guess they just chose that they didn’t want that kind of attention.
Morbid Thoughts: So, how long were you in the adult industry when you, I guess, auditioned for the show?
Zoe Voss: I think it was about 2 or 3 months.
Morbid Thoughts: Okay, so you were just starting out and they knew about it right away I guess.
Zoe Voss: They do a lot of screening.
Morbid Thoughts: Wow. I mean, I have no idea. I have actually shot one or two girls from that show or at least they tell me they were on that show.
Zoe Voss: I’ve got a good friend of mine back from Minnesota who actually got 2nd place a few cycles back.
Morbid Thoughts: But, I’ve never watched it and I don’t know what goes on, I figure it must be like other reality shows where it must be trashy.
Zoe Voss: Yeah.
Morbid Thoughts: And brings out the worst in people.
Zoe Voss: Exactly. I’m actually quite glad that I didn’t get on the show because, from a lot of girls that I know that have been on the show and have gotten really far either won or, whatever, they’ve actually ruined a lot of their modeling opportunities because of it.
Morbid Thoughts: In terms of the adult industry, what brings out the best in Zoe Voss?
Zoe Voss: Hmm…You know, Random answer: I love it when, you know, directors have really good food on set, like as most people know, I went to culinary school so I love food and seriously, if you have like, I don’t know I could eat anything, but if there’s just a wide variety of food I am a little happy puppy and I’m just, yeah. Food. Food’s the answer! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Yeah, I’ve been to a couple sets and usually it’s cold items like sandwiches or whatever or sometimes they’ll cater from, like a pizza or burger place..
Zoe Voss: Yeah
Morbid Thoughts: I’ve actually been to sets where they actually had a chef on set cooking.
Zoe Voss: Really?
Morbid Thoughts: So, have you had that experience?
Zoe Voss: (laughs) No, not yet! But I am totally down!! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Yeah, I mean I was shocked to see the chef come on set and cook so, completely blows me away! What other stuff besides food brings out the best in Zoe Voss?
Zoe Voss: I like it when people are just really laid back, you know, charismatic and you know, aren’t afraid to be themselves and just let their hair down, you know!?
Morbid Thoughts: Are there any performers that you connect on a very, I guess, primal, or, no I shouldn’t say primal, on a deep level that it shows in your scenes?
Zoe Voss: Well, unfortunately, since I am so new there aren’t a ton of performers that I have had a chance to work with on multiple occasions. I have excellent scenes with James Deen, whose also a very good friend of mine, and also Anthony Rosano and I, we do really well together. He is a great guy, great musician. A girl that I, oh Samantha Ryan is fantastic and also Aiden Ashley — she’s beautiful. She’s a great girl. I don’t know, I get along with (laughs) almost everybody I perform with, great chemistry, but especially those people.
Morbid Thoughts: Well, what do you want for your career? I guess, you’ve only been in the industry for almost, a year?
Zoe Voss: Probably 8 or 9 months.
Morbid Thoughts: 8 or 9 months. What do you see for yourself in the next year?
Zoe Voss: Well, I really just want to keep doing what I’m doing and work for as many companies as possible and really just do my best and hope people see that effort coming from me and appreciate that and respect me for the fact that I’m giving it 110% and you know, I am going to keep doing features, and acting and I really want to pursue my website and also hopefully in the future start writing and possibly directing my own work as well.
Morbid Thoughts: I’ve had a chance to see I think 2 of your scenes and I don’t remember which ones. I remember one was with Mark Wood and the other one was with, I can’t remember the guy…
Zoe Voss: (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: I mean it was just some guy I didn’t know but it looks like you give 110% so…
Zoe Voss: Thank you.
Morbid Thoughts: So I don’t know what to say beyond that. (laughs)
Zoe Voss: (laughs) Thanks.
Morbid Thoughts: You’re beautiful, I don’t want to be vulgar but you have sex very well…(laughs)
Zoe Voss: (laughs) This is porn, nothing can be vulgar! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Well, I know but usually I’m not vulgar in real life.
Zoe Voss: You’re forgiven.
Morbid Thoughts: Is there anything you want to tell your fans or anything about Zoe Voss they might not know?
Zoe Voss: Let’s see…something people would not know about me. I’m really just, I feel like I am the most domestic laid back chick. Like literally, I could just sit at home and cook and clean and play with the animals and be a happy-go-lucky girl and be completely content with it. I’m really your average girl. Nothing fancy and hope people really respect me for, you know, what I’m doing. Know that I do it for you guys and love all you guys so much and really appreciate your continued support, it means a lot to me.
Morbid Thoughts: You mentioned animals. Cats or dogs?
Zoe Voss: Oooh that’s tough! I have a kitten and a puppy. I’d have to say cats.
Morbid Thoughts: Really? I would have been fine if you said you were a switch hitter or you batted for both sides.
Zoe Voss: But I’m pretty 50/50. It’s like 60/40 with cats in the lead.
Morbid Thoughts: Well, it was great talking to you Zoe!
Zoe Voss: Nice talking to you too, thank you!
Morbid Thoughts: Oh yeah, I should let you pimp whatever Twitter or Myspace or Facebook or whatever.
Zoe Voss: Let’s see I’ll just shout out to my Twitter. and I also have a Facebook. I believe it is and of course check out
Morbid Thoughts: Thank you Zoe.
JEFF FROM IAFD: Zoe Voss, ladies and gentlemen. You can find her online on Facebook., on Twitter @Zoe_Voss and you can read her blog at You can get Zoe’s filmography along with filmographies of all of your favorite stars at the Internet Adult Film Database at We thank you for joining us. We’ll catch up again with you real soon.