Goodnight, Big Tit Queen… Echo Valley Dies in Car Crash

Another sad addition to the Dead Pornstar List at

Big bust actress Echo Valley died over the weekend as a result of injuries sustained in a car crash in San Antonio, Texas. She was 56.

Fox San Antonio reports that Echo was turning into a bar when her car was rear-ended by a pickup truck.  Finding seatbelts difficult to wear due to her large breasts, Echo was thrown from the car and passed away at the scene.

News Source: Fox 29 San Antonio: Adult Entertainer Dies in Crash

Photo Credit:  Mommy Got Boobs

Filmography at IAFD: Echo Valley

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Got a DM on Twitter today that asked a simple enough question:

Hi hi, my boss found a clip on youjizz called “the violation of lori” he wants to know who lori is, help? We can’t find her on iafd :)

Opening up my virtual machine (Tube sites make me nervous.  They should make you nervous too… pick your reason why.) I popped over to YouJizz and searched on “Violation of Lori”.  That turned up nothing, so I widened my search and just searched on “violation” and still came up empty.

I went back to my twitter friend and asked for a URL, and lo and behold, the clip was called “The Domination of Lori.”

I watched a little bit of the beginning of the heavily compressed video and made my first guess: Britney Skye.  Looking down her filmography, we thought it might be the Evil Angel title “Take No Prisoners“, but reviewing the scene pairing (No Jules, no Travis Knight) and the screencaps over at Adult DVD Empire told us otherwise.  (It’s amazing how looks can be altered with heavy compression artifacting and runny mascara…)

So in further looking at the clip, I noticed our blonde performer had a huge tattoo on her left arm.  So, off to the Tattoo Search!

The Tattoo Search is part of our Advanced Search page.  There’s all sorts of not-ready-for-prime-time goodies on that page, almost of all them work as advertised, but some of them are still a little flaky sometimes, as we’re tweaking them as we go…

The Tattoo Search uses the fulltext engine built into SQL Server, so it’s pretty fast.  I typed “left arm” (with the quotes) into the search box and scrolled down looking for a face to match the clip.

Lo and behold, there’s Lorelei Lee!  Her picture has a smidgen of her arm tattoo in it, so we’ve got a match!

Next, we filtered her filmography on DP (since she did one in the clip) and we get a manageable list of  14 titles (compared to the initial 90 we’d otherwise have to sort through…)


Since the clip was rough sex, I looked at the titles that might fit the subject matter… I first checked Gag Me Then Fuck Me 3, but she’s paired with Marco Banderas, and he wasn’t in the clip.

So next, I went to Hardcore Training 6 and the cast seemed right (John Strong and Sascha) so then I popped over to Videobox where I could check out the screenshots, and bingo bango we had a winner!


Grabby Award Nominees Announced, Part Three

This draws to a close our series highlighting The Grabby Awards.  Our earlier nominee round-up posts can be found here: Grabby Awards Nominees, Part One and Grabby Awards Nominees, Part Two

The Grabby Awards celebrate excellence in gay porn.  They’re handed out by Grab Magazine, a Chicago based LGBT bi-weekly. This year’s Grabby’s are going to be held May 28, 2011 at the Park West Theatre in Chicago.  Event information can be found at the Grabby’s website.

Best Screenplay

Best All Sex Release

Best Movie

Hottest Ass Eating

Hottest Cock

Best Videography

Best Supporting Actor

Hottest Cum Scene

Best Group