Looking for a Duke of URL

Our current keeper of the URLs you see on the performer pages has taken some time off, and we’re looking for someone to help manage the list of URLs that we have to process. Are you that person? All you need is an internet connection and a dream and a willingness to volunteer. Drop us an email at iafd@iafd.com. Thanks!!

Interview: Dan O’Connell

IAFD Editor Bill H. sat down with Girlfriends Films founder, Dan O’Connell to talk about his start in the industry and why he’s involved and where he sees the market going. Girlfriends Films can be found online at http://www.girlfriendsfilms.com

100 Grand

According to Google Analytics, we broke thru the 100,000 visitors per day barrier yesterday. We came close January 3 and 4 with 99,000 and change, and we’ve been holding steady in the mid 90,000 range for months, but we dipped our head above 100,000 yesterday. Thanks to all our visitors who give us a reason to do this day in and day out, who keep us honest and correct and working hard. Thanks to all our editors who volunteer their time and work tirelessly to make this the best site of its kind. We celebrated 10 years of being in business this year — something we should have celebrated somehow — and this is a nice validation of the work we do. The same day last year we had 66,000 visitors — so thanks for spreading the news! See you at 150,000!