Feeling Better and Heading to Vegas

The site after a late night or two seems to be back where it was. Searches seems to be returning in adequate times (we’re no Google, but we get by) and the timeout issues seem to have gone away… So we can leave for AEE with a clear enough conscience. While we’re away, the corrections form is going off-line so we can come home to only 3 months worth of backlog… If you’re in Vegas, say hello. We’re the guys wearing the IAFD shirts.

Site Issues

We’ve been experiencing some slowdowns and such. Since the holiday, we’ve seen traffic spike and that created some scaling issues… So we’ve taken the price search offline while we’re figuring it out. Since the price search is a huge part of the site, we’re working as fast as we can to get it back up and running. We appreciate your patience.

Happy Merry Everyone.

Here’s a list of all the Christmas themed porn we could dig up doing a minimal search… We’d have included Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, but they don’t seem to appear in any titles… So here we go…

For our straight friends:

And our gay friends:

So, have a safe and happy holiday season everyone…