Narrowing the Search…

Hola Amigos — been a long time since I rapped at ya.

We added a new filter to the comprehensive search — and we plan on be adding it other places to as the days roll on — so when you do a search using our Firefox plug-in or the Title/Person/Review search, once the results pop up, you’ll be given the opportunity to limit the results by a given year. Don’t care about movies pre-2000? Filter ’em out. Only interested in performers named Sandra who might have performed this year or last? Filter the rest out.

Next up: Editors’ Comments.

Debug Code != Production Servers

Oops! We rewrote some of the code that handles how birthdays are handled, and accidentally overwrote our production code with the debug code, which made every day July 6th… this has been fixed, and every day is its right day again, and there won’t be any duplicate performers who are also directors in the list any longer. Sorry for the mix-up.

Splitting Pages

We’ve been blessed with links to so many reviews, our old way of displaying the older reviews wasn’t cutting it anymore and the server would choke while trying to show you all 8,558 reviews that start with the letter S… So we’ve changed the review listings, and they’re now paginated. Browse away!

I guess Nationality wasn’t quite it either…

When we debuted the nationality field, we were pretty happy. We some internal debates what to call it, but apparently, it turnsout, we weren’t quite as clear as we thought we were.

In our minds, if I had a page, my nationality would be “American/Italian” even tho I was born here in the US; my great-grandparents were off the boat, so I consider myself part “Italian” — which is what we all figured the “nationality” tag would convey. Also, it’s a standardized field, so it will be searchable in the not-to-distant future. (“Show me all the swedish girls!”)

Judging by the amount of corrections we’ve gotten… not so much.

So, we’ve renamed the field “Nationality/Heritage”

Hopefully this will help eliminate some confusions as to what we mean.