10 Days for 10 Years

To celebrate Adult DVD Empire’s 10 Years of Sexcellence; for the next 10 days when you submit a correction to the IAFD, we’ll enter your e-mail address into a drawing for one of three prizes: one of of two $50 gift certificates or a grand prize of the Empire Compilation Mega Pack — a 17 DVD set of ADE’s exclusive studio compilations… a $129 value!

If you don’t have a correction to submit — never fear! — just drop an e-mail to contest@iafd.com with the word “empire” in the subject, and we’ll enter you in the drawing Please don’t send in bogus corrections to get entered. Happy Anniversary Adult DVD Empire!

Free Porn

We’ve been steadily adding links to galleries featuring your favorite performers. We’re got links to over 1,000 galleries now; so we made some tweaks.

First off, under the UPDATES menu, there’s a new item for “galleries” which will give you a list of the newest galleries we added over the prior 14 days.

We also changed the performer’s page a bit; we moved the galleries out of the biography block, and instead put them in a collapsable list under the headshot. We feel this is a better use of space than before. For those of you surfing without scripts enabled, you can always use the performer’s gallery page (i.e. Andie Valentino’s gallery page.)

Thanks for all your support. (If you like the galleries, maybe you’ll sign up for one of the sites?)

“New Performer” Page tweaks…

You ask, we give. “May I suggest this change, for the sake of convenience and
simplification: Under, “Updates,” there is a subset of “New Performers”. This is further broken down by name and date. I suggest that, as with the new headshots, it be divided into Male and Female new performers. This would be especially valuable for those that are interested in one gender only. As so many of these new performers do not have a headshot yet, it would result in a good deal of time saved and would generally be more convenient. Thanks for considering the above.” Our pleasure.