… and me without a hot spare…

Pitfall #342 of owning your own server: when the disk manager pops up errors on the overnight predicting disk failure on one of your arrays (the one holding the OS); you should keep a hot spare around. Hindsight is 20/20. So we’re waiting for a spare to be overnighted (unless someone has a 36GB 10K […]

Pictures and Moving Pictures

We’re beginning to track models’ gallery appearances (both photo and video). The partner sites (Suze, Danni, etc.) that give us the headshots also have galleries of these performers, and that’s what we’re pointing you to. These galleries will be listed in their bio block under their websites. We don’t know how specifically we’re going to […]

Can you ear me now?

Due to their utter ubiquitousness, we’re no longer listing “ears” as a piercing location on actresses. We never used to — we took pierced ears as a given — but in recent months we’ve been getting submissions about pierced ears and after heated debate among the editors, we gave it a try. After a few […]