Firefox Security Certificate Warning

If you’re experiencing pop-ups using a non-IE browser when you hit a page with an Adult DVD Daily banner on it, be aware of two things: 1. It’s not harmful and 2. It’s not harmful.

Adult DVD Daily is (inexplicably) putting images served over HTTPS on their banners which is causing a certificate to pop up for non-IE users. (I’m assuming that IE trusts their CA by default, and Firefox doesn’t.)

We correct it as soon as we notice it.

The alternative is for you to accept the certificate, and you won’t be bugged by the pop-ups. We’ve been working with ADD to make sure this keeps from happening in the future.

Show Me The Chicks (or the guys…)

We added a new filter to the new headshots page — you can now hide the boys or the girls, depending on whom you’re interested in. Our staff has been going crazy adding new headshots to the site, and we now have over 6,000 performers who have pictures along with their filmographies. Those pictures also pop up if you hover your mouse over the performer’s name throughout most of the site…

Shout Outs and Thanks

Back in the day, Peter and I (with help from Alexandria Silk (iafd), Luc Wylder (iafd) and N. Smith) would host a little get together during ECVS in Atlantic City for posters to RAME. There were attempts to duplicate the same during CES/AEE but it never really gelled until Steph and Drew from adultdvdtalk came around and made it happen.

We’ve been happy to sponsor the party for as long as they have been accepting sponsors, and this year was no different.

We did want to send a shout-out and hearty attagirl to Devinn Lane (iafd) who (from where I sit) really kicked ass in the co-ordination department — from procuring a sweet 51st floor penthouse at the Palms (far too cool for us nerds) to making sure all the liquor got packed in suitcases to get by the security guys… just a top notch job… thanks, DL. and we got to sing Happy Birthday to Kim Chambers (iafd). (We would have sang to Tricia too, but the Evil Angel (iafd) folk had a whole host of places to be — you would too if you were one of the hottest studios in pornland! — so their appearance was unfortunately short-lived.)

The only downside to the party: no rice cakes. :-)

We never write, we never call…

In doing some housekeeping today, we lost some info that we use to send the correction notifications back out to you. We have the corrections, but the table that stores e-mail addresses and stuff lost a few records, so we’re still processing the corrections, you just won’t get an e-mail when we’re done — assuming you asked for one. I think we’re only talking about corrections from Jan 1 – 2. Thanks for you patience and continued support.