Poppin’ Fresh

We’ve added the performer popup tips to the birthday list and the results list. (Our plan is to eventually show the pix with the results, but we need to futz with the layout to do that, and we’re busy futzing with other things at the moment…. :-)

Ajax – Not Just For Cleaning Anymore

Now, when you hover over a performer or director’s name on a movie page, you’ll get a little tooltip-esque popup giving you a picture, akas and years active. We find that the tip scales well on virtually all resolutions, and we’re pretty happy with the aesthetic. Hope you find it useful. As always, your comments […]

One More Step…

We added one more step to suggesting a URL to the site. Unfortunately, like most sites, we’re the victim of quite a bit of “comment” spam. (We don’t have comments, but we have form fields that take URLs and that’s close enough.) Since poor Luke has been drowning in poker sites and other non-porn related […]

In The Rhythm

July was our biggest month of adding new titles in a long time. We added 516 titles in July, an improvement over our 316 titles in June. For this, we have to thank our data entry specialist, Don Mantle, who has been tirelessly going through current and past reviews, adding the titles that we’ve been […]