“Just The Facts, Ma’am” with Romi Rain

With an index listing hundreds of thousands of porn movie titles and pornstars alike, the internet adult film database is the premier resource for information about the American porn community on the web. We here at IAFD are constantly striving to provide our users with the most complete information available on all your favorite pornstars. To help […]

The 2016 Spank Bank Award Winners

In its now traditional locale of @gabriel_lan‘s lavish living room in warm, sunny Nowhere Special, USA, the 5th annual Spank Bank Awards show was bigger and better than ever this year. The Spank Bank Awards are voted on by a panel of porn critics (@gabriel_lan), noted adult film connoisseurs (@gabriel_lan), outside adult industry media insiders […]

The 2016 Spank Bank Technical Award Winners

The 6th Annual Spank Bank awards are almost upon us. The Spank Bank Awards were founded on the ideal of giving recognition to the all our favorite performers in the adult industry who may (or may not) receive the accolades they deserve from some other awards shows. As with the other Hollywood award shows, there are too […]

Sarah Vandella: “I’m hornier than ever…”

After eight years in the adult industry, some might think that a female pornstar would be considered a ‘seasoned veteran’ of the industry. While that is true in the case of the magnificent Sarah Vandella, the fact is she is just now reaching the pinnacle of super stardom. I state that with the knowledge that […]