Welcome, CD Universe!

cduWe’re pleased to welcome CD Universe to the price search.  They’ve got a huge selection of products, and they also stock toys and lube and they’ve got a whole mainstream side as well, so you can pick up “regular” movies and music while picking up your porn. :-)

They offer same day shipping, so you can get your porn fast.  They respect your privacy and won’t every sell, rent or give away your personal info; nor will they send you any unsolicited/unwanted emails.

Their store has been awarded the BizRate Circle of Excellence Platinum Award seven times so far.

They’ve been around a long time, and we’re pleased that we can offer their catalog as an option in the price search.

When Was The First Anal Scene Released?

Woke up to a tweet from the lovely and talented Tristan Taormino and we had a nice little back and forth:

So, I’m, back in the office and can look such things up, so here are the exciting results — the first ten movies we have that mention anal sex.  It’s by coincidence that that’s everything before 1974.

I do not really consider this definitive, but it’s a good starting point for a discussion…

Today on Radio Sex: Miami Spice

miamispicecoverAnother busy week, another trip to the archives.

This afternoon on Radio Sex’s YouPorn (Sirius XM 102) we’ll be discussing Svetlana’s 1986 opus Miami Spice, starring Amber LynnDanielle and Sheri St. Clair.

I’ve discussed Svetlana before (previouslypreviously) so we know she’s known for shot-on-film, plot-driven movies with a generally decent budget and this is no exception.  Miami Vice, before it was a big-screen movie with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx, was a TV show in the mid-80s that served to re-define a large segment of pop culture.  White sports coats , docksiders with no socks and two-day stubble became the costume of a nation who was looking to series lead Don Johnson for fashion cues.

The movie opens with four drug dealers playing cards for coke (“I’ll raise you a gram….“) and they get busted by Sheri St. Clair who jumps into a red Lamborghini Countach with Amber Lynn behind the wheel and they take off through Miami for our credits sequence.  The soundtrack does a decent job of aping Jan Hammer’s synth heavy score for the series; but where the art direction of the series was all pastels, the palate here is much more conventional.

After the credits, we catch up with Amber briefed by her boss, Robert Bullock, who assigns her the task of bringing down one of the bigger drug dealers in Miami, and Amber  is happy to take the gig, on the condition that she gets to pick the girls that she works with.  Also in the office (pleased with Amber’s request) is Bullock’s secretary, Barbara Dare, who bears a very strong resemblance to Sheri St. Clair, almost to the point of distraction.  (What a sexy, smoky voice Amber has.  In fact, almost all the girls have smoky voices in this movie.  This is a movie with a lot of talking.)

Read the rest of the Miami Spice review in the archives.

Today on Radio Sex: Ginger Lynn: The Movie (1988)

gltm1_coverDue to personal commitments this week, I haven’t been able to re-watch an old classic for review, so this week, we’ll go back into the Playboy Radio vaults, and revisit a movie we talked about a year and some time ago…

So, assuming Ginger isn’t out sick, at 2:40pm eastern on XM102 Radio Sex YouPorn we’ll talk about Ginger Lynn The Movie, a 1988 compilation that tries to make lemonade out of the lemons of the Traci Lords scandal.

As I wrote back in May 2012:

Paradise Visuals was one of the leading adult studios in the mid-80s and they had a three-picture “deal” with Traci Lords.  (She appeared in three shot-on-video movies for them, plus a comp (Girls of Paradise) and they used a g/g scene of hers in Whore of the Worlds as well.)

Traci was arguably the biggest star at the time, but running a close second, if not arguably first, was Ginger Lynn.  So Paradise scored quite a coup when they were able to cast both Traci and Ginger in the same movies.  Having both of the biggest stars in the world in the movie was pretty much a license to print money.

Once Traci’s scandal broke, all those movies needed to be pulled from the shelves, so in 1986, we lost those three movies and the awesome scenes that didn’t feature Ms. Lords… and Paradise lost a cash machine.

Fast forward a couple years, and the good folks over at PV say “Hey, you know… if we edit the movies so Traci’s not in them, we don’t have much… but we can take the leftovers that feature Ginger and make a new movie!”  And that they did.

You can read the rest of the review in the archive…