Hola amigos.. Been a long time since I rapped at ya. (tm Jim Anchower). We saw a new site popping up in the referrer logs.. YubNub.org. Apparently, this is a “command line for the web” which allows you to type in small abbreviations and it’ll go and do things for you. Apparently, someone made an IAFD tag for us. Thanks, random stranger! We added two other tags, iafdp and iafdm which allow you to search for performers and movie titles alone, as opposed to getting the comprehensive list. Enjoy.

Welcome HotMovies.com!

A big howdy-hi to HotMovies.com! We’ve added over 30,000 of their titles to the vendor catalog, and are working on getting them linked into your favorite titles. The folks over at HotMovies offer damned near any kind of format you want on most of their movies — Pay Per Minute (8 cents a minute!), 48 Hour Download, DivX 30 Days, Windows Media 7 or 30 Day… You’ve seen their banners on the site, and now look for their titles in the VOD section of the price search.

Little tweaks…

In the past, when we changed a PerfID in order to consolidate two performer entries, the original page would 404 out, since the perfid was no longer in the db.

We’ve had a table that kept track of these changes — Peter and I would keep them up to date with our changes, so we would stay in sync — and we’re not consulting that table before giving up on the performer.

You can see this in action when you try to reach Belinda’s page and instead of a “Performer Not Found”, you end up at the Adreline Lange page, since her info superceded her work Belinda.

This will stop bookmarks and incoming links (I’m looking at you, Google) from breaking. We hope you find it marginally useful — we’d hate to think we spent those 20 minutes foolishly. :-)