Pass the SugarDVD, Please…

Another vendor is added to the price search. SugarDVD, who has had a banner running for the last month, is finally in the price search, now that we’re back on our horse. They’re a rental house with a NetFlix-esque structure (and multiple distribution centers, to boot!), so if you like no due dates and all the happy stuff that comes along with it, check them out.

Back on the Horse

We just processed Peter’s last batch of new movies — 747 titles in all, bringing our totals up to 52,428 titles and 38,919 bios. You many have noticed, however, over the past week or so, a steadier stream ofd new movies being added. Our goal at this point, is to be steadily adding titles as opposed to batching them up once a month.

We thank you again for all of your support and nice words during our difficult time.