We tweaked the Title info page, to make it a little more databse friendly, and while we were at it, we made it CSS and XML compliant too, so it’ll different, but similar. Please let us know if it breaks in your browser.

New Search Type

You might notice the addition of a “Title/Person/Review” search to the dropdown box (sorry radio users, not there yet… soon) of search options. This is what Mozilla users have been using from their search bars. This will do just what it says, search the titles, the stars and the reviews for your item. For example, if you do a search on FOX it’ll turn up all movies with FOX in the title, all performers with FOX in their name and all reviews (which aren’t already linked to movies) with FOX in the title. We’ve found in beta testing that this search algorhthym is faster than the one we’ve been using. So please let us know your experiences.