Carter Cruise: “I hate the feeling of clothes restricting me”


Every once in a while, a girl enters the adult industry and is a sure fire, bona fide superstar in the making. Sometimes they have lasting power and fulfill their potential, most of the time they don’t. Carter Cruise is one such girl, and she’s wasted no time living up to any and all expectations. She’s not a superstar in the making though. She’s already there! Quite possibly the prettiest girl in porn today, Carter backs up her stunning beauty with knockout performances one after the other. A great attitude, outstanding work ethics, unbridled enthusiasm and, as her 42K Twitter followers can attest, she’s also one of the funniest, most entertaining girls in the game. Still a ‘rookie’, Carter is a contender for awards from countless media outlets, including right here on, where she’s nominated for multiple the Spank Bank Awards, including ‘Newcummer of the Year’, ‘Prettiest Girl in Porn’, and the most coveted award in all of porndom: ‘Most Spanked To Girl of the Year’.

Gabriel Lan: You recently became a California resident. Where are you from originally? In my mind, you were already the epitome of a ‘California Girl’.

Carter Cruise: People always tell me that! I’m originally from Atlanta, but I grew up in Cary, NC, which is like, the 5th safest place in America or something crazy like that. We call it “The Bubble.” I’ve always been a Cali girl at heart though. When I was a little kid I would get so mad at my parents like, “why do we live here? It’s so BORING, I wanna live in LA!”

Gabriel Lan: Travel is typically a big part of being in the adult industry. Have you had an opportunity to fly all over yet? What’s your favorite venue so far? Job or non job related, is there anywhere specific you’re dying to visit?

Carter Cruise: I’ve been to a few places for work, but all in the US. I hope as my career progresses to travel to more places. Europe, Australia, and South America are all on the list of places I’d love to work. I’d also love to get an inside peek into the Japanese porn industry! Outside of porn, I’ve wanted to go to Egypt since I was a kid, the history and culture fascinates me.

Gabriel Lan: How often have you gotten back to the 5th safest place in America since you moved out to the west coast?

Carter Cruise: I went back to my college town for my birthday in April, but that’s about an hour away from where I grew up. My parents don’t live there anymore and most of my close friends have moved on to bigger and better things so I don’t really have much of a reason to go back!

Gabriel Lan: I’m sure you’ve been asked this question exactly this way before, but how does a girl as beautiful as you get into porn in the 1st place? Personally, I never say a girl is “too pretty for porn”, because if you’re pretty of course I want to see you naked. Duh! I never get that one lol

Carter Cruise: I always wonder at this question, because it seems to imply that a girl would only get into porn because her looks weren’t good enough for mainstream. And it’s funny to me because I never thought I was pretty enough for porn! I was so nervous when I applied to agencies that they would all turn me down. I’m happy with the way I look, but I’ve never thought of myself as a “model” or anything like that. Even now when people ask to photograph me, I’m like, “really?” I just wanted to live an adventure, and to explore sexual deviance on a first hand basis.

Gabriel Lan: You are widely regarded by both the directors you’ve shot for as well as co-stars as having a “great attitude” on set. What is your secret of keeping a positive outlook on life?

Carter Cruise: I genuinely love my job, so it’s easy to have a good attitude on set. I WANT to be there; why would I not have a good attitude? One of my good friends and one of the most positive people I’ve ever met told me once, “the only person who can take away your smile is you.” I loved that! It’s cheesy, but it’s also pretty darn spot on. Sometimes I’m like, “but I don’t wanna do reverse cowgirlllllll” but then I’m like, “wait, you have the best job in the world! Stop being a lazy butt and have some fun!” Plus, who can be in a bad mood when you’re cumming that much?


Gabriel Lan: You are nominated for several Spank Bank Awards on this very site this year, including (but not limited to) Prettiest Girl in Porn, Best Body, and Newcummer of the Year. How would you access you 1st full year in the biz? Are you satisfied with how your career has progressed so far?

Carter Cruise: Oh, wow, really? That’s so flattering, thank you! I actually accomplished all the goals I set for my first year, plus a few extra I wasn’t expecting so I’m very happy, although I’m always pushing myself to do better.

Gabriel Lan: You clearly put in a lot of work keeping that Best Body nominated physique. How often do you work out? How big of a part does it play in your day to day routine?

Carter Cruise: I’ve always been athletic (I played lacrosse into college), but when I first started in the biz I kind of lost that. I was living out of hotels and a suitcase for months on end with no car or real routine in my life and I definitely lost that edge. I’m not worried about being super skinny, but I do want to look my best, and more importantly, be healthy and have lots of energy to make good porn! It was hard getting back into the groove after 6 months of laziness, but I started at Barry’s Bootcamp which I am obsessed with! It’s seriously addicting. I try and go like 4 times a week, and then do something else active the other days, like hiking or going dancing. Obviously sometimes I’m busier and go less, and some weeks I’m really motivated and go everyday.

Gabriel Lan: How many times a day do you get hit on at the gym?

Carter Cruise: One reason I really like Barry’s is because everyone is there to get in a hell of a workout, then get the hell out and back to work. Kim Kardashian was there one day and no one even cared. So it’s nice because people are there for themselves, not to pick up girls which is great because I hate getting hit on when I’m sweaty and gross!

Gabriel Lan: What does an upcoming ‘anal day’ do to your workout? Obviously, you don’t really eat much of anything the day before.

Carter Cruise: It depends on my week – sometimes I can still get in a good workout even if I have anal, but usually I let the scene itself be my workout for the day. I don’t eat the day before so I just base it off how I’m feeling. Sometimes I still have lots of energy and hit the gym, other times I just let that day be my rest day to let my body heal.

Gabriel Lan: You started doing anal scenes right out of the gate. Is that something you had already done before porn? DP’s as well. First one ever, was it on camera or off?

Carter Cruise: I had done anal with a few people in my personal life before porn, but I wasn’t terribly experienced in it. My first anal scene actually wasn’t supposed to come out for a year, but the company got sold or something and they ended up releasing it 2 weeks later! I was mad at first because so many people told me to wait, but now looking back I’m glad it happened that way. My first DP was off camera but during another scene. We only did it for a minute or so, I just wanted to see what it felt like, and then I ended up doing it on camera like a week later.

Gabriel Lan: You seem to have become fast friends with fellow rookie Spiegler Girl Dakota Skye. When did you two 1st meet? Do y’all hang out sometimes away from work?

Carter Cruise: Dakota and I actually started porn the same weekend at Fetish Con last year in Tampa with the same agent. I met her briefly and we would see each other occasionally but I was only shooting on the weekends due to class so we didn’t become friends until later. We really bonded over becoming Spiegler Girls. She had already been talking to him and we were on set together when a director texted me and told me I should call him too. We went back to her apartment and we’re like, “do we call now? should we wait 5 minutes? what do we say? what if he only takes one of us?” There’s a lot of competition in porn, like any entertainment industry, so it’s great that we can cheer each other on. Sometimes I’ll tease her like, “Ugh, Dakota, you got box cover over me again!” but she’s just so cute, I’d put her on the box cover too!

Gabriel Lan: How much “fun” was that process anyway? At the DMV for hours on end. Ugh. How long did it take? What, in your opinion, is the worst part about the DMV?

Carter Cruise: 4 hours total! Which is my own fault for putting it off for so long that I couldn’t get an appointment. I just hate wasting time so standing in line is the worst!

Gabriel Lan: I don’t know why anyone would be complaining about this, but did you ever get your curtains hung so the neighbors wouldn’t have to see you naked?

Carter Cruise: Not yet! But I do have blinds I just think they’re ugly haha.

Gabriel Lan: Do you walk around the house naked a lot? Do you spend more time naked than clothed? Away from work, that is lol.

Carter Cruise: I sleep naked, I hate the feeling of clothes restricting me, but other than that I don’t spend a ton of time around the house, I’m usually gone! Right now I’m wearing underwear and a tank top right now because it’s beautiful outside and my windows are open.


Gabriel Lan: I understand you were a sorority girl. Did you graduate from college? What was your major?

Carter Cruise: It’s funny because when I pledged I was the biggest square ever. I was a psychology/pre-law major and I didn’t do anything except study and workout. My freshman superlative was “most likely to cure cancer.”

Gabriel Lan: It’s pretty obvious that you also like girls as well as guys. Had you done anything more than just “drunken sorority girl” making out with other girls before porn? Had you ever taken it to the next level with a girl before porn?

Carter Cruise: No, I had always wondered if I liked girls, because I did like girl/girl porn, but where I’m from that’s not something people really talk about. I had a good friend in high school whose mom was lesbian but that was pretty much the only exposure I got to that lifestyle. I’ve always been very sexual, but also pretty shy about my own sexuality, so I never felt comfortable bringing it up with anyone. The first time I kissed a girl was a few months before porn, but we didn’t really do much of anything. Neither of us had ever been with a girl so we didn’t really know what to do.

Gabriel Lan: Well, since you hadn’t really done anything sexual with girls before porn, what is your assessment of sex with girls? Just how much DO you love it??? LoL I think you kinda like it ;-)

Carter Cruise: Sex with women is so much different. Of course the end goal of getting off is the same, but women are so much more complex, both emotionally and physically, than a man. If a guy’s dick is hard, he’s turned on, if he cums, it’s obvious you got him off. Girls can fake, though, and the vagina is so complex that even if you know exactly how to please one girl, you may know nothing about another girl. Also, if a girl isn’t mentally turned on, it really doesn’t matter what you do to her physically. So the first step to pleasing a woman is to get in her head and turn her on that way. It’s harder, but also more interesting to get a girl off, and I enjoy that challenge of learning.

Gabriel Lan: With the invention of the internet, people no longer have to be bored, scared, or ignorant. Why do you suppose so many people still are?

Carter Cruise: Hmm, I wouldn’t say people are still necessarily “ignorant”. First off, a lot of people don’t have access to the internet. Not everyone can afford a smart phone or a laptop. Also, even if you have internet access, so what? There’s tons and tons of information on the internet. If anything, the internet can breed ignorance. I see memes and articles with thousands of shares that put out information that is blatantly wrong. That also breeds fear because people sensationalize the news over social media. The internet is a wonderful tool, but only if you know how to use it.

Gabriel Lan: More annoying: Rude people on social media, or rude people in real life situations? Is there really any excuse for being rude without provocation?

Carter Cruise: Definitely rude people in real life because at least I can block/delete/mute/etc… rude people on social media, although there are many more rude people on social media due to the anonymity. And no, of course not. It is counter-productive and negative.

Gabriel Lan: Would you say you’ve had mostly a positive experience interacting with fans via social media? You are very entertaining on Twitter, imho 

Carter Cruise: Yes! Some of my fans are really funny too which is a major plus. And yay, I’m glad!

Gabriel Lan: Are you being recognized more and more often in ‘real life’ nowadays? How do you deal with that added attention?

Carter Cruise: People are really sketchy about recognizing porn stars. So sometimes someone will be like, “what do you do?” with this weird squinty-eyed look where they are trying to look innocent. I hate that, because it makes me feel uncomfortable – why would I want to announce that I do porn when you can’t even admit you watch it? I like when people are straight up. I was out in Hollywood one night and a guy came up to me and said, “Keep doing what you’re doing, I’m a fan.” I thought that was great.

Gabriel Lan: If ‘massage’ is supposedly the #1 searched for term in porn, what the hell is in the rest of the top 5??? Seriously???

Carter Cruise: I know anal was on there, and maybe like MILF or teen or something. Pretty basic porno stuff!

Gabriel Lan: I’m usually a lot more specific in my searches…. Like ‘Carter Cruise anal’ or ‘Carter Cruise butthole’, for example. Do you ever watch porn, and if so what do you like to watch? Do you ever watch yourself and masturbate?

Carter Cruise: Good choices ;) I’m not a big porn watcher honestly. I love the idea of it, but I’m so picky! The most important part for me is the girl enjoying herself and the chemistry between the performers. So much porn out there is fake and silly and the girls’ orgasms are disappointing. My imagination is much better, although occasionally I come across a really good scene. I kind of like the Japanese hentai porn too – they come up with the most fucked up story lines! There’s something that’s just so hot about a pretty girl getting fucked by a monster who she’s disgusted by, but the dick is so good she can’t stop cumming. It’s the same concept as the taboo genre where the sex is so wrong, but it’s so good you can’t stop yourself. I think people like that stuff because almost all of our first sexual experiences, either alone or with a partner, were “wrong” based on societies standards. That carries over into adulthood and we’re turned on by that taboo element of sex.

Gabriel Lan: You mentioned on Twitter that (paraphrasing here) some girls in porn are getting faker and faker, so you’re going to be natural. Does that mean you have no intention of ever “enhancing” your beautiful, perfect, sculpted by Michelangelo himself, natural breasts? …. Maybe I laid that on a little thick….can you tell I think you’re perfection personified? ;-)

Carter Cruise: Bahaha! Thank you :) I can’t say for sure how I’ll feel 5 years from now, or even one year from now about plastic surgery, but I don’t see myself ever being one to go that route. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, but like I said, it isn’t the image or values I want to promote. We create these women with surgery and makeup, and then present them to girls (and boys!) as a standard, which can never be upheld because so few people are actually born with those genes. I think some girls feel like the only way they will be able to succeed is to change themselves, in appearance, and eventually in who they are as a person.


Gabriel Lan: Just out of curiosity, how often do you get ‘dick pics’ in your inbox, DMs, etc…? Not that I’m planning on sending you one right now or anything…… :P For that matter, do you ever get “boob shots”? Wouldn’t that be more appealing? Lol boobs are way more aesthetically pleasing, don’t you think?

Carter Cruise: I block anyone who sends me dick pictures and I make it clear to my fans that it’s not something I want to see so I get less now than I did in the beginning of my career. I get more boob pictures though, but I like them! I like that girls feel comfortable sharing that with me. Guys send dick pics because they want me to stroke their ego, but girls are more likely sending me nudes because they want to share their sexuality with someone who won’t judge them, OR treat them like a piece of meat because of it. I know before porn I had seen very few boobs of normal girls. I felt insecure about my body because the only thing I had to compare mine to was porn stars with fake tits plastering the internet, and I think a lot of girls feel the same way. Now, I’ve seen so many boobs, so when a girl sends me a nude I can always find something beautiful or sexy about her, and I can share that with her, which I hope gives her confidence about her body.

Gabriel Lan: Why is “restaurant” so fucking hard to spell??? It shouldn’t be that much of a struggle!!! I’m so glad somebody else has this issue too lol. Another one that gets me constantly is “itinerary”…. And I hate using ‘spell check’ because I’m a grammar snob/Nazi lol.

Carter Cruise: I don’t know! I think it’s because it’s not a word you actually write down a whole lot. It’s a common word, so we think we should remember the odd spelling, but it’s not actually that common to see or write down because usually we’ll refer to the actual name of the restaurant… wait, is that right?

Gabriel Lan: What is the definition of “not giving a fuck”?

Carter Cruise: I think people confuse “not giving a fuck” with “apathy.” Apathy is laziness. It is the absence of passion. I loathe apathy. “Not giving a fuck” (to me at least) means accepting things as they are and letting go of any negativity surrounding them. You can still be a passionate person and “not give a fuck.”

Gabriel Lan: As an avid admirer, I can tell you that the female booty always makes me feel all warm and tingly. Do buttholes actually make everything better?

Carter Cruise: I stuck my whole fist inside a butthole for the first time and I can genuinely say, YES! I’m more fascinated by them than turned on but that’s why I get to play with them for your viewing pleasure.

Gabriel Lan: What do you think your superlative would say now? LoL ‘Most Likely To Alleviate An Erection’?

Carter Cruise: Probably, but just like before, I intend to challenge that. At one time, people only saw me as a nerd; now many people only see me as a porn star. The truth is, I, just like anyone else, am far more than a label or superlative, and I plan on using my life and career to demonstrate that.

Gabriel Lan: If you were NOT involved in the adult industry right now, what do you think you’d be doing? Besides not being nearly as happy about your job, that is….lol

Carter Cruise: I honesty can’t answer that because I feel like this is what I am supposed to be doing and it was inevitable. If I hadn’t ended up in porn it would have been because I was too scared or insecure, and allowing negativity to control your life never ends well.

Gabriel Lan: What sort of goals do you have set for yourself for the coming year(s)? What’s next for Carter Cruise? What’s something you haven’t done yet on camera that you want to experience?

Carter Cruise: I can’t give away all my secrets! But as far as porn goes I want to travel and shoot in other countries, and I want to write and direct. I want to create social change and initiate sexual education reform, and challenge the stigma and stereotypes of sex workers. I’d love to see sex worker reform as well. Awards are great, but I hope to do more with my career than just that. Outside of porn, I’ve been learning to DJ and produce music. Music is something that brings people together, and I’d love to be a part of that. I also like to write and writing a book has been one of my biggest goals since I was a kid. I want to experience as much of the world as possible, and share those experiences with others. I think that’s the most important tool to opening minds and bringing people together, because it creates greater understanding and compassion.

Gabriel Lan: If your pussy is worth more than someone’s soul, what is a soul worth? Just how much is your delectable, pretty little pussy worth?

Carter Cruise: Haha, well, technically a soul has no monetary value since it’s not a real, tangible thing, which is kind of what I meant when I said that, but mostly I just like to say off the wall things to see people’s reactions. As for how much my pussy is worth, I won’t be able to answer that until she’s made her last dollar!

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Words With Slutty Friends featuring Casey Calvert

WWSF Casey Calvert

Word Association is commonly used in therapy as a means of creating a psychiatric evaluation of someone. Participants are instructed to just respond to a given word spontaneously with the first word, thing, or phrase that comes to mind. Some experts in the field of psychology believe that the responses can reveal things about the subconscious mind of an individual.

So, what is in the subconscious mind of a dirty little slut? wanted to know, so to help all you pud pullers out there better understand how your favorite pornstars really think and feel, we asked them for you. And we couldn’t think of a more a more fitting subject to start with than the reigning Spank Bank Award winner for ‘Dirty Little Slut of the Year’ Casey Calvert.


Here are the results:

Gabriel Lan: Happy
Casey Calvert: Face

Gabriel Lan: Orange
Casey Calvert: Blue!

Gabriel Lan: Large
Casey Calvert: Penis

Gabriel Lan: Rabbit
Casey Calvert: Vibrator I’m not a huge fan of

Gabriel Lan: Deep
Casey Calvert: Inside

Gabriel Lan: Kayak
Casey Calvert: White water

Gabriel Lan: Climax
Casey Calvert: Cum

Gabriel Lan: Fun
Casey Calvert: Yay!

Gabriel Lan: Triangle
Casey Calvert: Square


Gabriel Lan: Masturbate
Casey Calvert: Alone

Gabriel Lan: Jealousy
Casey Calvert: Don’t get it

Gabriel Lan: Quiver
Casey Calvert: Shiver

Gabriel Lan: Apple
Casey Calvert: Delicious

Gabriel Lan: Pain
Casey Calvert: Bring it on :)

Gabriel Lan: Game
Casey Calvert: Magic

Gabriel Lan: Carabiner
Casey Calvert: Climbing

Gabriel Lan: Whore
Casey Calvert: Slut

Gabriel Lan: Banana
Casey Calvert: Tasty ;)


Gabriel Lan: Ass
Casey Calvert: Round

Gabriel Lan: Spanking
Casey Calvert: Ouchie :)

Gabriel Lan: Pervert
Casey Calvert: My favorite kind of person

Gabriel Lan: Enthusiasm
Casey Calvert: Sexy

Gabriel Lan: Fist
Casey Calvert: Dirty

Gabriel Lan: Night
Casey Calvert: Darkness

Gabriel Lan: Vagina
Casey Calvert: Mmmmm

Gabriel Lan: Loud
Casey Calvert: Means something’s right

Gabriel Lan: Unicorn
Casey Calvert: ;)

Gabriel Lan: Rough
Casey Calvert: Yes!

Gabriel Lan: Indecent
Casey Calvert: Better be

Gabriel Lan: Moist
Casey Calvert: Ick. What kind of word is moist? ;)

Follow Casey on Twitter ( @caseycalvertxxx ) Instagram ( caseycalvert ) and tumblr ( casey calvert ) or join her website at

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Cover photo courtesy of Brazzers‘ Sneaking into the Squirter’s Yard; intra-article photos from Naughty Office 17261 and Neighbor Affair 16195

“Just The Facts, Ma’am” with Dahlia Sky

JTFM - DahliaSky

With hundreds of thousands of pornstars and porn movie titles alike, the internet adult film database is the premier resource for information about the American porn community on the web. We here at IAFD are constantly striving to provide our users with the most complete information available on all your favorite pornstars. As such, we decided to go straight to the stars themselves to find out a little more about them….. things they like, dislike, favorites, hobbies, etc. in a little segment we call “Just The Facts, Ma’am”.
In our 1st installment, we feature superstar performer Dahlia Sky.

Just The Facts, Ma’am

Name: Dahlia Sky
Date of Birth: August 10, 1989
Place of Birth: California (SoCal)
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 125
Measurements: 36-25-34
Eye Color: Grey/Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Shoe Size: 7 1/2
Tattoos: I have 6 total, my favorite being “No rest for the Wicked” on my upper back.
Social Media Address(s): Twitter- @dahliaskyx and InstaGram- dahliaskyx
Amazon Wish List: Dahlia Sky
1st Scene: Fucked Hard 18
Most Memorable Scene To Date: Anal threesome scene with Rocco Siffredi and Chanel Preston in ‘Coming In America
Favorite Position(s): Doggy Style and Missionary
Turn Ons: A great sense of humor, good hygiene, and someone who can be spontaneous.
Turn Offs: Clinginess, over doing it on the text messages, and unnecessary negativity, ergo; constantly trash-talking others, low self esteem, etc…
Favorite Food(s): Mmmmmm, definitely love quesadilla’s.
Favorite Movie(s): Almost anything with Will Ferrell. He’s hilarious!
Favorite TV Show(s): Sons of Anarchy.
Favorite Book(s): Looking for Alaska (spoiler alert- it has a really sad ending).
Favorite Music Genre(s): Rock ‘n’ Roll!
Pet(s): My cat ‘Mew’ aka ‘Cuz’.
Pastimes or Hobbies: I have always been a bookworm. I loved to dance growing up.
Post Porn Aspirations: I plan to own my own business one day.

Photo courtesy of Brazzers.

Veruca James: “I love having sex in public!”

Veruca James in Brazzers’ Anal Lessons From A MILF

Whoever came up with the notion that accountants are boring clearly has never met Veruca James. True, most accountants are, in general, boring. But then, how many CPAs have you ever heard of that are as sexy, uninhibited, and insatiable as Veruca? How many external auditors have you ever seen devouring cock and pussy alike, as though they were born to do it? Veruca does all of that and then some. A true exhibitionist, she is an upper echelon performer on screen, churning out scintillating scene after scene after scene. To top off her undeniable greatness and stunning beauty, she’s probably one of the smartest people you’ll ever meet. Although she did graduate from college with a very different career in mind, it seems she has now found her true calling. Veruca James was made to do all manner of dirty, vulgar, explicit acts on camera for the viewing pleasure of pud pulling perverts everywhere, and the porn world is better off for it.

Gabriel Lan: You’re a college graduate, correct? What do you have your degree(s) in?

Veruca James: I have Bachelors’ degrees in Accounting and Finance from DePaul University.

Gabriel Lan: So, being as you’ve passed your CPA exam, are you a practicing accountant? Should make it easier when doing your own taxes at least lol. All those 1099s lolol

Veruca James: I am no longer professionally employed as an accountant; I quit when I began performing.  And I don’t even do my own taxes! Haha Tax accounting is awful and should be left to those who specialize in it.  Accounting is like the medical and legal professions, while everyone takes the same standardized test to become licensed, you select a specialization when start your career.  There are tax accountants, external auditors, internal auditors, consultants, computer specialist, etc.; I worked as an external auditor for a public accounting firm and as a corporate accounting operations manager.  To make it even more boring, there are also industries/businesses that accountants specialize in.  For example, manufacturing, financial services, not-for-profit, banking, etc. . . . I worked in the financial services industry, specifically, mutual funds and hedge funds.  So, while I passed the tax portion of the CPA exam, I have no experience in tax accounting professionally.

Gabriel Lan: Do you help any of your industry colleagues out with theirs??? I’d imagine you could almost quit porn and just be the ‘CPA to the Pornstars’

Veruca James: No, not really.  I can give very basic advice, most of which I learned from my own tax accountant, but I avoid giving any advice that could effect another persons’ personal finances.  Last thing I want is someone to miscalculate their own taxes and blame it on me. Yikes!  Also, I don’t hold a current license anymore.  You only have to take the CPA exam one time, but you have to keep up with CPE (continuing professional education) and other requirements to actually hold a license.  I chose to let my license expire in Illinois when I quit working as a professional accountant.  You really only need a license to sign off on taxes and external audit opinions, neither of which I have any interest in doing.  So, thankfully, I will never be “the CPA to the Pornstars!”  I quit accounting to perform because I was tired of spending 90 hours a week crunching numbers behind a computer screen.  When my time on camera is over, I can, of course, always fall back on my accounting experience, but I guarantee it will never be calculating taxes.  :P

Gabriel Lan: Is that something you think you’ll be doing after you’re no longer performing in front of the camera?

Veruca James: My goal in life is be my own boss and have my own company.  If I’m going to dedicate time and effort into anything, I want it to be my own.  Ideally, I’d like to find a way to travel the world while making money.  I can’t imagine not being involved in the adult industry in some facet.  I imagine, I will happily spend the rest of my life involved in many different types of projects, always busy, learning and exploring.

Gabriel Lan: You worked in the corporate world before porn, right? How/why did you make the jump into adult film? What was your thought process on that?

Veruca James: Yes, I did.  It wasn’t a sudden decision; it took place over about 3 years.  I first realized I didn’t want to be a public accountant anymore, too many hours documenting shit that would most likely never be necessary.  I found myself crying at my dining room table at 4pm on a Sunday, working hour 90 something, on instant messenger with my manager who was telling me that our partner needed hours more of documentation by Monday morning.  I sat there overwhelmed and overworked and asked myself “is this how I really want to spend my life, my 20s?”  I quit shortly after that and got a position working for a mutual fund company in their operations department.  I was promoted to Manager in less than a year and had 13 employees.  That worked out for a while, maybe a year or so.  At least I had time to have a personal life.  The more time I had for myself, the more I realized I was leading a double life.  I loved going out with my friends, who weren’t accountants, and just having fun.  Most people in my social circle didn’t even know what I did, it didn’t matter, and that was very freeing for me.  I was always an exhibitionist; I always loved girls and sex.  I just loved doing whatever I wanted really.  I met some friends who had shot for and after some time, I decided I wanted to try it out.  I shot for BA a handful of times, loved it, and began realizing that I could do other things and I’d always have my degrees and experience to fall back on.  I decided I wanted to live my life for myself.  Long story short, met Mark Spiegler, he agreed to represent me, I moved to LA and began performing full time.

Gabriel Lan: During your time working in the corporate world, were you ever at any time known as ‘”the office slut”? lol

Veruca James: No, never!  In the corporate world being a “slut” does not help you.  So many women have fought so hard for equality, they wouldn’t want their sexual relationships to overshadow their intellectual skills and experience.  Also, I was always more of a monogamist, with intermitted bouts of sluttiness ;)

Gabriel Lan: Aren’t you married as well? How long have y’all been together?

Veruca James: I’m actually not married, but we are engaged. J  I’ve been with Damon for 3.5 years now, engaged for 1.5 years.

Gabriel Lan: What sort of strain, if any, does being in porn put on your relationship? Is there ever any jealousy, and how do you both deal with it? Your husband is also in the industry, right?

Veruca James: The only strain we have is finding time for each other.  When you are an independent contractor there is no guaranteed paycheck, so you are always on call.  We perform in scenes, run our own Clips4Sale store and produce custom videos.  It’s a lot of administrative work and we have sex together as part of our job.  There is always something to do, an email to respond to, an update to post, a scene to prepare for, so right now all we worry about is having sex off camera for fun!  Funny how that works out, but it’s actually been a huge relationship building experience.  We put extra effort into having our own personal time, planning dates, making dinner, doing special things for each other.  As exceptionally sexual beings, we’ve learned how to truly appreciate the non-sexual aspects of our relationship, as well as making our own sex life a priority.  Thankfully, we don’t have jealousy issues; we both understand that sex and love are not synonymous.  I think our ability to have a safe and open outlet for our sexuality, outside of our relationship, enables us to have a healthy relationship that neither one of us could have otherwise.

Gabriel Lan: I guess the obvious question is: are you swingers…..or were you swingers prior to getting into the adult industry?

Veruca James: No, we aren’t swingers and never have been.  When we started dating we had an open relationship, meaning we both were allowed to sleep with other people as long as we were both honest about it.  Honesty has always been the most important aspect of our relationship.  Over time our relationship has evolved and boundaries are constantly being explored and defined.  I don’t know if there is a term for our relationship now.  We both perform with other people, but we don’t have sex outside of our relationship.  Meaning, we do have sex with other people while the other person is present or involved, but we don’t seek to have sexual partners without each other involved in some way.  So, we aren’t going out trying to bang other people at a bar while the person is at home or away.

Gabriel Lan: So….who does the cooking, who does the cleaning, etc.? lol

Veruca James: We share the cooking and cleaning.  Although, I have to admit, Damon makes me breakfast almost every morning.  J  We typically prepare dinner together or we take turns making our own specialties.  The cleaning typically depends on whoever has more free time that week.  Damon is really good about keeping the house clean day to day and I’m more of the deep cleaner.  Every few weeks when I’m home alone, I’ll break out the bleach and toothbrush and really go crazy.  :P

Veruca James in Brazzers' Anal Lessons From A MILF
Veruca James in Brazzers’ Anal Lessons From A MILF

Gabriel Lan: It helps to be something of an exhibitionist to get involved in porn, but would you say you are undeniable an exhibitionist by nature? Is it even more of a thrill for you to have sex in public?

Veruca James: I am undeniably an exhibitionist by nature, always have been.  I love having sex in public.  Damon and I have always loved sneaking off to fuck in bathrooms, alleys, parking lots, wherever.  We have actually fucked at a few bars, at the bar, while it was open.  Haha While sex on camera and sex in public are similar, in that they both are in front of other people, they are also different.  When I have sex on camera, I love being watched and filmed, but I’m not worried about being caught.  Sex in public is exciting because of the spontaneity and the idea that neither person can wait and have to have each other at that moment.  Also, the idea of being caught is pretty exciting.

Gabriel Lan: Do you get nervous at all when a scene is going to be “in public”? How about on just an average set….when there’s only 10 or so people around lol?

Veruca James: Damon and I used to have our own web series on, “Naked in Public,” based off our tumblr blog ( which included photos and videos of us having sex/being naked in public before we even got into porn.  I was never nervous taking photos or videos in my personal life, but when we started producing our own series and planning out our public adventures, I would get really nervous.  There are differences, in our personal life, the photos/videos are discrete and typically on an iPhone.  When we started producing, Damon would shoot on his DSL for quality purposes, and that is more noticeable in public.  Also, it had to be semi-planned out, since we would be shooting an episode, we had to know it would work out.  I’m much better at spontaneity, once I have time to think, I get nervous. Haha We got some awesome episodes though, things I would have never thought of if we weren’t forced to get creative.  Like our super sketchy bj on Venice Beach!!  If I would have been able to see all the people in the background I would have freaked out! Hahaha That’s the fun of public sex though, for me I “know” people “could” see, but I don’t think about it when I’m doing it.

Veruca James: On camera for a scene, there could be 100 people in the room, as soon as that camera is on, it’s only me and who I’m performing with.  Sometimes the director too, I love when I see the director smile or make other excited faces from behind the camera.  That’s fucking awesome.  Sometimes, the director will flip the viewfinder around and show me what he/she’s seeing when he/she’s on a close up and my face is off camera.  I love that!

Gabriel Lan: Personally, I have NEVER seen you do a bad scene. You are a dynamic performer! Don’t feel you have to give the specific scene(s), but do you feel you’ve ever had a “bad” one? One where you felt like you just ‘went through the motions’ in you opinion?

Veruca James: I’ve performed in just under 200 scenes; I assure you I’ve had my share of bad scenes. LOL  A bad scene can happen for any number of reasons; lack of chemistry, scene partner being sick, scene partner not liking sex or you, sex on horribly uncomfortable objects or maybe you try something new and you find out you hate it.  It happens to everyone, you just have to let it roll off your shoulders.

Gabriel Lan: You’ve had many, many epic anal scenes to date. Is that something you enjoy in your personal sex life as well? Had you done anal before porn?

Veruca James: I love anal sex.  I enjoyed anal sex in my personal life before I started performing.  Unfortunately, I don’t have many opportunities for anal sex in my personal life now that I do it on camera.  Anal sex on camera is practically an Olympic sport.  It’s longer, harder and requires extra preparation.  Since I do so many anal scenes on camera, I try to let my butthole rest in my personal life.  :)

Gabriel Lan: Other than the obvious for anal, what sort of mental and physical preparation do you normally have for a scene? Does it vary depending on the gender or number of partners?

Veruca James: I don’t really have anything specific I do to prepare for a regular scene.  I keep my body healthy, get a good night sleep and eat healthy.  A healthy and happy body will perform to maximum capacity.

Gabriel Lan: How much of an impact do you think the mandatory 14 day testing as opposed to the 30 days has had on the industry? Other than the paying for a new test every 2 weeks, is it all positive?

Veruca James: I support the 14 day testing policy completely.  The Aptima RNA test we use to test for HIV has a 7-10 testing window.  It tests for the actual virus in the blood, unlike other tests, which test for the antibodies, which can have a 3-6 month testing window.  As I see it, if we can know 100% every 14 days that we are HIV negative, why wouldn’t we.  It’s in our own best interest.  Yes, it is expensive, my testing expense is more than my car payment, but my life is on the line.  If I can’t afford to take all the precautions/tests necessary to ensure my own health and safety, then I shouldn’t be performing.

Gabriel Lan: There have been many changes in porn just the last decade, both positive and negative really. What do you think the next big change will be in the adult industry?

Veruca James: The recent condom legislation is what comes to my mind first.  Measure B hasn’t really effected the industry, from a performer perspective, but AB 1576 has far more potential to effect all facets of the industry.  It would mandate and enforce government proposed safety measures in porn, without any consultation with industry professionals.  The age of the internet is still a relevant issue, how do you convince consumers of porn to pay for something they can get for free.

Gabriel Lan: Since 99% of the female performers in the industry are paid more than the men, would you agree that porn is a more ‘feminist’ industry that almost all others?

Veruca James: I actually wrote a blog post on my tumblr about my views on feminism.  Here’s an excerpt:  “Feminism is about equal rights socially, economically, politically and culturally. To me it’s about the right to choose what you want to do with your life, while receiving equal opportunities, without preconceived ideas of what stereotypically or ideologically is expected by outside judgments.”  So, I don’t think that pay is the single factor in deciding if an industry is “feminist” or not, but in general, I do believe that porn allows women more equality and choice that many other industries.

Gabriel Lan: How soon do you think we might see a woman president, and is the world ready for that? LoL Personally, I’m all for it. Men have been fucking it up forever, so why not let a woman take a shot at fixing things lol

Veruca James: If we get a good candidate, then soon, Hilary has a good shot.  The world doesn’t care.  Haha I don’t mean to make it seem like less of a big deal than it is, it’s huge, but it’s our own ideas preventing it from happening.

Veruca James in Brazzers' Anal Lessons From A MILF
Veruca James in Brazzers’ Anal Lessons From A MILF

Gabriel Lan: What is your favorite form of social media? Would you say the added dimension of connectivity with fans has been mostly a good thing?

Veruca James: I have a tumblr (, Instagram (verucajames) and Twitter (verucajames), all of which are linked to each other.  My tumblr focuses most of my work and personal public sexcapades, my Instagram is “my attempt at PG” and twitter is all-inclusive.  I think twitter is my favorite because anything goes.  I think the added connectivity fans have with their favorite performers due to social media is a huge asset.  It’s a direct line with the consumer.  It also provides a personal aspect for fans, they can regularly communicate with performers, producers and directors.  The fans are most important, they allow us to continue as an industry, it’s important to hear and consider their desires.

Gabriel Lan: Clips4Sale and similar mediums have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. How necessary do you feel it is for porn performers to have these outlets to make up compensation that is constantly being ‘stolen’ (for lack of a better word) by “free” tube sites?

Veruca James: Having my own Clips4Sale store, I know the benefit of having what is essentially passive income constantly coming in.  Scenes income is not consistent or reliable, so I think it’s crucial for a performer to have as many sources of income as possible.

Veruca James: It’s important to clarify that a performer is an independent contractor for their scenes, they get a lump sum of money for their scenes, and there are no residuals.  Yes, “stolen” porn affects performers, but indirectly when producers are effected by loss in profits and can’t afford to produce as many scenes.

Gabriel Lan: When was the last time you played ‘Twister’, and did you have clothes?

Veruca James: There is a giant Twister board on my roof, well actually it is 4 boards in one, but about 2 years ago there was a handful of girls over and we took some naked photos of us “playing”

Gabriel Lan: Since I personally feel naked without it, have you ever finished an entire tube of chapstick?

Veruca James: I finished 2 recently!!! I felt like it was a huge accomplishment since I couldn’t remember ever finishing a tube before in my life!  I had to go to the store and buy more chapstick because I was out, not because I lost one.

Gabriel Lan: What sort of things do you do for fun? Stuff you do away from work…. hobbies, activities, stuff like that?

Veruca James: I love all outdoor activities; riding my bike, hiking, going to the beach, skiing.  I also love to read and cook.  Travelling is my favorite hobby, I want to travel all over the world and experience all different cultures.

Gabriel Lan: What’s an average off day like for you?

Veruca James: It’s pretty rare to have a day completely off from all things work related when you’re self-employed, but when I do, I hang out at my pool or the beach with friends.

Gabriel Lan: How often, if ever, do you hang out with fellow Spiegler girls or other industry friends away from work?

Veruca James: I’m lucky to have found a great group of industry friends that I regularly hang out with outside of work, some of which are Spiegler girls (of course because they are awesome).

Gabriel Lan: Being a native of Chicago, what do you miss most about the Windy City? What do you miss the least?

Veruca James: I miss the food most, Chicagoans know how to eat! J  I also miss the nightlife, Chicago, like NYC has a pretty big variety of dive and rock-n-roll bars.  I miss the weather the least! I have a love/hate relationship with the Midwest values.  I love the kindness and manners that most Midwesterners have, but I’m more than happy to be living in a more liberal city now. Midwest values can be very conservative and small-minded.  A lot of the conservative values are stemmed from a lack of exposure to other ideas, it’s very easy to be a very well educated person with a small world view in the Midwest.

Gabriel Lan: When was the last time you were back home?

Veruca James: I was home for a few days this past May to visit my grandma.  I hadn’t been home in 2 years and I surprised her.  I had a great time being home, but I definitely know I will never live there again.

Gabriel Lan: As a Bears fan myself, I’d say Chicago is arguably the best sports town in America. Are you a fan of any of your hometown teams?

Veruca James: There isn’t much to do in the Midwest besides drink, eat and watch sports, so naturally I was a fan of my hometown teams.  I’m a fan of the Bears, Bulls, Hawks, Wrigley Field (lets be honest, that’s what people really like about going to Cubs games) and Sox.

Gabriel Lan: What do you like most about living in California? Anything you don’t like about it?

Veruca James: I love that it’s 75 and sunny 99% of the time, it’s hard to be in a bad mood with that weather.  I love the proximity to the desert, mountains and ocean; there is so much to do outside for free!  People in LA are very health conscious, so it’s pretty easy to eat healthy and have variety.  Although, sometimes I do crave the comfort food from home.

Gabriel Lan: Being as you are highly educated, does the horrible grammar and bad manners that exist in society more than ever get on your nerves at all?

Veruca James: Haha Well, sometimes.  Specifically, bad manners, I don’t see any excuse for bad manners.  You should treat people the way you want to be treated.  Being polite and appreciative is way to set your self above those with more education/experience or fame that do not.  I try not to get upset about grammar and spelling, I make mistakes too and I don’t want to be crucified for it.  Although, I do consider social media to be a casual form of communication; whereas, in all professional matters I expect communication to be accurate, without excuses.

Gabriel Lan: Have you set any goals for yourself within the adult industry?

Veruca James: Perform as long as people want to see me.  J  I want to have my own company and I hope to continually become involved with creating a unified and respected voice for performers’ health, safety and community.  I recently ran for APAC ( Treasurer, uncontested. :P  APAC is a performer based organization for performers.  A professionally organized group of individuals focused on educating performers in matters of health, safety and community, supporting and publicly defending performers’ rights and overall providing life based resources for performers.

Gabriel Lan: You’ve done pretty much every act there is to do. Do you have something in mind as to what you’d like to do next? Anything that you haven’t done that you’re dreaming of doing?

Veruca James: I haven’t done doubles ;)  I’m a go-getter, so when I want to do something I seek it out.  No scene is the same and there are plenty of performers I haven’t worked with that I would love to.  Just because I don’t have a specific fantasy in mind right now, doesn’t mean I won’t think of one, soon!

Gabriel Lan: This isn’t actually an interview question, but how does one, being YOU specifically, become so utterly adorable AND infinitely sexy all rolled into one??? It’s a fine line maintaining both lol ;)

Veruca James: You’re making me blush!  It is true though, I am very sweet and innocent in most ways, but I have a very sexual and deviant side that I embrace very openly.

Gabriel Lan: Let’s say I was a genie and could grant you 3 wishes. What would you wish for?

Veruca James: Happiness for myself. Happiness for those I love. A visit to another planet with intelligent life.

See, and you still thought ALL accountants were boring.

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IAFD Interview 24: Alexis Monroe

alexismonroe_brazzers_0022Back in 2012, Morbid Thoughts visited the set of Digital Playground’s then untitled feature, Hit The Road, and he interviewed stars Selena RoseAlexis Monroe and Tristan Kennedy.  Somehow, I lost the files of Alexis’ and Tristan’s interviews… but then I found them, almost a year later.  So what we get with Alexis’ interview is the portrait of an artist as a porn neophyte, having been in the industry less than a month when the interview took place.

We’re also rolling out a new feature on the interviews here – transcriptions!  We’re posting transcriptions of the interviews we’re doing, and we’re backfilling the rest.  We have a very attractive Hungarian girl holed up in an apartment somewhere in New Jersey, typing away, working on getting all the old interviews converted… but in the meantime…

Here’s Alexis’ on the Web:


JEFF FROM IAFD: ¡Hola Amigos! This is Jeff from IAFD coming back at you. I’ve got some weird slapback in the headphones so forgive me if I stammer a bit. Back in April 2012 we sent Morbid Thoughts out to the set of Digital Playground’s “Hit The Road” and he spoke with Selena Rose and you can hear her interview elsewhere on the website, but this one is Alexis Monroe, and that’s Alexis with an “a” not with an “e”, so it’s not “Elexis” it’s “Alexis”. Anyway, so they sat down and they chatted and they talked about how she entered the industry, her hometown back in Michigan, her hobbies, social networking and how she spends down time on the set — the usual jazz. She can be found on Twitter @alexismonroexxx and you can find her on Facebook as well. So without further ado — Morbid Thoughts and Alexis Monroe.
Morbid Thoughts: Hi, this is Morbid Thoughts, I’m her on the set of a Rob D. movie by, of course, Digital Playground. I’m here with a really really new starlet that just told me that she was just starting in the industry about a week ago. What’s your name?
Alexis Monroe: Hi, I’m Alexis Monroe.
Morbid Thoughts: Hi Alexis, so since this has only been a week you might remember, what made you get into the industry?
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) Well, I have a really good personality. I like to meet new people and that kind of thing and I figured I needed a fun hobby and I really enjoy traveling and meeting new people, so I thought this would be fun. I like to fuck, of course, so I just decided to try it out and here I am! And it’s been a wonderful experience ever since I started!
Morbid Thoughts: Are you from the L.A. area or did you have to travel?
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) I had to travel here, I’m originally from Michigan, so I enjoy both because in Michigan it’s the four seasons, you have snow right now. Coming to L.A. was nice because it’s warm and there’s sun even though now it’s raining so (laughs)…
Morbid Thoughts: What part of Michigan are you from?
Alexis Monroe: I’m from Muskegon.
Morbid Thoughts: I have no idea what it is, is that on the tip or is it on the main peninsula?
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) No, it’s not on the tip. It’s like, it’s kinda on the outer edge of the state, I guess, like if your holding up your hand it’s like right there (laughs), but we live by the lake so pretty close to the edge.
Morbid Thoughts: What’s the community like there?
Alexis Monroe: It’s completely different from here actually it’s like a small town, like everyone knows everybody; nothing stays quiet at all (laughs). Like, we have our big towns but I’m not in one of those so it’s mostly, like, families and people who go to school and that kind of thing in my neighborhood anyways. There aren’t really a lot of young couples or people.
Morbid Thoughts: Do you think people already know about your jump into the industry?
Alexis Monroe: Yeah, well I wasn’t exactly very secretive about it either. It wasn’t like one of those things where I just denied it, I just kinda told this is what I wanted to do and I just kinda hoped that if they were meant to be with me then they would stay and the ones who mattered did and the ones who didn’t are gone. (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: So, in your brief week of (laughs) the porn career, how many scenes have you done?
Alexis Monroe: This is my third boy-girl scene. I did a group girl scene and a solo, so…like five (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Five, and I think this will be your first feature right?
Alexis Monroe: Yes, this is my first feature (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Tell me about, you know, your experiences between the differences in a feature set compared to a gonzo set.
Alexis Monroe: Oh my god, 110% different! Completely different! I like feature sets a lot. There’s a lot more that goes into it than I am realizing but it’s cool cause I am excited to see it when it actually comes out cause gonzo sets are very amateur, very you know, you don’t really care about anything and there aren’t scripts and that kind of thing but I like the feature sets a lot so I’m really excited.
Morbid Thoughts: I don’t know how large your part is in this movie, but have you had to memorize a lot of lines?
Alexis Monroe: No, not really, not yet. I think I have, like two separate dialogue scenes and then the sex scene, so it should be pretty fun but my lines are pretty….pretty decent, I mean. I did an intro scene with Selena at the beginning and I’ll do one at the end as well.
Morbid Thoughts: She’s talking about contract star Selena Rose. Can you tell me a little about the character you’re playing?
Alexis Monroe: Sure, I am playing a bitchy douche girlfriend named Kelly (laughs), so basically in this movie she comes in and pretty much intrudes on my boyfriend and I get mad and pissy and I yell at my boyfriend about it and I leave for work and when I come back I like, apologize and we have our sex scene and then I find out that he had sex with her while I was gone.
Morbid Thoughts: Of course, that’s how it always happens!
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) Yeah, so I get all pissed off and then I storm out of the house in a rampage and then that’s it! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: And your boyfriend is played by?
Alexis Monroe: That is Erik Everhard, he’s a sweetheart!
Morbid Thoughts: (speaks to someone in background) We got interrupted due to some technical difficulties downstairs in the movie. This is your first time working with Erik?
Alexis Monroe: This is my first time. He is a sweetheart though. I like him a lot.
Morbid Thoughts: Don’t you find his Canadian accent kinda funny?
Alexis Monroe: (Laughs) Um, a little bit yeah! I’m kinda from up north too so it’s not as terrible if you were to compare it to someone from L.A. or Miami.
Morbid Thoughts: Really? I never notice an accent in California people but I think it’s probably because you always hear it on tv.
Alexis Monroe: Yes, that’s correct! Everyone says that I have a funny accent too so maybe I don’t get it cause he sounds normal to me (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Okay, It’s kinda weird, Erik’s been in the industry for about twelve years now and I swear every time I see him on set he’s got the personality of “oh boy! oh boy!” (laughs) you know?
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) Yeah he’s always really excited!! The bug eyes going on!
Morbid Thoughts: And I think when he saw you today he was really, really excited!
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) Yeah, he apparently has a thing for blondes, so it should be fun, a fun time!
Morbid Thoughts: So, apparently he doesn’t think you are a douche bag girlfriend!
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) No, he’ll put up with my crap, he likes it! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: So, I’ve noticed on these sets, there’s a lot of waiting around, what are you going to do to fill in the time?
Alexis Monroe: Yeah, there’s a lot of waiting. I’ve been looking over my lines, I’m trying to get comfortable because this is my first feature — it’s kinda nerve racking and I’m not used to having twelve different people staring at me while I’m trying to remember lines and act natural. So I am just trying to get to know people so I feel more comfortable which I think is a really big thing because, for me, I have a bubbly personality and I am giggles and all that so to be in a big place where I don’t know anyone is kinda, uh scary! (laughs) So I’m trying just to be comfortable I guess, cause other than that I am pretty good at everything else.
Morbid Thoughts: I mean, What kind of scene is it going to be today, I mean I don’t know anything about your limits, I don’t know what you do, I don’t know what you’re comfortable with. I’m pretty sure Erik doesn’t really know either!
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) Today is a boy-girl scene so it will just be normal fucking I would imagine, like, blow jobs, kissing, fucking, that kind of thing. Because I’m new I still have some limitations but not a lot so…
Morbid Thoughts: Have you ever seen Erik work before?
Alexis Monroe: I have not actually!
Morbid Thoughts: He has a nickname!
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) I guess in my free time I’ll be looking it up!
Morbid Thoughts: Well, actually he has two nicknames depending on the role he plays.
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) What are they?
Morbid Thoughts: Well, one is called the “Hate Plow” because, I mean, he really gets into the scene, you can see it in {his} expression and if you’re not ready for it you know, you might be transfixed by it.
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) Okay, what’s the other?
Morbid Thoughts: The other is he is just known as “The Everhard Bunny” as you know like the Energizer {Bunny}…
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) So he just keeps going and going and going?
Morbid Thoughts: yeah, he just keeps going and going and going!
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) Well, good I’m excited! I guess I’ll find out which one I like the best! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Just because a director calls cut, he might not stop!
Alexis Monroe: (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: The scenes where I have seen that happen, the girl is more than happy to go along!
Alexis Monroe: Yeah, I am sure I will be fine! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Have you, I guess, created social networking — Like you know Twitters and Facebooks in preparation for your career?
Alexis Monroe: Yes, actually I did. I have both. I have a Twitter it’s @_sexy_thing under Alexis Monroe and I have a Facebook. I have an actual Facebook and I have a Fan Page both. One of my friends created my fan page (laughs).
Morbid Thoughts: Okay, your friends created your fan page — guy friend or girl friend?
Alexis Monroe: Girl friend actually!
Morbid Thoughts: Okay, that sounds a little more normal!
Alexis Monroe: Yeah! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: And were these things you thought of before you jumped into the industry or was it things that you realized “oh shit! I got to do that!”
Alexis Monroe: Well, I had a Twitter but I never really used it until I came out here, like I think I had it for like a week or two before I came out here and then I came out here and everyone was like “Oh, do you have Twitter? Do you have Twitter?” and apparently Twitter is like porn star central because everyone is on Twitter! (laughs) But Facebook I’ve had forever, but I didn’t actually make my Facebook until yesterday maybe the day before, so still fairly new.
Morbid Thoughts: So, for your career, I know you’re traveling from Michigan, do you plan to keep doing this — commuting back and forth or do you plan to just move to L.A.?
Alexis Monroe: For awhile I think I’ll still commute just because I think it’s really important to make sure that you have your roots of where your comfortable with and you know, that you stay you, cause I feel that you can get really caught up out here and you could get into the rush of everything and I wanna make sure that I have that space in between work and normalcy. I like to relax and I love the lake and I hate saltwater so (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Oh, okay I didn’t know there was a difference but I guess when you jump in and you have a cut somewhere then sure there is a difference!
Alexis Monroe: Yeah it doesn’t burn your eyes and it doesn’t make my hair freak out and you don’t walk out looking like you got covered in like dried cum (laugh) cause you’re all white from the salt.
Morbid Thoughts: Yeah, see I don’t know what that feeling is like (laughs)
Alexis Monroe: (laughs) No, I can imagine that.
Morbid Thoughts: So, I never notice those things.
Alexis Monroe: No, I guess the one thing that I hate most about salt water is that it burns your eyes cause I went jet skiing in the ocean once and it is not a good experience. They didn’t tell me to wear goggles, my eyes burned for like days.
Morbid Thoughts: So, you know, tell me a little about your hobbies besides the jet skiing and what you like to watch on tv, what you like to read that kind of stuff.
Alexis Monroe: Sure, well, at home I like to do a lot of things outside so anything at the beach; jet skiing, going boating, I like to ride my bike but in Michigan the weather is kinda hit or miss so when I can I do but we work out a lot when I have free time with my friends and that kind of thing. I like watching movies a lot. So any types of movies, right now I am going through a scary move binge where all I want to do is watch old scary movies and my best friend back home we just sit in her bed and play with her baby rabbits.
Morbid Thoughts: Oh, I love rabbits! How old are they?
Alexis Monroe: She has one that was just born a couple of weeks ago cause her momma rabbit had a baby and then she has another one, I am not sure how old it is but it’s really big and fat and her feet are huge! But we just sit and cuddle with them and they sleep on our chests.
Morbid Thoughts: The big one, is it kinda brown?
Alexis Monroe: Mm hmm, yup!
Morbid Thoughts: I think it’s a Flemish Giant.
Alexis Monroe: Yeah! That’s what it is and her new baby one is just tiny it’s this big, it fits in the palm of your hand,
Morbid Thoughts: Are the ears still short?
Alexis Monroe: Mm hmm, yeah. It looks kinda funny (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: You might be able tell I used to have rabbits as a kid.
Alexis Monroe: Yeah, yeah, no for sure! We love them. We sit and cuddle and watch movies all day!
Morbid Thoughts: They got the personality of cats so it’s kinda fun.
Alexis Monroe: They do! And they’re feet are giant and they’re so cute!
Morbid Thoughts: Have you ever made them dump yet?
Alexis Monroe: Um, no, not yet, I got peed on once, but she might have but I didn’t! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: So you were mentioning scary movies, what’s your favorite then?
Alexis Monroe: Um, I don’t know like, I just watched all the Freddy vs. Jason movies like Freddy Krueger movies and stuff. I really liked “Jeepers Creepers” (laughs) I watched “Dive” the other day. It was a horrible movie, It was horrible. Don’t ever watch it!
Morbid Thoughts: I’ve never heard of it so…
Alexis Monroe: It was like a backwards “Saw” kind of movie and it was just no good.
Morbid Thoughts: have you ever seen the show “Supernatural”?
Alexis Monroe: Yes! I love it! I watch that and “Charmed” all the time!
Morbid Thoughts: Don’t you think most of these new horror movies that are coming out are starring either Jensen Ackles or the other guy, and I keep going, no one’s going to kill them!
Alexis Monroe: Yes! Exactly! No, yes, for sure! (laughs) No, but I do like that show a lot! It’s fun! It’s kinda suspenseful!
Morbid Thoughts: Well, is there anything you would like to say to your fans, like I have no idea when this interview will be released cause I don’t control the release of it, so by the time it comes out you might already be a superstar!
Alexis Monroe: Well, I would like to tell all my fans thank you for all of your support because you guys are the ones that put me here and of course follow me on Twitter or Facebook to see any updates that I might have, any new features I might get, but mostly I’m just here to have fun and I wanna remind everyone to do that too cause it’s important!
Morbid Thoughts: Okay, Thanks Alexis!
Alexis Monroe: Thank you!
JEFF FROM IAFD: This has been an production.