AVN Awards 2012: Technical Production Awards

We apologize to those artists who should be individually credited with these nominations. Since we don’t track that information in the database, we’re unable to list the names here. We don’t minimize their efforts and applaud their nominations.

Best Art Direction

Best Cinematography

Best Editing

Best Makeup

Best Music Soundtrack

Best Screenplay

Best Screenplay: Parody

Best Special Effects

Best Original Song

AVN Awards 2012: Directing Awards

Best Director: Feature

Best Director: Foreign Feature

Best Director: Non-Feature

Best Director: Parody

Director of the Year (Body of Work)

AVN Awards 2012: Acting Awards

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Non-Sex Performance

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Tease Performance

XBiz Awards 2012: Various Straight Personality Awards and Director of the Year

Director of the Year: Body of Work

Director of the Year: Individual Project

Crossover Star of the Year

New Starlet of the Year

XBiz Awards 2012: Best Straight Releases of the Year, Part 2

European Non-Feature Release of the Year

Fetish Release of the Year

Gonzo Release of the Year

Interracial Release of the Year

Latin-Themed Release of the Year

Parody Release of the Year: Comedy

Parody Release of the Year: Drama

Vignette Release of the Year