AVN Awards 2011: Best Feature

Congrats to all the nominees!

Hello WordPress!

We’re moving some of the more administrative stuff to WordPress in an effort to make it easier for us to update the home page and add things like interviews, which up until this time, required manual editing of text files or database tables. (Primitive, I know…)

So, we opened blog.iafd.com which will live its own life over there, but the main content will be mirrored onto our home page.

The Interviews are also hosted over there now, and have their own RSS feed, so you can subscribe using your favorite podcast client.


We recently picked up an advertiser who asked if we would host their campaigns using IFRAMEs. All of our other banner advertising on the site is hosted by us; but this new ad would be hosted by THEM. It’s a legit form of serving ads these days, so we didn’t think much of it…

But now it appears their ad network was compromised and serving up malware. Thanks to the efforts of user @eeggee69 we were able to track down the offending code and better yet, trace its path from the IFRAME to a malicious site. The campaign is no longer running. The only solace we have is that sites as large as the New York Times have fallen prey to the same situation..