Not a creature was stirring…

… they were too busy getting dangerously close to 100,000 titles! (We’re at 99,901!!!) Here’s an oldie but goodie; we try to do this every year — a list of all the Christmas themed porn we could dig up doing a minimal search… We’d have included Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, but they don’t seem to appear in any titles… So here we go:

  1. Rican Christmas (gay)
  2. A Very Creamy Christmas
  3. Active Duty Live Christmas (gay)
  4. All I Want For Christmas is a Gang Bang
  5. Barely Legal Bitch that Stole Christmas
  6. Barely Legal Christmas
  7. Big Titty Christmas
  8. Christmas ’95 At Jan’s
  9. Christmas 2003 Party (gay)
  10. Christmas Carol
  11. Christmas Cums Early
  12. Christmas Friends (gay)
  13. Christmas In Memphis
  14. Christmas Party 2004 (gay)
  15. Christmas Party 2005 (gay)
  16. Daddy’s Anal Christmas Present
  17. Dirty Santa
  18. Gina’s Very Merry Christmas Orgy
  19. Hercules Cums For Christmas (gay)
  20. Here Comes Santa (gay)
  21. Here Cums Santa Clause (gay)
  22. Here Cumz Santa
  23. I Saw Mommy Eating Santa Claus
  24. I Saw Mommy Eating Santa Claus 2
  25. Little Christmas Tail
  26. Matadores: Studs In Santa Cruz (gay)
  27. Merry Christmas
  28. Return Of Santana (gay)
  29. Road Trip 2: Santa Cruz (gay)
  30. Santa Comes Again
  31. Santa Comes Twice
  32. Santa Dreamin’ (gay)
  33. Santa is Coming All Over Town
  34. Santa is Naughty And Nice
  35. Santa’s Coming (gay)
  36. Santa’s Cummin%27! (gay)
  37. Santa’s Excellent Adventure (gay)
  38. Santa’s Itty Bitty Titties Helpers
  39. Santa’s Sluts
  40. Seka For Christmas
  41. Sexy Santa
  42. Seymore Butts Christmas Orgy
  43. Seymore Butts Merry Fucking Christmas
  44. Spank This 17: Santa …Dreamin’ (gay)
  45. Spanked By Santa
  46. Tuna Christmas (gay)
  47. Very Very Bad Santa
  48. Will And Ed’s Excellent Boner Christmas

So, have a safe and happy holiday season everyone… we’ll see you at AEE!

Recent News: Perf Comments, Scene Breakdowns, Bugs

Archived Tweets: We’ve added comments to the performer pages, similar to the ones that have been on the movie pages. Only 200 or so (out of 90,000) performers currently have comments. Sample of a performer comment: Draghixa’s birthplace or or when/where was Brianna Beach born?

We also rearranged the scene ordering in the breakdowns so the actresses are grouped together in the front, and then the actors afterwards.

And we solved a problem where some performers weren’t turning up in search results if you had the Gay filter turned on. This has been fixed.

One Movie, Many Formats

We got this note “I was just wondering, what do you all think about adding a column for”rentals”? … So often, I will look for rentals of a particular star and click on every title that has an “X” in the “buy” column and have to scroll down to see if it is for rent. If there was a separate column for rentals, I wouldn’t have to waste all that time…”

So, we went one better, and we changed the column structure. We now track 4 things:

V – VHS for Sale
D – DVD for Sale
R – DVD Rental
O – Video on Demand

From the performer’s filmography, you can now look at the buy column and tell at-a-glance which formats your title is available.

You can see it in action by visiting a performer page, like, say, Jenna Jameson’s.