Always Nice To Get Some XBiz Love, 2017 Edition


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[Boilerplate press release follows]  has been named a finalist nominee for the adult industry’s awards event of the year, the 2017 XBIZ Awards, presented by, scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017 in Los Angeles.

We’ve received a nomination in the award category Adult Site of the Year – Fan Site

Nominees for the 2017 XBIZ Awards were selected based on nearly 8,000 pre-nominations submitted by members of the industry through  (IAFD will be posting our annotated list of nominees in the next day or two.)

“Yay us!” said webmaster Jeff Vanzetti.  “I think I can speak for most of our fellow nominees by saying we expect history to repeat itself and it’ll be a pleasure to lose to Freeones again.”

The XBIZ Awards honors the very best in the business of sex and is set to fill the largest ballroom in Los Angeles — the Westin Bonaventure Hotel — where the adult film legend Ron Jeremy will be featured as master of ceremonies for the red-carpet gala.

A star-studded affair that attracts the industry elite, the XBIZ Awards show, celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2017, recognizes outstanding achievements across every facet of the multibillion-dollar business, including movie production, pleasure products, technology and retail.

Since its inception, household names from the world of adult have hosted the gala, including Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Jesse Janejessica drake, Kayden Kross and James Deen. Its worldwide reach has led to international media coverage from renowned outlets such as the L.A. Times, CNBC, TIME, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, Huffington Post and The Daily Beast, among others.

The XBIZ Awards will once again coincide with the industry’s trade events series of the year, XBIZ 2017, which annually features an unparalleled lineup of guest speakers and special events dedicated to exploring the future of the adult industry.

For the complete list of finalist nominees, visit


About XBIZ

XBIZ™ is the adult industry’s leading publisher of business news and information, providing up-to-the-minute coverage of the industry at and in three trade publications — XBIZ World for the digital media market, XBIZ Premiere for the retail market and XBIZ Sensuals for the intimate products market. In addition, XBIZ hosts five annual trade events including the adult industry’s biggest night, the XBIZ Awards. XBIZ is frequently cited in the media for coverage of the industry and has been published in CNN, Fox News, Newsweek, MSNBC, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, CNET, ABC, USA Today and Los Angeles Times among others.

About IAFD

The Internet Adult Film Database has been tracking bibliographic info on adult movies at its current home since 1999. With information on over 226,000 movies from 1959 through present, the IAFD is the most comprehensive database of its kind. Maintenance is provided by a dozen volunteer editors doing their own research assisted by a variety of sources – industry professionals, fellow researchers and everyday porn fans. Along with movie listings, IAFD has a price search engine and links to over 119,000 movie reviews from the leading review sites on the Net.

As Rare As A Stylish Mullet


On our Advanced Search page we have a “Sex Notes Search” which gives you a list of movies or performers which feature certain rare sex acts – things like Fisting, Squirting, DPP or DAP.

We were asked why we don’t include more “mundane” sex acts in that list, and the answer is because they’re ubiquitous, so returning a list of 10,000 performers who did a DP really isn’t that useful.

BUT, through some discussions (Thanks, Mike!) we looked at it a different way – instead of showing all performers who did a certain act; perhaps filter it down by rarity… so welcome – Performer Rarities!

rarityLet’s explain – the FACIAL is the Pidgey of the porn world.  They’re everywhere.  (Go Team Valor!)  But there are some performers, sometimes referred to as “Cum Dodgers”, who eschew the practice – so perhaps there’s some interest in seeing when these performers couldn’t or didn’t dodge.

So, we ran the numbers – we take the number of movies a performer took a facial in, divide it by the number of movies in that performer’s career, and we get their Career Facial Percentage.

It’s important to note here, that this is just the number of MOVIES that they took a facial in.  A simple boy/girl scene and a 100 Guy Gangbang count the same – once.

So, who is the rarest of them all? In the facial category, Felecia is the winner; having taken only a single facial in 499 movies, or a CFP (Career Facial Percentage) of 0.20%.  This stands to reason as she was primarily a g/g performer, and the other people with the lowest CFP are similarly g/g performers who occasionally crossed over to the b/g side.


Now, we leave you to your search for Tight Shots 1.

Scroll down the advanced search page to get started!

The IAFD Randomizer

randomizerEvery so often we get tweeted at (@iafdcom) with a question about functionality or people mis-remembering functionality…

This week was no exception, and we got this in the feed:

We never had such a thing.

Well, until now.

It’s silly and completely mindless.

It’s also available under the SERVICES menu item.

Tweet us your thoughts – can it be improved?  Should it be?

The Boolean Filters Are Back!


In keeping with our “roll it out, then fix it” style that we learned from Facebook, we’re happy to announce that the boolean filters AND/OR/NOT are back in action on the performer page.

We’re aware of an issue when you hit the back button, the filters are still checked off, but the filter itself is removed.  We’re looking into it; we’re not sure if it’s a bug in the component we’re using to display the tabular data, or something we’re not handling correctly.

See them in action!

Veruca James filmography at IAFD

What The Fuck Happened Here? A Primer to Our New Layout


[UPDATE – 2015 Sept 6 : Added “how to find movies that two people worked together on” graphic.

2015 Oct 21 – Boolean filters are operational again.]

So, how’d everyone spend their Sunday?

After a couple months of tweeting out teasers, we pulled the trigger and went live with the new site design.  We stopped letting perfect be the enemy of good, and released it to the world, and if there’s stuff to fix, we’ll fix it. (Tho we think we’re in pretty good shape.)

The biggest question we’ve gotten over the past two days is WHY? FOR GOD’S SAKE WHY?

In a nutshell, it’s Google’s fault.  A couple months back, Google announced that they were going to start penalizing websites who did not offer a mobile experience.  Since  we did not offer a mobile experience, we were constantly getting emails from Google gently nudging and prodding that our site didn’t look so great on cel phones, and we should really do something about it, otherwise, they’d have to stop telling people about us.

So, three months after their deadline, we’re now mobile friendly.

(While we have a volunteer team of editors working on the data, I’m the only guy working on the back-end stuff, and this isn’t a full time thing for me, so I had to squeeze it in as best I could which is why it took so long.)

But I figured we’d give you a quick before and after tour so you know where to find things… so, let’s start at the top.


First off, we revamped our menu – we streamlined it and took a bunch of stuff out that was moldy or fallen on hard times.  RAME.NET has been dead for almost 10 years now, so it gets relegated to our RESOURCES menu.

Most of the sub-menus on the various NEW/UPDATED lists have been removed since all of the sorting and filtering has been moved to the client-side.  It used to be if you wanted to sort by movie name or the date it was entered into the database, you had to load a new page, but now you can just CLICK ON THE COLUMN HEADING!



This one has the most change in that we’ve eliminated the various specialty searches.  We already moved the Vendor Search over to the Advanced Searches page, and if there’s enough demand, we’ll bring some of the other ones back… but you can get at all the stuff from the main search box.



The search results are the same as before, just in a new layout.

Side by Side Results Page
Click to open the full-size image

Where the old layout had all of the results in a single, inflexible column, the new layout has everything in a series of sortable and searchable tables.

So, if you don’t like that we return the performers sorted by the number of movies they made — we do that because they tend to be the performers who are being searched — you can click a heading and put in in an order you like.

You can further refine your searches using the box at the upper right of the table.  It filters the search results further as you type.  It filters across all columns… so, for instance,  if you type in “naughty” it will show you “Naughty Nurses” along with anything distributed by Naughty America.  Just so you know.

This search box is a feature of all our tables, so if you see something in a table, you can probably rest easy that you can sort and filter it to your liking.  (Unless your liking is to filter on only one column… then you’re kind of out of luck right now…)


Click to open fullsize
Click to open full size

So, we’ve laid out the performer page a bit differently and we’ve added some more info to it as well.

In the upper left is a larger headshot.  For the past year or so, we’ve been adding new headshots at a larger resolution, looking forward to the day when we could show them off; today’s the day!  Headshots that aren’t created at the bigger size are scaled up.

Under the headshot is a bunch of biographical info – the performer’s AKAs (if any), birthday, astrological sign, birthplace, years active and websites by or about them.


To the right of the headshot is the InfoBox (we don’t have a catchier name – suggestions?) which has a bunch of different tabs (circled)

Click for full size
Click to open full size

The tabs break up what used to be a loooong page and allows us to put some other info we wanted to share in the old design — like personal awards — but it just made the bio block ridiculously long, so we saved it until we could do it right.

Awards Panel Detail

With the awards, if there’s a movie they were nominated for; or other performer’s they were nominated with, those are clickable.  (Thru the JPG artifacts, you can kind of see HEROIN is clickable…)

The Galleries which used to be in the grey box under the headshot on the old site now have a tab of their own to stretch out in:

Click to open full size
Click to open full size

The credited with tab is the same as it was on the old page, just in its own tab.




[UPDATED: 10-20-2015] We’re happy to report that the boolean filters are back!


So, you click off boxes and the results are cumulative.  if you click FACIAL, you get all the movies where the performer got it on the chin; if you then click ANAL – you get all movies were the performer had BOTH anal sex and got a facial, etc.

If you have some things checked off under AND and then click on NOT, you’ll see the inverse list.  OR will get you a bunch of titles with all the criteria you’re looking for.

You can see in the filter graphic above there’s two other buttons next to PERFORMER CREDITS – Check Scene Pairings and Director Credits.


The performer and director credits are in a sortable / filterable table like everywhere else on site, so you can sort the table columns and there’s a search box in the upper right corner of the table so you can further filter and limit the list.

We added a STUDIO column to the results, so you can tell it’s not just distributed by EVIL ANGEL, but LE WOOD.  Webscenes will have the parent network as the distributor ( and the site name as the studio (


Check Scene Pairings is the same page we used to show you in a pop-up window, but now it’s embedded in the page itself.   It shows you performers that the main performer has had a scene with.  So, we know that Avy and Aiden Starr got it on in Lesbian Hospital 2.


It’s in an IFRAME, so it loads up and when it’s done, it resizes the page to match itself.  I forego-ed (forewent?) a “Loading…” graphic or spinning beach ball kind of thing, so there’s a brief moment of glitchy layout as it fills itself in.  I hope you’ll muddle through it and not think less of us.  (For prolific performers this might take 15 seconds or so – Tom Byron has slept with a lot of ladies…)


So, speaking of Lesbian Hospital 2, let’s have a gander at it:


We can see down the left-hand side that there’s the bibliographic info – running time, director, distributor, studio, etc.

Then, to the right is the performer block.  Under each picture is the performer’s name and whatever sex acts (that we track) which they performed in the movie.



Scrolling down, we see the scene breakdowns, any honors and/ awards the movie had bestowed upon them and the external reviews.



Since we don’t host any reviews ourselves, we show you which site hosts the review (Adult DVD Talk, CAVR, etc.) and who wrote the review (astroknight, Den, etc.)

And finally, we have where you can buy or watch the movie. (And in doing so, you support your favorite stars, and US.)

So, that should give you a good idea how to search and what to play with.

Thanks for your continued support.