We Don’t Buy The New Astrology

Facebook was aflame with a recent article in Time Magazine which claims that there’s a 13th sign of the Zodiac.

We don’t buy it.

Don’t look for your favorite Ophuchicus pornstar, as you won’t find her here.

If these people can add a 13th horoscope, I’d like to call for a 13th month (the Simpsons’ “Smarch” will do nicely) to counteract the snow in mid-April or coatless weather on Thanksgiving that us east coasters have to face.   Smarch is just what the doctor ordered… but until I get that, no Ophuchicus.  (Or as I choose to pronounce it “O Fuck, I cuss”)

I mean, first they take away Pluto, and now this?  They’re fucking with my world view is what they’re doing, and I don’t like it!

For the “classic Zodiac” you can get your fix on the newly re-designed IAFD Astrology page.