Today’s Crush: Martha Washington

Is it wrong to be smitten with a porn director?  I hope not, because I’ve developed a bit of the fanboy crush on Martha Washington of Bluebird Films…

Is it the cheeky way she puts three (THREE!) porn queens named Starr — Aiden, Bobbi and Kaci — in her latest movie, Suck It!  Or the fact that she wants you to scream the title of the movie? 

Is it the too-fucking-cute rose colored glasses in the picture she sent over for us to use as the pic that accompanies her profile?  Or maybe the ripped knee of the jeans she’s wearing?

Is it the way she kinda looks like a younger version of my hot friend Liza?

Is it her Twitter war with over the sensibility of ladies keeping condoms close at hand?

I dunno.  It’s all of those things, probably. 

Mostly, it’s the giddy fun she seems to be having during a two-part interview with “My Drink with Hollywood” which started out well, but ended a bit too high concept (On naming porn: “Host: Do you think ‘Air Bud: Golden Receiver’ would be good? Martha: “That sounds like a gay one, maybe?  For a gay one, it’s a six or seven…”) but she remained polite and a good sport throughout…

Here is the interview… turn the speakers down as the intro music is waaaaaay too loud and bass-y compared to the rest of the interview.

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