‘Words With (Slutty) Friends’ featuring Dakota Skye


WWSF Dakota Skye SFW

Used commonly in therapy and psychoanalysis, ‘Word Association’ can be a means of creating a psychiatric evaluation of an individual. Participants in word association are instructed to simply respond to a given word spontaneously with the first word, thing, or phrase that comes to their mind. Some experts in the field of psychology believe that the responses can be revealing about the inner workings of the subconscious mind of that individual.

Since we at IAFD.com knew all you filthy minded perverts out there were wondering what your favorite pornstars were thinking about subconsciously, we simply asked them for you. In this installment, we put the mind of Spank Bank Awards ‘Newcummer of the Year’, ‘Most Adorable Slut’, and ‘Fun Sized Fuck Bunny’ nominee Dakota Skye to the test.

Here are the results:

Gabriel Lan: Unique
Dakota Skye: My belly button

Gabriel Lan: Adult
Dakota Skye: Star

Gabriel Lan: Twat
Dakota Skye: Cunt

Gabriel Lan: Penetration
Dakota Skye: Double

Gabriel Lan: Candle
Dakota Skye: Wax

Gabriel Lan: Inhale
Dakota Skye: Cum

Gabriel Lan: Caboose
Dakota Skye: What the fuck?!?!

Gabriel Lan: Dirty
Dakota Skye: Mind

Gabriel Lan: Enchanted
Dakota Skye: Princess cum slut

Gabriel Lan: Fancy
Dakota Skye: Feast

Gabriel Lan: Girly
Dakota Skye: Teen

Gabriel Lan: Butthole
Dakota Skye: QUEEN!

Gabriel Lan: Hump
Dakota Skye: Everything

Gabriel Lan: Junk
Dakota Skye: in the trunk

Gabriel Lan: Box
Dakota Skye: PUSSY!

Gabriel Lan: Rocks
Dakota Skye: Kick

Gabriel Lan: Lantern
Dakota Skye: Green

Gabriel Lan: Dangle
Dakota Skye: Berry

Gabriel Lan: Muffin
Dakota Skye: Tops

Gabriel Lan: Naked
Dakota Skye: and helpless

Gabriel Lan: Onion
Dakota Skye: Ewww!

Gabriel Lan: Wild
Dakota Skye: Card

Gabriel Lan: Quake
Dakota Skye: Earth

Gabriel Lan: Rear
Dakota Skye: end is getting fucked

Gabriel Lan: Offensive
Dakota Skye: Dialog

Gabriel Lan: Shaved
Dakota Skye: Nuts

Gabriel Lan: Tiny
Dakota Skye: Twat

Gabriel Lan: Snatch
Dakota Skye: CATCH!

Gabriel Lan: Pervert
Dakota Skye: Yes!!

Gabriel Lan: Yes
Dakota Skye: No

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