We’ll Be On The Jay Thomas Show at 5:30

Jay Thomas Show LogoWe’re going to be on  The Jay Thomas Show (SiriusXM 104) today, February 21, at 5:30pm Eastern. (We were supposed to be on the 20th, but Jay got sick).

We’ll be talking about the site and other interesting things.

Jay’s been on a bunch of sitcoms, so maybe I’ll need to ask if he’s seen the parody versions of Cheers or Mork and Mindy, and if he’s upset they didn’t find porno versions of his characters.  I’d also be interested to see if he thinks there’s a market for a Murphy Brown porn parody…

However, my first memory of Jay is from when I was a kid, and he appeared on the cover of the January 1980 issue of Dynamite, a staple of my reading diet when I was 11… who could predict that 33 years later my interest in dirty movies gets me a chance to rap with that guy hugging Robin Williams?



Media Interest and Further info on Luka Magnotta

[UPDATE 7 Jun 2012: Old article on StreetBait.com confirms Vancouver shooting locations: http://archives.xtra.ca/Story.aspx?s=2269371 – “Sample scenes show guys being picked up on Vancouver streets or at the beach near the Burrard St bridge. “]

We’ve been fielding calls today from news organizations in the Great White North, and thought we’d just document what we’ve been saying, so we have something to refer to the next time they call. :-)

Jamie, one of two editors – Flygal being the other — who is really responsible for all this research (and deserve all the credit; I’m just a mouthpiece) passed this along.  (Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention James and nhuixnhuix over at http://menofporn.typepad.com)

His scene for HISFIRSTHUGECOCK (based out of Tucson, Arizona), as Luka, appeared as scene 1 in MONSTER COCK JOCKS 25. He plays a straight guy turned gay. This was shot in 2003.   http://www.hisfirsthugecock.com/pornstar/1163

His second scene for HISFIRSTHUGECOCK he appears as Jimmy with blonde hair. This appears to be in 2004.    http://www.hisfirsthugecock.com/pornstar/2396

His scene for ADORABLE, as Luka, had a production date of October 9, 2005 with a Yonge Street address in Toronto. The film was released in 2006. He plays a gay guy who has a hangover after a night of partying. He instigates the sex.  http://www.iafd.com/title.rme/title=adorable/year=2006/adorable.htm

His scene for BADPUPPY, as Luka, was in November, 2005, the next month. It appears to be a mastonly.  (AVN.COM is reporting the scene was shot in 2009. The BadPuppy site itself lists it as 26 November 2005  and http://www.badpuppy.com/guest/models/Twinks/l/luka/default.asp  (Those links are NOT EVEN A LITTLE SAFE FOR WORK.)

His scene for DADDYMUGS does appear to have been shot in Ohio, as that’s where the company is based. I couldn’t find a production date but went by the various other releases on his site. There was one date I found, December 2008, but I couldn’t tell if it corresponded with Luka’s scene or another.   http://www.daddymugs.com/?mb=TW9kZWxzfHxtb2QxMTYwTVVHNTc0NjMw

His scene for STREETBAIT appears to have been shot in 2003.  As the Vancouver Sun reporter said, there was an office in Vancouver in 2003. I found a contact listing for Las Vegas on Alexa.  http://www.streetbait.com/tours/01/index39.htm

SON OF POSEDON was pulled off of his Facebook page. I had in my mind in might have been like one of those TrentDog situations (a mastonly) that he shot himself and uploaded or it was by some fly by night amateur outfit however, I could be wrong. For all I know, he could have had sex with a room full of guys. There’s no info on this title out there.

So, if anyone has any (ahem) hard info about Son of Posedon (or Poseidon, I suppose) please let us know.

Also, be wary of sites claiming to have video of Magnotta, we’re seeing links on HardSexTube and the like that claim to have “Luka Magnotta fucks MILF” videos, but they’re not him.

For the benefit of our friends in the Canadian Media, here’s all we know about Vancouver.  (With the discovery that body parts were sent to two elementary schools in Vancouver, a connection to Vancouver is being sought.)

[According to the CBC, Montreal police have since confirmed that Magnotta did live in Vancouver for a period of time, but provided no details.  We assume it was in the 2003 time period, but it’s only an assumption.]

We know the parent company of streetbait.com, Internet Media Corp, had an office in Vancouver around the time Luka shot his scene for them.  So, is it a stretch to draw the conclusion that they had a studio in or near their offices?  It would never hold up in court, but it seems reasonable enough.

Using the Internet Wayback Machine, we can look at their site’s 2257 notice (a page required by US law, which tells US law enforcement where  to go to check age-related documentation on the performers in sexually  explicit videos) as it appeared in 2003, and it says their address was:

Internet Media Corporation
402 – 280 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2E2
Email: legal@internetmediacorp.com

The URL of this notice is http://web.archive.org/web/20030715222441/http://www.csointl.com/content_records.html

Their current Terms and Conditions and privacy policy seems to reflect a Canada-centric corporation:

Section 19 reads in part: “This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the Province of British Columbia and Canada  as applied to agreements between British Columbia residents entered into and to be performed within the Province of British Columbia, except as  governed by Federal law.

Knowing that the copyright page of any site is usually the last page to get changed, this may be an outdated set of terms and conditions, as their corporate offices seem to have moved to Las Vegas.  The WHOIS record for the streetbait.com domain lists their new location:

Domain Name: streetbait.com
Registrant / Administrative Details: 

Legal Services
IMC Internet Media Corporation USA Inc.
101 Convention Center Drive, Suite 700
Las Vegas
US United States
Tel:   1.7023685215
Email: legal@internetmediacorp.com

As a journalism minor in college, I am fascinated about how an interview with The Canadian Press I did this morning is being used and excerpted and re-purposed throughout various news agencies and websites; it’s interesting to watch the Google Alerts come in… I just wish it wasn’t in relation to this story…

Places we’ve been quoted:

Murderous Canadian Porn Star’s Filmography Outlined

[UPDATE JUNE 4, 2012 – Looks like the guy got pinched in Berlin.]

With his name splashed across every website and newspaper in the world and a massive manhunt currently underway in at least two countries, Luka Magnotta, the infamous Quebec resident who last week graduated from filming himself killing cats to filming himself killing people, seems to have finally gotten some of that publicity he so desperately craved.

For those not in the know, last Saturday, Luka (real name Eric Newman) uploaded an 11 minute video to a site catering to fans of the macabre. In it Luka can be seen hacking up, cannibalizing and performing sex acts on the corpse of an Asian man (identified as Jun Lin, a Concordia University student). Three days later, as police were discovering Lin’s bloody torso stuffed inside a suitcase behind a grimy apartment in Montreal’s west-end, where Luka was believed to have resided, another gruesome find was making headlines across Canada, namely packages containing a hand and a foot in mail addressed to the federal Conservative and Liberal parties’ offices in Ottawa. The interior detail visible in the horrific video matched Luka’s blood caked apartment and, to nobody’s shock, the foot and hand turned out to belong to the person being dismembered in the video.

"Justin 2" over at DaddyMugs.com

As the media pounced, news of Luka’s lurid past began to emerge including that he had worked previously as a model, stripper, escort and once even auditioned to be a contestant on a Canadian reality show. There was also the rumours that he performed in some gay porn films. This is where we come in.

Last night, iafd editors (myself included) undertook the difficult task of trying to uncover some of Luka’s past porn work.

With the help of James over at Menofporn.typepad.com, we were able to uncover at least eight of his films and webscenes dating back to 2003. Two of the first, and more popular, sites he worked for include “HisFirstHugeCock.com” and “StreetBait.com” in 2003 and 2004.  In October 9, 2005, he shot a scene for Patrik Kohl‘s Twisty Media (a company with offices in Toronto and San Francisco), which was later included in the film, “Adorable”. In the film, Luka and his scene partner, Landon, are shown binding their penises together tightly with a leather belt.

The very next month, Magnotta arrived in Florida where he did one still shoot and one video for Lisa Turner’s Badpuppy Enterprises. She has since released a statement through the company website noting the “very creepy connection” and declared that Luka and Badpuppy had not had any contact since the shoot.

Magnotta’s most recent activity appears to be a scene he shot for an Ohio based website called DaddyMugs.com, sometime, we believe, in 2009. In the video, Luka bottoms for the chubby, middle-aged fellow for whom the site is named.

A versatile performer (he both pitched and catched), Luka seemed to change his hair style/color and name with each performance, often settling on simply Luka but sometimes opting for Justin or Jimmy.

For a guy that has seen thousands of porn films over the years, I couldn’t shake how uneasy I felt when I screened some of Luka’s scenes last night. I know this might sound silly, but behind those dark eyes seemed to lurk something sinister and his voice, deep, coarse and grating, with a hint of an accent, proved impossible to forget. As a performer, Luka came off as cool, selfish and content to merely go through the motions, something at least one of the men he was paired with seemed to take note of. In “Monster Cock Jocks 25”, a blonde fellow spends a few awkward minutes flirting with Luka to no avail. As the action commences, he can be seen to look at the camera person ever-so-briefly, in a way that conveys: ‘Something just isn’t right about this guy.’

Something’s not right indeed.

The media might want to keeping tagging Luka with the porn “star” moniker but a better one might be porn “dud.” A paltry 8 scenes spanning a near decade, it’s quite apparent that not even the porn industry was much interested in him.


Some related links and scenes of his: